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Samsung SCH-i201 User Manual

Samsung smartphone user guide
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Samsung Smartphone
User's Guide


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Samsung Smartphone SCH-i201 User’s Guide...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Getting Started Unpacking ... 1 Your Phone ... 2 Phone Layout ... 2 Installing the Battery ... 4 Attaching the Battery Pack ... 4 Removing the Battery Pack ... 5 Charging the Battery Pack ... 6 Turning the Phone On/Off ... 8 Backlight ...
  • Page 3 Learning to Use the Applications Working with Applications ... 41 Opening an Application ... 41 Displaying Applications ... 41 Brief Description on Applications ... 44 Entering Text, Numbers or Symbols ... 46 Help Writing Characters ... 55 Using Application Controls ... 55 Using Menus ...
  • Page 4 Communication Applications SMS (Short Message Service) ... 131 Sending a Short Message ... 131 Receiving Messages ... 134 Deleting a SMS Message ... 137 Internet ... 138 Accessing GoNext ... 138 Navigating the Internet ... 139 Using Bookmarks ... 141 Internet Settings ...
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    Getting Started Congratulations on your purchase of the Samsung Smartphone. This phone combines a digital phone, personal information managers, communication applications and games in a single handset. In this chapter, the topics included are: • Unpacking • Your Phone • Installing the Battery •...
  • Page 6: Unpacking

    Unpacking Check to make sure that all of the following items are included in the box when you unpack it. Desktop Standard The phone with a stylus charger battery Data cable CD-ROM for data synchronization and the instruction guide Leather case This guide...
  • Page 7: Your Phone

    Your Phone Phone Layout The following illustrations show the main elements of your phone. Ear microphone jack Auto answer button Press and hold to turn the answering mode on or off. Volume buttons Adjust the volume. Hard icon panel Hard icon panel Launches applications.
  • Page 8 Icons in the top strip Shows the received signal strength. The greater the number of bars, the better the signal strength. Appears when a call is in progress. Appears when the phone is out of service area. Appears when a caller message has been recorded.
  • Page 9: Installing The Battery

    Installing the Battery Your phone comes with an rechargeable standard battery. An extended-life battery is available as an option. Attaching the Battery Pack 1. To attach the battery pack, align it with the phone so that the two arrows labeled on the back of the phone are seen, the battery charge contacts pointing downward.
  • Page 10: Removing The Battery Pack

    Removing the Battery Pack 1. Release the battery pack by pressing the latch on the rear of the phone. Latch 2. Slide the battery pack downward and lift it away from the phone.
  • Page 11: Charging The Battery Pack

    Charging the Battery Pack Charge indicator lights When you purchase the phone, the battery pack is not fully charged. Please charge the battery fully before you operate your phone. You must fully charge the battery before using your phone for the first time.
  • Page 12 3. The battery charge indicators on the left side of the charger come on. Phone’s battery (on the front compartment) indicator light Battery (on the rear compartment) indicator light The light is red while the batteries are charging. It turns green when the batteries are fully charged.
  • Page 13: Turning The Phone On/Off

    Turning the Phone On/Off Power button Backlight Viewing the Remaining Battery Power 1. Hold down the Power button on the right side of the phone for more than one second to switch the phone on. The phone beeps and displays the greeting message, current date and time.
  • Page 14: Using The Touchscreen

    Using the Touchscreen Using the Stylus Your phone is equipped with a large, sensitive touchscreen. The screen provides on-screen number keyboard you would expect on a normal phone and has versatile menu functions. Use the stylus provided with your phone to make selection on the touch screen.
  • Page 15: Calibrating The Screen

    Calibrating the Screen Control Bell Sound Disp Secur Batt Use stylus to tap center of target. Stor Owner Calib Contr To make the screen respond correctly to the stylus tap, calibrate the screen with the stylus before using your phone. 1.
  • Page 16: Adjusting Screen Contrast

    Adjusting Screen Contrast You can adjust the screen contrast at any time, without accessing the Contrast menu, by tapping the hard icon panel. To lighten the screen, tap the upper triangle of the until you get the desired lightness. To darken the screen, tap the lower triangle of the until you get the desired darkness.
  • Page 17: Using As A Phone

    Using as a Phone Samsung Smartphone gives you advanced phone capabilities. This chapter explains how to use the Samsung Smartphone to make and receive a call. Topics included in this chapter are: • Making a Call • Advanced Calling Features •...
  • Page 18: Making A Call

    Making a Call Making a Call 1. Open the Phone screen which allows you to dial a phone number. There are several ways to open the Phone screen: • When the phone is powered on or when the flip is open, the Phone screen displays.
  • Page 19: Correcting The Number

    If you make an international call and need to find the country code, use the following steps: In the Phone screen, tap the the Calls menu. The country code list appears. Tap the desired code, and tap the OK button. The selected country code is displayed in the number field on the Phone screen.
  • Page 20: Advanced Calling Features

    Advanced Calling Features Using Voice Dial If you have set voice dial for the number you want to call (see page 83), you can use voice to make a call. To set a voice dial: To use voice dial, you first set the phone to recognize the name of the person you are calling.
  • Page 21 To search, then make a call: You can scan through the voice dial list you have recorded. 1. In the Phone screen, tap the panel. The phone menu list appears. 2. Tap Voice Dial from the Calls menu. The Phone Book list which shows the voice dial names appears.
  • Page 22: Using Speed Dial

    Using Speed Dial To set Auto Voice Dial: You can initiate a voice dialing call by opening the flip, when you select this option through the phone menu. 1. In the Phone screen, tap the panel. The phone menu list appears. 2.
  • Page 23: Redialing The Last Number

    Redialing the Last Number To search, then speed dial: If you do not remember the speed dial number for someone you want to call, follow these steps to select it from the Speed Dial list. 1. In the Phone screen, tap the panel.
  • Page 24: Using The Phone Book

    Using the Phone Book You can store the phone numbers called regularly in memory, called the Address Book. You then simply recall the number to dial. For further information on Address Book, see page To make a call from the Address Book: 1.
  • Page 25: Using Call History

    Using Call History Outgoing Calls Catherine 441234567 12/15 12:17P Moore 449876543 12/15 12:03P 448768765 12/15 10:15A David 447654321 12/15 10:09A SEND Your phone stores up to 20 numbers you either called or received calls from. It identifies callers, and the date and time they called.
  • Page 26 4. To scroll through the list if necessary, tap ❷!or $ in the lower-right corner of the screen. 5. To dial the selected number highlighted, tap the SEND button. Note: In case of duplicate entries, the phone stores the number with each time and date in which the call arrives.
  • Page 27: Using Four-Digit Dial

