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Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for Samsung S760

  • Page 1 $860 $760 fhank youor buyinga Samsun90a__e a Thismanual _ t guideyoutx_e@ usingthe camea nc_d nf_ cap _. n9 sages downoadingmages andusn9 the app caton sofws e Pease_ead tis mansa ca efuly be!oe usingyou_ newcamerx_ ]his _Y an._al is based on nodal $860,, ENGLISH...
  • Page 2 [Removable Disk]. (p.82) Getting to Know your camera Thank you for buying a Samsung Digital Camera. oPrior to using this camera, please read the user manual thoroughly. oil you require After Sales service, please bring the camera and the cause of the camera malfunction to the A/S centre.
  • Page 3 Samsung Camera Service centre. • Please do not use this prodyct::_ _lose proximity to flammable or...
  • Page 4 Caution CAUTION indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may result in a minor or moderate injury. • Leaking, overheating, or damaged battery could result in fire or injury. - Use battery with the correct specification for the camera. - Do not short circuit, heat or dispose of battery in fire.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Things to Watch Out for When Taking Pictures Using the camera buttons to set the camera POWER button SHUTTER button ZOOM W / T button Face Detection(FD) button Function Description / Info / Up button Macro / Down button Focus lock Flash / Left button Self-timer/Right...
  • Page 6 Contents Formatting a memory Initialisation File name imprinting the recording date Auto power off Selecting Video out type Auto Focus lamp Selecting a battery type PLAY Starting play mode Playing back a still image Playing back a movie clip Movie clip capture function Playing back a recorded voice Playing back a voice memo LCD monitor indicator...
  • Page 7 Software Notes System Requirements About the software Setting up the application software Starting PC mode Removing the removable disk Setting up the USB Driver for MAC Using the USB Driver for MAC Removing the USB Driver for Windows 98SE Samsung Master...
  • Page 8 System chart Please check that you have the correct contents before using this product. The contents can vary depending on the sales region. To buy the optional equipment, contact your nearest Samsung dealer or Samsung service centre. Includeditems Optional items...
  • Page 9: Front & Top

    identification of features Front & Top Mode dial. DC input connection port--_ USB /AV connection--_ terminal _8} READY Power button Microphone tamp / AF sensor...
  • Page 10: Back

    identification of features Back LCD monitor-- Camera status tamp • -...-_t r ap eyelet Fn / Delete button 5 function button Play mode / Printer button button (Thumbnail) (Digital zoom) (FD) button (Effects) button £EA#Y_<9_...
  • Page 11: Bottom / 5 Function Button

    identification of features Bottom / 5 Function button Battery chamber cover Tripod socket Function Description / information / Up button Flash / Left button Macro / Down button Play & Pause button {10) READY Self-timer lamp Memory card slot _t_) 2S _..)_ ((_1,_)) Battery chamber...
  • Page 12: Mode Icon

    identification of features Mode icon Refer to page 16 for more information about the camera mode setting. Auto Program Photo Help Portrait Guide Text Sunset Firework Beach&Snow Connecting to a Power Source We recommend date of manufacture). The batteries are listed below. - Non rechargeable batteries - Rechargeable Manual...
  • Page 13: Inserting The Memory Card

    Connecting to a Power Source [] insert the battery as shown - If the camera does not turn on after you have inserted battery, please check whether the battery (+ / -). - When the battery chamber cover is opened, do not force the battery chamber cover, this may damage it.
  • Page 14: Instructions On How To Use The Memory Card

    - If the power is switched off or the memory card is removed while recording, deleting (formatting) or reading. • Samsung cannot be held responsible for lost data. • It is advisable to copy important data onto other media as back-up e.g.
  • Page 15 - $860 About58 About83 About118 About64 About132 About186 About76 About151 About195 About91 About179 About252 About140 About269 About372 About459 About600 About744 - S760 About65 About130 About190 About74 About147 About205 About88 About173 About248 About88 About173 About248 About140 About274 About372 About538 About710 About744 o The zoom button doesn't function during the movie recording.
  • Page 16: Lcd Monitor Indicator

    LCD monitor indicator [] The LCD monitor displays information about the shooting functions and selections. [Image & Full Status] Recording mode _[]QDDD_ RICO Optical/ DigitalZoom bar/ r--[---_ DigitalZoom rate Voice Memo / Without Sound Number of available shots remaining Remaining time 00:00:00 Memory card icon / Internal memoryicon...
  • Page 17: Starting The Recording Mode

    Starting the recording mode How to use the Auto mode Select this mode for quick and easy picture taking with minimal user interaction. 1. Insert the batteries (p.12). Insert the batteries taking note of the polarity (+ /-). 2. Insert the memory card (p.12). As this camera has a 11MB internal memory, you do not need to insert the memory card.
  • Page 18: How To Use The Manual Mode

    Starting the recording mode How to use the Manual mode You can manually configure all functions aperture value and shutter speed. 1. Select the MANUAL mode by rotating the mode dial. 2. Press the Fn button and menu for the shutter speed and aperture value will display.
  • Page 19 Starting the recording mode _the Photo Help guide mode ( Helps the user learn the correct picture taking method and includes solutions for potential problems that may_:" occur. This also enables the user to practice the best __ way to take the pictures. Left/Right button -..,, Pressingthe shutter button...
  • Page 20: How To Use The Portrait Mode

    Starting the recording mode How to use the Portrait mode Please select this mode for quick and easy portraits. Select Portrait mode using mode dial. How to use the Scene modes Use the menu to easily configure optimal set- tings for a variety of shooting situations. 1.
  • Page 21: Pausing While Recording A Movie Clip

