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Make Fake Calls - Samsung M7600 User Manual

Samsung gsm mobile phone user manual.
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Table of Contents
6. Enter a phone number and touch Done.
7. Touch OK to save the recipients.
8. Touch the sender input field.
9. Enter the sender's name and touch Done.
10. Touch Save → Accept.

Make fake calls

You can simulate fake incoming calls when you want
to get out of meetings or unwanted conversations.
You can also make it appear as if you are talking on
the phone by playing back a recorded voice.
Record a voice
1. In Menu mode, touch Settings → Application
settings → Fake call.
2. Touch Voice recorder.
3. Touch
to start recording.
4. Speak into the microphone.
5. When you are finished speaking, touch
6. Touch Set to set the recording as a response for
the fake call.
7. Touch On under Fake call voice.
8. Touch Save.
Make a fake call
To make a fake call, press and hold the Volume key
down in Idle mode.


Table of Contents

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