    Using Four-digit Dial Your phone provides the option of four-digit dialing of numbers stored in the internal Address Book or the outgoing calls list. This allows you to enter the last four consecutive digits of someone’s phone number, have your phone remember the rest, and then dial it for you.
  • Page 28: Answering Calls

    Answering Calls Answering a Call When somebody calls you, the phone rings. If the caller can be identified, the caller’s phone number (or name if pre- stored in your Address Book) is displayed. If the caller cannot be identified, only the message ‘Phone Call’ is displayed. To answer the call: Open the flip to answer the call.
  • Page 29: Viewing Missed Calls

    Viewing Missed Calls If you are unable to answer a call, you can find out who was calling you, if this service is available on your network. You can call the person back, if necessary. The number of missed calls is displayed on the top of the idle screen and the last caller name (if stored in the internal Address Book) or the Phone number is displayed on the bottom of the screen immediately after the call was missed.
  • Page 30: In-Call Options

    In-Call Options Using In-Call Your phone provides a number of functions that you can use during a call. You may not utilize all of these functions at all Options times. Many of the in-call options are network services. Tap the during a call.
  • Page 31 To use this option, you should store the numbers you want to send as DTMF tones, for example, the bank account number and password. To register DTMF numbers: 1. In the Phone screen, tap the DTMF from the Calls menu. 2.
  • Page 32 Call Waiting You can answer an incoming call while you have a call in progress, if this service is supported by the network. Contact your service provider to activate Call Waiting. During a call in progress, an incoming alert sounds for another incoming call and a Call Waiting message appears on the screen.
  • Page 33: Setting Basic Features

    Setting Basic Features Adjusting the Volume W W W Ringer Volume When a call comes in and the phone rings, you can adjust the ringer volume with the volume buttons on the left side of the phone. This volume setting affects only that call. To adjust ringer volume for all calls, use the Volume function in the Sound screen.
  • Page 34: Easy Access To Applications During Calls

    Easy Access to Applications During Calls Selecting Bell/Vibrate Ring Type Bell Vibrate Lamp pqrs wxyz Vib + Bell oper OK Cancel If you’re talking on the phone and need to check information in any of your applications (such as the Scheduler or Memo), simply open the application you want to use.
  • Page 35: One-Touch Ringer Selection

    One-Touch Ringer Selection SEND pqrs wxyz You can quickly select the ring type between Vibrate and Bell without accessing menu commands. Touch and hold the button on the Phone screen. Each time you tap the button, your pone goes to the vibration mode or bell mode alternatively.
  • Page 36: Viewing Air Time

    Viewing Air Time You can review the air time of the most recent call, as well as total air time for all calls since the last reset action. You can also reset the call timer. To review the air time: 1.
  • Page 37: Automatic Hyphenation

    Automatic Hyphenation Your phone automatically hyphenates numbers as follows: (area code)-(number). Digits following a pause are not hyphenated. To turn this feature off or turn it back on: 1. In the Phone screen, tap the panel. The phone menu list appears. 2.
  • Page 38: Answering Mode

    Answering Mode You can set your phone to answer calls when you do not want to answer the call. The caller can leave a message at a voice prompt. Turning On the Answering Mode -Answering Mode- 10 : 50 May 25 THU You can turn on or off the answering mode either using the Answer button on the left side of the phone or accessing the Answer menu after launching applications.
  • Page 39 4. After sounding a beep, your phone begins recording the caller’s message up to one minute. -Answering Mode- Recording... OGM Play Receive 5. When a message has been successfully recorded, appears in the top strip and the display shows the number of newly recorded messages.
  • Page 40: Listening To A Caller Message

    Listening to a Caller Message The time and date when the message was recorded. To listen to the caller message: 1. Tap the icon on the hard icon panel to launch applications. 2. Tap the icon to open the AutoAnswer screen. Answer Home Phone...
  • Page 41 To pause the playback, tap pause. To resume the play back, tap Play again. Cancels playback. 4. You can find the caller’s name (if stored Address Book) and number in the Review screen.To listen to the message, tap the play button. Your phone plays back the message. Review 2000.02.18 Fri 13:22 Name : ABC...
  • Page 42: Recording Your Own Ogm Message

    Recording Your Own OGM Message You can record your own OGM message which will be played when a call comes in. 1. Tap the icon on the hard icon panel to launch applications. 2. Tap the Answer icon to open the AutoAnswer screen. Home Phone GoNext...
  • Page 43 Tap to record your own message. 4. Tab the OGM Message pick list, then select Custom. Default(H) Mode Setting OGM Message Default(H) play stop Tap the pick list to select Custom. 5. Tap the record button and record your own OGM message.
  • Page 44: Playing Or Selecting The Ogm Message

    Playing or Selecting the OGM Message You can select the OGM message to be played when a call comes in from the available default messages and your own message. 1. In the AutoAnswer screen, tap the OGM button. AutoAnswer 2/12 recorded 2000.02.18.Fri.
  • Page 45 Learning to Use the Applications This chapter explains how to open applications, use the on-screen keyboard, and use common features on the applications. Topics included in this chapter are: • Working with Applications • Customizing Your Phone • PC Synchronization...
  • Page 46: Working With Applications

    Working with Applications Your phone is equipped with a variety of applications. All the applications available on your phone appear in the Home screen. Bring up the Home screen to open any application. You can also open the three main applications –...
  • Page 47 Listing Applications by Name 1. Tap the icon on the hard icon panel when the applications are displayed as icons. 2. From the View menu on the top of the screen, select List to display the applications in list format. Home Phone GoNext...
  • Page 48 Displaying Application Details You can use the Application Details dialog to display information about the selected application. You can also change the application category in this Details dialog. 1. In the list view of the applications, tap the Detail button to open the Application Details dialog.
  • Page 49: Brief Description On Applications

    Brief Description on Applications Phone Used for managing voice calls. In the Phone screen, you can access many Calls options, SMS and Setup options by tapping the icon on the hard icon panel. GoNext You can surf the Internet with the built-in web browser. Also, you can enjoy GoNext network service, which enables you to easily access Web-based, interactive information and services, such as news, stock trading, weather, and web...
  • Page 50 Memo Allows you to write a memo (including a graphic image) on the screen. You can send the memo on the phone. You can send and receive voice, text or paging messages. Calc (Calculator) Performs complex mathematical calculations on-screen. Clock Use this menu to set the system clock for your phone and to keep track of the time and date around the world.
  • Page 51: Entering Text, Numbers Or Symbols

