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Use Advanced Phonebook Functions - Samsung M7600 User Manual

Samsung gsm mobile phone user manual.
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Use advanced phonebook functions

Learn to create namecards, set speed dial numbers,
and create groups of contacts.
Create a namecard
1. In Idle mode, touch Phonebook → More → My
2. Enter your personal details.
3. Touch Save.
You can send your namecard by attaching it to
a message or email or transferring it via the
Bluetooth wireless feature.
Set speed dial numbers
1. In Idle mode, touch Phonebook.
2. Touch the Contacts drop-down menu and
select Favourites.
3. Touch Add.
4. Select a contact.
The contact is saved to the speed dial number.
The first three speed dial numbers will be
assigned to the favourite contacts (
widget toolbar.
Create a group of contacts
By creating groups of contacts, you can assign
group names, ringtones, caller ID photos, and
vibration type to each group or send messages and
emails to an entire group. Start by creating a group:
1. In Idle mode, touch Phonebook.
2. Touch the Contacts drop-down menu and
select Groups.
3. Touch Create group.
4. Set a group name, the caller ID image, a group
ringtone, and vibration type.
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Table of Contents

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