    Entering Text, Numbers or Symbols There are two ways to enter text, numbers or symbols into your phone. You can use the on-screen keyboard or you can write directly on the screen. Both of these methods use the stylus. You can open the text input screen any time you need to enter text or numbers.
  • Page 52 Using the On-Screen Keyboard 1. In the text input screen, tap keyboard, the symbol keyboard. English ❿ keyboard 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 q w e r t y u i o p a s d f g h j k l z x c v b n m , .
  • Page 53 Text field. Characters are displayed as you entered are displayed 2. Tap the characters on the on-screen keyboard to enter text, numbers and symbols. The selected characters display in the text field on the top of the screen. When the desired text is displayed, tap the OK button.
  • Page 54 Writing Directly on the Screen Using your stylus, write a character in the text input screen. Each character you write is translated into typed text and displayed on the text field at the top of the text input screen. Text field: Characters are displayed as you write them in the writing...
  • Page 55 Text field 2. Select appropriate writing mode. #!Writing area for English letters 3. Position the stylus on the writing area, then start at the heavy dot. Draw the shape as it appears in the table. Don’t try to draw the dot itself. The dot is only there to show the starting point of the stroke.
  • Page 56 Writing Areas of the Text Input Screen When you write a character on the text input screen, you first select the writing mode. To write English letters and numbers: First tap to activate the writing area for English and numbers. You can write English in either uppercase or lowercase.
  • Page 57 To write symbol marks and punctuation, write here. call David # Backspace stroke To write symbols and punctuation marks: First tap to activate the writing area for symbols and punctuation marks. Write symbols and punctuation in the symbol writing area (Sym1 or Sym2) and write numbers in the number area (123).
  • Page 58 Character Set These tables show how to write letters, numbers, symbols and editing marks. For each character, the table shows alternatives for writing characters. Use the one that is easiest for you. The dots indicate where the strokes begins. Where appropriate, the stroke sequence is indicated by numbers.
  • Page 59 *1 These punctuation marks must be written inside lower one-third area. *2 These marks must be written inside upper one-third area. Numbers Character Stroke options Symbols Character Stroke options (period) (comma) ‘ (single quote) “ (double quote) – Character Stroke options Character Stroke options <...
  • Page 60: Help Writing Characters

    Help Writing The software recognizes several alternative ways of writing a character. If a character you are writing is misinterpreted, Characters You can use Input Help to see an animated demonstration of how to write the letter. Tap the panel on the text input screen. Select the character you want to see.
  • Page 61: Using Menus

    Using Menus A menu is a set of commands for actions you can use in the open application. You open the menus on your phone by tapping the icon on the hard icon panel. Some menu commands are common to all applications. Others are specific to the application you are using (For example, menus in the Memo have different options than those in the Sched application).
  • Page 62 In this example, there are three menus–Record, Edit, Options, and Setup. The Record menu, which is open, contains four commands–Delete Memo, Delete Attachment, New Memo, and Send to SMS. To choose a menu: After you open the menus for an application, tap the menu that contains the command you want to use.
  • Page 63 Using the Edit Menu The Edit menu is available with any screen where you enter or edit text. In general, these commands apply to text that you select in an application. To select text in an application: 1. Tap the beginning of the text that you want to select. 2.
  • Page 64: Finding Data On Your Phone

    Finding Data on Your Phone After using your phone for a while, you may have a large amount of information stored on it. To locate specific data, you can run the Find application. To open the Find application: 1. Tap the icon on the hard icon panel to launch applications.
  • Page 65 4. To enter text or number in the search line, tap the the hard icon panel. The text input screen opens. 5. Enter the text or number you want to search for, then tap the OK button. Note that the Find command is not case-sensitive. You can search for whole words or just the beginning letters of a word.
  • Page 66: Customizing Your Phone

    Customizing Your Phone You can personalize and customize your phone by adjusting bell and sounds, display, and setting security menu options in the Control application. Opening Control 1. Tap the Application 2. Tap the Ctrl icon. If necessary, slide the scroll bar to find 3.
  • Page 67: Bell

    Bell Ring Type Bell Vibrate Lamp pqrs wxyz Vib + Bell oper OK Cancel Sound Sounds Volume Tone Ring Volume Voice Volume Key Volume Cancel To select the ring type, tap the to open the Ring Type screen. Bell, Vibrate, Lamp, Vib+Bell options are available.
  • Page 68 Tone Sounds Volume Tone In the Sounds screen, two tabs are available: Volume and Ring Tone Tone. Tap Tone. The following tone menus are displayed. Use Bell 1 the " or ❷ key in the bottom right corner to see the tone Alarm Tone menus not displayed in this screen.
  • Page 69: Display

    972-312-3456 My Phone# Greeting World Time Big Clock Auto-Hyphen Cancel Display Initial Display SAMSUNG My Phone# Greeting World Time Big Clock Cancel Tap to open the text input screen Tap the icon in the Control screen to open the Display Disp screen.
  • Page 70: Security

    Security Your phone provides many security options, including a user-programmable password and call restriction features. To access the Security menu, tap the icon in the Control screen. You must enter the four-digit password. It is preset to 0000 . The Security screen opens. The following menu options are available in the Security screen.
  • Page 71 To place a normal call in lock mode or use your phone’s functions, enter the lock code. The phone is unlocked. Change Password You can change your current password to a new one. The password is preset to 0000 at factory. Tap Change Password in the Security screen.
  • Page 72: Battery

    Enter Emergency# #2 #3 pqrs wxyz Cancel Battery To save battery power, the screen blanks out (sleeps) after a few minutes of non-use. Tap the screen, and you can set the time period to 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Power Saving minutes.
  • Page 73: System

    System System My Phone # 972-312-3456 Set NAM NAM1 NAM2 Cancel Network If you have subscribed to more than one service network, tap icon in the Control screen to select the desired NAM(Number Assignment Module). You must enter the four-digit password to access the System menu.
  • Page 74 To enter information on each field, tap the desired field to position a cursor, then tap the to open the text input screen and enter the correct information. Enter information on the following fields: Account - It is preset by your service provider. Put a check mark on the User authentication checkbox and fill in the Name and Password fields.
  • Page 75: Storage

    Storage Storage Total 1024K 896K Free 128K used 1024K 128K Owner Information Owner Name Position Company Work Home# Cellular OK Cancel Tap the icon in the Control screen. The Storage screen Stor appears. In this screen, you can see the amount of total memory and the amount of available free memory for storing data.
  • Page 76: Calibration

    Calibration Use stylus to tap center of target. Contrast If you tap the the screen contrast. Each time you tap the Bright arrow, the screen becomes lighter. When tapping the Dark arrow, the Contrast screen becomes darker. To save the setting, tap the OK button.
  • Page 77: Pc Synchronization

    PC Synchronization PCsync technology enables you to synchronize data between your phone and the DataSync software on your computer. To synchronize data, you must install the DataSync software with the supplied CD-ROM and connect your phone to the PC with the supplied data cable. For information on the DataSync software and PC connection, refer to the instruction guide which comes with the CD-ROM.
  • Page 78 5. The DataSync screen opens. To start synchronization, tap the Start button. A connection is established, and the data is transferred between your phone and the PC. Cancels synchronization Cancel Note: You should register the same user information you entered in the Datasync application on your PC.
  • Page 79 Automatic Synchronization You can set your phone to synchronize automatically each time you connect the phone to your desktop PC. To setup automatic synchronization: 1. In the PC Sync screen, tap the Setup button on the bottom of the screen. 2.
  • Page 80: Data Communication

    Data Communication 4. Tap the DataCom button in When your phone is connected to your PC with the supplied data cable, you can use the phone as a modem to access the Internet or send and receive data and fax (with third party software).
  • Page 81 5. Your phone will be connected to the Internet. • To set the incoming mode or the bell sound, tap the Set Incoming button. Set Data Service Set Incoming Mode: VOICE CALL On Incoming Call Set Bell Sound: Bell 2 Data Roaming OK Cancel •...
  • Page 82 Memo...
  • Page 83: Address Book

    Address Book The Address Book enables you to keep names, addresses, phone numbers and other information about your personal or business contacts.
  • Page 84: Address Book

    Address Book With the Address Book, you can: Quickly look up or enter names, addresses, phone numbers and other information. Enter up to six phone numbers (home, work, fax, mobile, pager, other) or e-mail address for each name. Define which phone numbers appear in the Address List screen for each Address Book entry.
  • Page 85: Creating An Address Book Entry

    Creating an Address Book Entry An Address Book entry is where you store name and address information about people or businesses. Your phone makes it easy to create, edit and delete Address Book entries. To create a new Address Book entry : 1.
  • Page 86 3. An Address Book contains various information fields. To select the field you want to enter information, just tap the field so that a cursor blinks on the field. 4. To enter information on the field, tap the hard icon panel to open the text input screen. 5.
  • Page 87 6. When the name or number appears correctly in the text field of the text input screen, tap the OK button. 7. The information you entered is displayed in the selected field. Address New L. Name David F. Name Title Company Work Home...
  • Page 88 Setting Address Details When you tap the Details button in the Address New or Address Edit screen, the Address Details screen opens. The Address Details screen provides a variety of options that you can associate with the Address entry. Note: If no information is given in the Address New or Address Edit screen, the Address Details screen does not open.
  • Page 89 Category Unfiled • Categories can help you file individual Address Book entries into groups for easy review. To assign a category to an Address Book entry, tap the category pick list and tap the category that you want to assign to the Address Book entry. You can select Personal, Business, and Unfiled.
  • Page 90 Setting Speed Dial Speed dialing is a quick way to call frequently used phone numbers. You can assign a speed dial code to each phone number. For information on how to make a call using speed dial, see page 17. 1.
  • Page 91 Tap to delete speed dial code. Tap to see next or previous numbers screen by increments of 100. 4. The Speed Dial code table appears. To select the desired speed code in the table, tap the code. Set Speed Dial Tap to see next or previous numbers screen by increments of 23.
  • Page 92 Setting Voice Dial Voice dialing feature requires that you first set the phone to recognize the name of the person you are calling. You can add voice tags for up to 20 numbers. 1. When you create or edit the address book entry, after you filled in the information fields on the Address New or the Address Edit screen, tap the Details button.
  • Page 93 3. Select the number to which you want to add a voice tag by tapping ❿ at the right side of the number. 4. The phone will guide you with voice prompt to say the name you want to record. 5.
  • Page 94 7. Tap the OK button. You will find the side of the number. If you want to record other names, repeat steps 3 through 6. Set Voice Dial David Moore 441234567 449876543 0119876543 Shortcut to Storing Phone Numbers You can store a phone number quickly without opening the Address screen.
  • Page 95 Tips on recording names • Avoid recording names phonetically similar. If you record a similar name to one that is already in memory, the phone requests another name. • Avoid recording in a noisy place. • Speak clearly and naturally. •...
  • Page 96: Viewing Address Book Entries

    Viewing Address Book Entries Tap to scroll to the first entry that begins with that letter. 2. If you tap the letter button at the left column on the 1. Tap the icon on the hard icon panel to launch applications, and tap the Address screen.
  • Page 97 Name Title Company 3. Tap any entry to select. If the selected entry has several phone numbers, you will see the following icons at the right side of the phone number: Work place Fax number Pager Selecting the icon displays the corresponding number. 4.
  • Page 98 Viewing Speed Dial List 1. In the Address screen, tap the category pick list in the upper-right corner and select Speed Dial from the list. Address Alfred Coope.. I - O David.. Fuji Golden.. KimY.. 2. The Address screen shows only the Speed Dial list. Address Alfred Coope..
  • Page 99 Viewing Voice Dial List 1. In the Address screen, tap the category pick list in the upper right corner and select Voice Dial from the list. Address Business Alfred 0119876543 Personal Coope.. 441234567 I - O David.. 449876543 Speed Dial Fuji 8221234567 Voice Dial...
  • Page 100: Editing An Address Book Entry

    Editing an Address Book Entry After you create an Address Book entry, you can update it or enter additional information any time. Editing an Address Book Entry 1. Tap the Address Book entry that you want to change in the Address screen to display the Address Edit screen for that entry.
  • Page 101 Text field. Letters are displayed as you tap them. 3. Tap the icon on the hard icon panel to open the text input screen. You’ll find the selected field information appears on the top of the text input screen. David 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 q w e r t y u i o p...
  • Page 102 Choosing Types of Phone Numbers Your phone enables you to choose the types of information that you associate with an Address Book entry. Any changes you make will apply only to the current Address Book entry. To choose others type of phone numbers in an Address Book entry: 1.
  • Page 103: Deleting An Address Book Entry

    Deleting an Address Book Entry There are two ways to delete an entry: • In the Address screen, tap the desired number to delete, then tap the icon on the hard icon panel, and select Delete Entry from the List menu tab. •...
  • Page 104: Address Book Setup Options

    Address Book Setup Options Edit Categories The categories used in your Address Book are preset to Business and Personal. This option enables you to delete or add new categories. You can also set a unique ring type for incoming calls from the category. 1.
  • Page 105 Edit Custom Field This menu option enables you to define custom field names. Each Address Book entry contains three “custom fields” that you can rename. Any changes you make to the names of the custom fields appear in all of your Address Book entries. To customize the labels of the fields: 1.
  • Page 106 Memo...
  • Page 107 Personal Information Manager You can use your phone as a personal information manager. In this chapter, the following applications are described: • Memo • Scheduler • ToDo...
  • Page 108: Memo

    Memo A memo is where you enter, review and modify the individual Memo pad entries. With the memo, you can take notes or write any kind of messages on your phone. Creating a New Memo 1. Tap the icon on the hard icon panel to launch applications.
  • Page 109 Letters and numbers are displayed as you tap or write them in the writing area. 4. Tap the icon on the hard icon panel to open the text input screen, and enter the text you want to appear in the memo. 14:30, Dec.12 1st.
  • Page 110: Viewing A Memo

    Viewing a Memo 6. If needed, you can assign a category to the memo. Tap the pick list at the top of the screen, then select the desired category from the list. New Memo Unfiled Design meeting Mr. Kim Business 14:30, Dec.12 Private 1st, I.hotel...
  • Page 111 3. After you have assigned categories to your memo entries, you can easily view the entries by category. Tap the pick list in the upper-right corner of the screen and tap the category of entries you want to view. The Memo List screen now shows only memo entries in that category.
  • Page 112 Editing a Memo In the Memo Edit screen, tap the panel to open the text input screen. The memo contents appear in the top of the the text input screen. Edit the memo by deleting or entering new text. For details on entering letters or numbers, see page 46.
  • Page 113 Deleting a Memo Tap the Delete button in the Memo Edit screen. Your phone asks you to confirm your selection. Tap the OK button to delete the memo. If you want to cancel your selection, tap the Cancel button. Delete Memo If you want to make a backup copy of Delete selected memo?
  • Page 114: Attaching An Image In A Memo

    Attaching an Image in a Memo This feature allows you to create an image memo and attach it to a text memo, if needed. Creating an Image Memo 1. Create or open the memo entry, to which you want to attach an image memo.
  • Page 115 • : Erases objects as you move this tool. The size of the eraser varies depending on the line width. • : Draws a straight line. • : Draws a circle. • : Draws a rectangle. • To add more pages, tap the New button. •...
  • Page 116 Editing the Attached Memo If you want to edit the image, tap the side of the memo entry. When the Attach screen opens, edit the image the same way you created it. Deleting the Attached Memo To delete the attached image, tap the icon panel in the Attach screen and select Delete Attach from the Record menu.
  • Page 117: Sending A Memo As A Sms Message (Network Dependent)

    Sending a Memo as an SMS Message (network dependent) You can send a text memo to a remote phone as an SMS message. Note: You cannot send the attached image. 1. Tap the icon in the Home screen to open the Memo List Memo screen.
  • Page 118: Configuring Categories

    Configuring Categories Your phone comes with two default categories: Business and Personal. You can rename the default categories or add new categories to suit your needs. 1. In the Memo List screen, tap the Category from the Options menu. Options Setup Delete All Edit Category...
  • Page 119: Scheduler

    Scheduler Launch the Scheduler application to keep track of your schedule. You can schedule appointments and even have the phone remind you automatically of an upcoming commitment. You can display your appointments for a day, week, or month. Recording a New Appointment 1.
  • Page 120 3. Tap the New button to record a new appointment. The New Appointment screen opens. Subject:| Date: Time: Set Repeat None Set Alarm 4. Tap the the contents for the subject. For details on entering characters, see page 46. When the subject is entered, tap the OK button.
  • Page 121 Tap the upper half of the button to increase the number. 8 0 0 Tap the lower half of the button to decrease the number. 6. Tap the arrow keys at the top of the screen to see the next or previous year and month, then select the desired date.
  • Page 122 Set Repeat Every Month(s) No End Date Week Select 30th Every If you want to specify an ending date for the repeating event, tap the End pick list and tap Choose Date. Select the end date in the Select Date screen. 9.
  • Page 123: Viewing Scheduled Appointments

    Viewing Scheduled Appointments Dot in upper side indicates appointment(s) scheduled in AM. You can check your appointments in one of several views (Day, Week, Month). Switch among the views by tapping the corresponding icon. Tap to toggle through the different views: Month View The Month screen shows which days have events scheduled.
  • Page 124: Week View

    3. Tap the desired date that has scheduled appointments. The selected date has a dark background with white digit(s). The scheduled appointment(s) is displayed in the top of the screen. Scheduled appointments on the chosen day Tapping the Go button on the screen opens the daily screen of the selected date.
  • Page 125 The gray bars indicate scheduled appointments. Whole day reserved Event details 2. In the Week screen, the scheduled appointments are marked with gray bars according to their start and end times. The time box covers from 8 AM to 7 PM. If a whole day has been reserved for the appointment, the left column next to the date is marked with a light gray bar.
  • Page 126: Daily View

    Daily View The daily view shows the schedule for a selected date. 1. With the Sched menu accessed, tap right side the screen, if necessary. The daily schedule list appears. Currently selected Presentation of iMax appointment AM 10:00 – 12:00 Call Conference PM 15:00 –...
  • Page 127: Editing Details Of A Selected Appointment

    Editing Details of a Selected Appointment Removing a Selected Appointment 1. To adjust the details of a selected appointment, select the desired appointment in the Day screen and tap the Details button. The Appointment Details screen opens. Appointment Details Subject: Design Conference Date: 2000.4.10.
  • Page 128 To purge the selected appointment: You can clear all records older than a certain time period – based on the current date. 1. Tap the icon on the hard icon panel in the Day screen, and select Purge from the Records menu. 2.
  • Page 129: Todo

    ToDo The ToDo list is a list of tasks which must be completed eventually, but are not connected to any specific time or day. Creating a ToDo Item A ToDo item is a reminder of some tasks that you have to complete.
  • Page 130 Setting ToDo Details When you create a new ToDo item, its priority is automatically set to level “3”, the medium level. You can change the priority level, assign category and associate a due date with any ToDo item by opening the ToDo Details screen. 1.
  • Page 131 Attaching a Memo to a Selected Task 1. In the ToDo List screen, tap the ToDo item to attach a memo. The selected item is indicated by a black box in front of the task description. 2. Tap the icon on the hard icon panel and select Attach from the Event menu.
  • Page 132: Viewing The Todo List

    Viewing the ToDo List Currently selected task Tap the checkbox to check off the item. You can view the list by a selected category. To view the items by category, tap the pick list in the upper-right corner of the screen and select the desired category from the list. You can arrange the list to put the ToDo items in a selected order by tapping the selecting one of the the following ways from the Sort menu:...
  • Page 133: Editing A Todo Item

    Editing a ToDo Item Selected item 1. To edit any ToDo item in the ToDo List screen, tap the desired ToDo item. ToDo List Pay the electricity bill 1 Call Pamela 2 Buy the ABC 3 Reserve a table at th e seafood restaurant Priority field 2.
  • Page 134: Deleting A Task In The List

    Deleting a Task in the List To delete a selected item: Tap the desired item you want to delete in the ToDo List screen, then tap the Delete button. You are asked to delete the selected item. Tap the OK button. You can also delete a selected task by tapping the on the hard icon panel and selecting Delete Event from the Event menu.
  • Page 135: Communication Applications

    Communication Applications Your phone is capable of connecting wirelessly to network services for e-mail and Internet access. For this communication purpose, the following applications are provided: • SMS • Internet • E-mail • Chatting...
  • Page 136: Sms (Short Message Service)

    (Short Message Service) The Short Message Service enables you to send and receive short messages. You can also receive voice mails. To send and receive short messages, the SMS must be supported by the network you are using. Contact your home service provider for details. Sending a Short Message Tap to select a...
  • Page 137 4. To enter the recipient's mobile phone number in the To field, tap the icon on the hard icon panel, enter the number then tap the OK button. For details on entering numbers, see page 46. If you already stored the number in your phone’s Address Book, you can select it by tapping the To button.
  • Page 138 8. If you want to store the message in the OutBox for use at a later time, tap the Store button. To send the message, tap the Send button. The remote phone should have SMS capability to receive your message. All sent messages are stored in the Outbox.
  • Page 139: Receiving Messages

    Receiving Messages Message Types Voice mail Urgent text message Text message Pager Short messages are received automatically, provided that this service is available and that the phone is on and within cellular coverage area. All received messages are stored in the InBox folder.
  • Page 140 4. Select the desired message from the list, then tap the View button. 5. The selected message contents are displayed. Message 1/3 Happy birthday to you. Best wishes. Priority : Normal To : 051456789 From : 051234567 Received Time : 06/04 11:33A To reply to a received message, tap the Reply button.
  • Page 141 To store the received number in the Address Book: 1. After reading a message by following the steps on page 134, tap the OK button. 2. If the message contains the sender’s number, a dialog box pops up and asks you to save the number in the Address Book.
  • Page 142: Deleting A Sms Message

    Deleting a SMS Message The InBox and OutBox folders can store up to 50 messages each. When the inbox folder is full, you cannot receive any more messages until you delete old messages. When the Outbox folder is full, the oldest message is automatically deleted when sending a new message.
  • Page 143: Internet

    Internet You can use your Smartphone to connect to the Internet and surf virtually any website. You can also enjoy many specially designed sites for your Smartphone operated by GoNext. Accessing GoNext Note: The GoNext service that are available may vary and some services may have access restrictions that required a valid user name...
  • Page 144: Navigating The Internet

    Navigating Connecting to the Internet the internet If there are hyperlinks or hotspots in the part of the document shown in the Web screen, one will always be selected by tapping the link. Hyperlinks are links to other documents or images, used to send or receive information from the World Wide Web.
  • Page 145 Using the Navigation Commands After the web page has been fetched, the following commands become available on the top of the screen: – Goes back to the homepage. – Reloads the current web page. – If you have browsed through at least two web pages, use this key to fetch the previous page.
  • Page 146: Using Bookmarks

    Using Bookmarks 2. Tap an entry in the bookmark list, and select Open from Saving a URL address as a bookmark provides you with a quick and easy way of accessing that web page next time. Adding an Open Page to the Bookmarks 1.
  • Page 147 Adding a New URL to the Bookmark List 1. In the Bookmark screen, tap the panel. 2. Select New URL from the List menu. The Add URL screen opens. 3. Tap the icon on the hard icon panel and enter the URL address in the address field, enter the title, then tap the OK button.
  • Page 148 Configuring the Bookmark Categories 1. In the Bookmark screen, tap the icon panel. 2. Select the Setup menu, then select Edit Folder. The Category Edit screen opens. 3. If you want to delete, tap the category icon, then tap the Del button. You are asked to delete the selected category.
  • Page 149: Internet Settings

    Internet Settings Your Smartphone has already been configured to access Internet using the built-in Web browser. You do not need to change the setting unless the network operator requests. To view (or change) the setting, do as follows: 1. When you are in the GoNext screen, tap the hard icon panel.
  • Page 150 Images – Tap the check box. If the Autoload check box is checked, inline (BMP, GIF) images on the web page are fetched automatically. If the box is clear, web pages are fetched without the images and shown much faster. Click Mode –...
  • Page 151: E-Mail

    E-mail If you have an account with an Internet service provider, you can send and receive e-mail messages all over the world using the Internet. Accessing E-mail Service 1. Tap the icon on the hard icon panel to launch applications. 2.
  • Page 152: Mail Settings

    Mail Settings Before you send and receive e-mails, you must configure the proper e-mail settings. Your Internet service provider will give you the instructions on how to configure the mail settings. 1. In the Email screen, tap the 2. To set up incoming mail server, select POP3 from the 3.
  • Page 153 • Passwd – Select the password option; Prompt or Assigned. If you must enter a new password every time you log on to a server, or you do not want to save the password, select Prompt. • Tap Leave mail on server if necessary. If this box is checked, the e-mail messages remain on the server even after you fetch the e-mail messages.
  • Page 154: Reading An E-Mail

    Reading an E-mail Internet mail addressed to you is not automatically received by your phone, but a remote mailbox. This is to let you determine which messages you want to read and when. To read your mail, you must first connect to your remote mailbox and then select the messages you wish to fetch onto your phone.
  • Page 155 2. The e-mail messages in the remote mailbox are displayed. Mail Receive Sender "David".. Internati.. "Jonath.. Business.. "James.. [Re] Hote.. "Lemis".. Project M.. To fetch selected or all mail messages: Select the mail message(s) you want to fetch and tap the box in the download icon column to check it.
  • Page 156 Reading an E-mail Message A mail that you fetch from the remote mailbox is stored in the Inbox folder. To open the Inbox folder, tap the pick list at the top right of screen and tap Inbox. You see the list of incoming messages.
  • Page 157 2. Tapping View displays the contents of the selected message. You see the following command buttons at the top right of the screen. – Displays all attachments. If no attachments are contained in the message, this command is dimmed. The attached file must be a text file format (*.txt). –...
  • Page 158: Sending An E-Mail

    Sending an E-mail Tap to open the Recipient screen. Tap ❿ to change the category. 3. When completed entering the recipient(s), tap the OK 1. In the Email screen, tap the New button on the right side. The New Mail screen opens. New Mail Memo Title : Conference...
  • Page 159 4. Fill in the Title and Body field. To write text, position the cursor in the field, then tap the screen and enter a message. New Mail Memo Title : Conference Please attend the Body : business conference. Have a great day! 5.
  • Page 160 1. When you create a new mail, tap the Memo button at the top right of the New Mail screen. New Mail Memo Title : Conference Body : Please attend the business conference. Have a great day! 2.
  • Page 161 5. To send the e-mail message with the attachment, tap the Send button. New Mail Memo Memo Conference Draft Send Cancel Deleting or Viewing the Attached Memo Tapping the memo opens up an option menu list; View and Del. Select Del from the pop-up list to delete the open memo.
  • Page 162: Writing A Signature

    Writing a Signature 4. Tap the Add button to save the signature. If you want to 5. The stored signature will be added to the end of your To write a signature, proceed as follows: 1. In the Email screen, tap the panel.
  • Page 163: Additional Setup Options

    Additional Setup Options In the Email screen, tap the then select the Option tab. The following options are available: Message Clock Option Setup SMTP POP3 Filters Signatures Deletion Filters You can limit the size of the message which is fetched from the server.
  • Page 164 Deletion You can choose whether the selected files or folders for deletion are erased immediately or put into the Trash folder files stored in the trash can be restored. The following options are available: • When deleted – Allows you to set up the following Delete options;...
  • Page 165 Editing Folder You can create your personal folder to save your e-mail messages. Up to 10 folders are available. You can also rename and delete an existing folder. To add, rename, or delete folder, select Edit Folder from the Setup menu. Clock Message Option Setup...
  • Page 166: Network Setup

    Clearing Folder 1. In the Email screen, tap the panel, then select the Setup tab. 2. Select Clear Folder from the Setup menu. The Empty Folder screen opens and displays the folders available. If available, the numbers of messages stored in the folder is displayed.
  • Page 167: Chatting

    Chatting The Chat feature provides the easiest way to see your friends who are on line and to communicate instantly with them. Notes: • Chat service is available only for the registered members of Chat service. • When you use the Chat service, if there is no input for a predefined time, you will be automatically disconnected.
  • Page 168 4. After you fill in the ID and Password field, tap the Connect button. You will be connected to the Chat server. 5. When the welcome screen appears, tap the OK button. You are now successfully logged in to the Chat server. 6.
  • Page 169 Entering Alphanumeric Characters on Chat Screen When you use the Chat service and you are asked to enter ID, password, or want to type text messages, the text writing area appears on the bottom of the screen. To fill in the desired field with the alphanumeric text information you enter, first tap the desired field to position a...
  • Page 170 L o b b y Joining a Chat Room (12) 1. Select the chat category from the list in the Lobby. 2. The screen displays the chat rooms currently open under the selected chat category. 3. Select the desired chat room. Two menu options pop up;...
  • Page 171 If you want to use the pre-specified messages in your Chat book, use this button. For details on Chat book, refer to “Using Chat Book” on page 171. 4. After you enter the chat room, enjoy chatting on the web as you normally would on the PC.
  • Page 172: Creating A New Chat Room

    Creating a 1. Select the chat category from the list in the Lobby. The screen displays the New Chat chat rooms currently open under the selected chat category. Room 2. Tap the New button on the bottom of the screen. Note: You can also open a new chat room by selecting the Lobby or a chat room, then select Create...
  • Page 173 Users Tools Config Use ChatBook Talk SendMemo Invite Lock Channel Kick out Close Channel CBook Send Using Room Operator Features When you create a new chat room, you become the room operator, and can use the following features: 1. To use the room operator features, tap the hard icon panel when you are in the chat room.
  • Page 174: Person To Person Talking

    Person to Person Talking Using this menu feature, you can chat with the person you specified if he or she accepts your request. Note: Your chat partner must be currently logged in to the Chat server. 1. When you are in the Lobby or a chat room, open available menus by tapping the 2.
  • Page 175: Sending A Chat Memo

    Sending a Chat Memo You can send a chat memo to a specified person who is on-line. 1. When you are in the Lobby or a chat room, open available menus by tapping the 2. Select the Tools tab on the menu bar, and select SendMemo from the Tools menu.
  • Page 176: Using Chat Book

    Using Chat Book Tap to add the message to the Chat Book. Users Tools Config Show LapTime Set Recv. Edit ChatBook Set Server CBook Send If you store frequently used messages in your Chat Book, you can use them easily in your message when you write a chat message.
  • Page 177 Using Chat Book 1. When you are in a chat room, you find the CBook button on the screen. 2. Tapping the button opens the Chat Book you have created. 3. Select the desired message in the Chat Book, and tap the OK button.
  • Page 178: Using Bulletin Board

    Using Bulletin Board 4. If you want to write a new bulletin message, tap the New 1. When you are in the Lobby, select 2. When the welcome screen appears, tap the OK button. Then the Bulletin screen opens and you see the bulletins currently uploaded.
  • Page 179 5. Fill in the following fields: • Title: Enter the title for your bulletin board. • Text: Enter the contents. • Link to Chan.: Check this box to connect to the chat room you select from the pick list. • Channel: If you check the Link to Chan.
  • Page 180: Additional Chat Menu Options

    Additional Chat Menu Options User’s Info This feature allows you to see L o b b y the information about the users in the selected chat room or selected category. This menu is also accessible Pet Chat with the dyani> was good of the screen when you are in [buriri]...
  • Page 181 Search User Allows you to search a specified user. My Friend Allows you to register your friends, family members, coworkers, or other registered Chat users in the My Friend list. Use Add button to add friends to the list. If added, you can talk or send a memo directly to one of them when you open the My Friend list.
  • Page 182 Set Recv. Allows you to block any or all Chat users from sending you the person-to-person Talk, Memo, or Invitation messages. This feature is useful if you find someone’s message offensive or if you simply don’t want to receive messages for a while. Use the keys to scroll through the screen.
  • Page 183: Extra

    Extra This chapter provides information on the following topics: • Clock • Calculator • Othello...
  • Page 184: Clock

    Clock The clock shows the time and date in your home city and country, as well as in many other cities and countries around the world. The clock also includes an alarm clock. Setting Home Time Home pick list When it is turned on, your phone reads the correct time over the air and sets the applications to use this time.
  • Page 185 4. Tap the date/time pick list to change the date and time. The Select Date screen opens. Select Date 2000 5. Tap the arrows at the top of the screen to locate the year and the month. Then tap the current day on the calendar. If you tap the Today button, the clock sets the current date automatically.
  • Page 186: Setting Alarm

    Setting Alarm Check the box to activate the alarm Setting the Base Station Time You can sync the current time with the base station (cellular network) time. When the Clock screen opens, tap the icon panel. Select System Time from the Setup menu as shown below.
  • Page 187 3. Put a check mark in the checkbox to activate the alarm. 4. Enter the required time. If you tap the upper half, the number increases and if you tap the lower half, the number decreases. 5. Select the frequency of the alarm. •...
  • Page 188: Viewing World Time

    Viewing World Time World pick list 1. Tap the icon in the Home screen to open the Clock Clock screen. 2. Tap the World pick list. Clock Home 2000.02.27.SUN Jerusale 8 3 6 World 2000.02.26.SUN NewYork 12 3 6 3. Select the desired city or country in the Select Area screen, then tap the OK button.
  • Page 189: Calculator

    Calculator Using the on-screen calculator, you can use the phone as a calculator. The calculator provides the basic arithmetic functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and complex engineering calculation features. Opening the Calculator Currently selected mode. • D – Statistical data. •...
  • Page 190: Using The Calculator

    Using the Calculator 1. Input the first number. The number appears at the top of the calculation field. 2. Select the operator you want. If you want to add functions, tap one of the available categories, then select the one you want from the pop-up list of functions.
  • Page 191 If the box is checked, commas are inserted to separate thousands. Editing You can use the general editing features such as Cut, Copy and Paste for modification or recalculation. While using the calculation feature, tap the hard icon panel. Then select the desired editing command from the Edit menu.
  • Page 192 Changing the Trigonometric Mode 1. In the calculator screen, tap the panel. 2. Select the Config tab, then select Trigonometric Mode from the pull-down list. 3. Select either RAD (Radian), DEG (Degree), or GRAD (100), then tap OK. Trigonometric Mode Degree Radian Grad (100)
  • Page 193 To Input Statistical Data You can input up to 50 items individually in the x field and y field in the Statistical Data Input screen. 1. In the calculator screen, tap the 2. S elect the Config tab, then select Statistical Data Input. The Statistical Data Input screen opens.
  • Page 194: Error Message Display

    Error Message Display If you face an error during the calculation, refer to the following: Messages Causes & Solutions No Value • When only operators (-, +, x, ÷) are entered successively without entering any number, this message is displayed. Enter numbers. •...
  • Page 195: Othello

    Othello You can play the Othello game on your phone. In Othello, players place black and white stones on the board, trying to captivate (engulf) the opposite color stone. The object of the game is to conquer the most squares. Othello is simple, so it is easy to learn and enjoy. Accessing Othello Game 1.
  • Page 196: Playing One Player Game

    Playing One If you want to enjoy the Othello game alone, do as follows: Player Game 1. Tap the 1 Player button from the Othello screen. 2. The game board for 1 3. When the game is over, to play a game again, tap the player appears.
  • Page 197: Playing Two Player Game

    Playing Two Player Game Playing Network Game 1. Tap the 2 Players button from the Othello screen. 2. Start to play the game by tapping on the desired square to place the stone. The way to play is the same as that of the one player game, except your opponent is the person with you, not the phone.
  • Page 198 1. Tap the NET GAME button from the Othello screen. 2. Enter the game ID and password on the bottom of the screen, then tap the Connect button. See page 46 for entering letters and numbers. The ID and password are automatically saved for next use.
  • Page 199 4. When you are successfully connected, the message box opens. Tap the OK button. 5. The Game List screen opens. If you want to disconnect, tap the END button at any time. MESSAGE BOX Welcome to the Othello Network Game Sever. Refreshes the Game list.
  • Page 200 6. Select the wanted game room from the list by tapping it, and tap the OK button from the message box to join the game with the selected player. Or, tap the OPEN button to open a new room for game and wait until a player joins the game with you.
  • Page 201 Talking with the Opponent While playing, you can talk with the person who is playing with you. To send a message to your opponent, tap the TALK button, and write the message. See page 46 for entering letters. When entering is complete, tap the OK button and the message is transmitted.
  • Page 202: Viewing Your Play Records

    Viewing Your 1. To view your record on the Play Records 2. You can see how many W: Won games L: Lost games D: Drawn games network game, tap the icon on the hard icon panel and then View Results from the pick list.
  • Page 203: Appendix

    Appendix • Accessories • Care and Safety Guidelines • Index...
  • Page 204: Accessories

    Accessories Hands-Free Kit The hands-free kit provides safety, freedom and convenience in your vehicle. Travel Charger The travel charger plugs into a wall outlet and enables you to charge a single battery at your home or office. Ear-Microphone The ear-microphone includes both an earpiece and microphone in a convenient, lightweight unit.
  • Page 205: Care And Safety Guidelines

    Care and Safety Guidelines Caring for Your Smartphone • Take care not to scratch the screen of your smartphone. Always use the stylus or a plastic-tipped pen intended for use with a touch-sensitive screen. • The smartphone is not waterproof and should not be exposed to rain or moisture.
  • Page 206: Antenna Care

    Antenna Care Always extend the antenna fully when you place or receive a call for best reception. Handle the antenna gently. Battery Care The smartphone uses a lithium ion battery which is recharged while the smartphone is in a charger. You can purchase an additional battery, if you wish.
  • Page 207 Replacing the Battery If you have to replace the battery in your smartphone, be aware of the following considerations. • If the empty battery icon appears at the top of the screen describing the low battery condition. • If the smartphone does not turn on when you press the button on the right side of the phone, recharge the battery immediately.
  • Page 208: Safety Precautions

    Precautions and its accessories, please follow these guidelines: Compliance with Safety Standards The Samsung Smartphone meets all standards and recommendations for the protection of the public from exposure to radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic energy established by governmental bodies and other qualified organizations. To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, serious personal injury, or property damage, please follow these guidelines.
  • Page 209 Aircraft Turn off your phone belong boarding any aircraft. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires that you have prior permission from the crew to use your phone while the plane is on the ground. FCC regulations prohibit using your phone while the plane is in the air.
  • Page 210 Index accessories address book create entry 80, 89 delete entry edit category edit custom field edit entry 95 entry details hide number open save number shortcut select category set incoming ring set speed dial set voice dial show number view entries 91 air time, view alarm tone, select...
  • Page 211 calculator change number format change trigonometric mode edit error message input statistical data calibrate, screen call answer correct number four-digit dial history in-call options make redial restrict speed dial voice dial waiting caller message delete listen character recognition (how to write) editing marks stroke english letters stroke numbers stroke...
  • Page 212 ear-microphone, option edit, command emergency call 65, 67 e-mail access attach a memo configure mail settings 147, 161 delete fetch filter, set folder, clear folder, edit read send signature, write find data flip game, othello GoNext, access greeting message play record select hands-free, option...
  • Page 213 navigate WWW network setup play record select one-touch ringer selection on-screen keyboard othello network game one-player game restart game talk with the opponent two-player game view records ougoing calls list Outbox, SMS owner information password, change pick list power on/off power save redial reset phone...
  • Page 214 sound, adjust speaker volume, adjust speed dial list view stylus system select synchronize set auto synchronization start synchronization text input Hebrew character input on-screen keyboard writing on the screen tone length, select tone, select alarm call connected call disconnected message alert power off power on ring...
  • Page 215 ELECTRONICS Printed in Korea Code No.:GH68-01025A English. 06/00 Ver.1.0...