    Starting the recording mode How to use the Movie A movie clip can be recorded for as tong as the available recording time of the memory capacity allows. 1. Select the Movie clip mode by rotating the Mode dial. ( The Movie clip mode icon and available recording time will display on the LeD monitor.).
  • Page 22: Things To Watch Out For When Taking Pictures Setup

    Things to Watch Out for When Taking Pictures • Pressing the shutter button down halfway. Lightly press the shutter button to confirm focus and flash battery charge. Press the shutter button all way down to take the picture. [Lightly press the shutter button] Dress the shutter button] •...
  • Page 23: Using The Camera Buttons To Set The Camera

    Using the camera buttons to set the camera The recording mode function can be set up by using the camera buttons. POWER button Used for turning the camera's power on / off. If there is no operation during the specified time, the camera's power will be turned off automatically to save battery life.
  • Page 24 ZOOM W / T button [] WIDE Zoom Optical zoom WIDE : Pressing the ZOOM W button. This will zoom out from the subject i.e. the subject will appear further away. Pressing the ZOOM W button continuously will set the camera to its minimum zoom setting i.e.
  • Page 25 Face Detection FJFD_ b utton [] Face Detection(FD): This mode detects the face position of the sub- ject automatically exposure. Select this mode for quick and easy face picture. Setectabte modes: Auto, Program, Manual, DIS, Portrait, Children, Beach & Snow 1.
  • Page 26: Face Detection(fd) Button

    Face DetectionFJFDJ b utton [] Self Portrait When taking pictures of yourself, the area of your face is automatically detected so that you can take self pictures more easily and quickly. Selectable modes: Auto, Program, Manual, DIS, Portrait, Beach & Snow 1.
  • Page 27: Macro / Down Button

    Macro( ) / Downbutton While the menu is showing, press the DOWN button to move from the main menu to a sub menu, or to move down the sub menu. When the menu is not showing, you can use the MACRO / DOWN button to take macro pictures.
  • Page 28: Focuslock

    Macro( _ ) / Downbutton [] Available focusing method, by recording mode ( o : Setectable, oo : infinity focus range) iliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!ii!i!ili _i_ili_!:!IJ_ ¸i_i_ii!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i_i Focuslock To focus on a subject not positioned in the centre of the picture, use the focus lock function.
  • Page 29: Flash / Left Button

    Flash ( _ ) / Left button When the menu is displayed on the LCD monitor, pressing the LEFT button makes the cursor shift to the left tab. When the menu is not displayed on the LCD monitor, the LEFT button operates as the FLASH button.
  • Page 30 Flash ( _ ) / Left button [] Ftash mode indicator If the subject or background is dark, the Auto flash camera flash will operate automatically. If a subject or background is dark, the camera flash will work automatically and will Auto &...
  • Page 31: Self-timer/right Button

    Self-timer ( _ ) / Right button When the menu is displayed on the LCD monitor, pressing the Right but- ton makes the cursor shift to the right tab. When the menu is not displayed on the LCD monitor, the RIGHT button operates as the Self-timer ( _ ) button.
  • Page 32: Menu / Ok Button

    Self-timer ( _ ) / Right button [] Motion Timer Pressing the Shuter button after Blink (1 second setting the Motion Timer Detecting the subject's movement Blink (0.25 second interval) No movement is detected Turn on and the image is taken after 2 seconds [] The Motion Timer flows are as followings.
  • Page 33 button It is possible to add special effects to your images by using this button. [] Available Effects, by recording mode o This button will not operate in DIS, Voice recording mode and some scene modes (Nightscene, Text, Sunset, Dawn, Backlight, Firework, Beach&Snow).
  • Page 34: Fn Button

    Fn button You can use the Fn button to set the following menus. How to use the Fn menu ( o : Setectabie) 1. Press the Fn button in an available mode. 2. Select a desired menu by pressing the Up / Down button. And then a sub menu wilt be displayed at the bottom right of the LCD monitor.
  • Page 35: Size

    Size You can select the image size appropriate for your application. - $860 640 x 480 -$760 [ STILL iMAGE mode ] • The higher the resolution, the lower the number of shots available because high resolution images require more memory. {34} RECORDING Quality/Frame...
  • Page 36: Metering

    Metering If you cannot obtain suitable exposure conditions, you can change the metering method to take brighter pictures. [Multi]: Exposure will be calculated based on an average of the available light in the image area. However, the calculation will be biased towards the centre of the image area.
  • Page 37: Iso

    You can setect the ISO sensitivity when taking pictures. The speed or specific tight-sensitivity of a camera is rated by ISO num- bers. [Auto] : The camera's sensitivity is automati- cally changed by variables such as lighting value or subject brightness. [ISO 80, 100, 200,400,800, 1000 ] : You can increase the shutter speed while the...
  • Page 38: Exposure Compensation

    White balance [] Using the Custom White Balance White balance settings may vary slightly depending on the shooting environment. You can select the most appropriate white balance set- ting for a given shooting environment by setting up the custom white balance.
  • Page 39: Usingthe Lcdmonitor T O Adjustthe Camera Settings

    Usingthe LCDmonitor t o adjustthe camera settings You can use the menu on the LCD monitor to set up recording functions. [] The items indicated by are default settings. MultiAF FoucsArea VoiceMemo iiiiiiiiiiiiiii;!i;!i;!i;!i;!i;!i;!i;!i;!i;!i;!ii!;i!ili!ililil Voice Record (Recording) Voice Mute /ightscene Children Landscape elose up Text...
  • Page 40: Recording

    Recording(_) Voice Memo You can add your voice-over to a stored still image. (Max. 10 sec.) - If the voice memo indicator is displayed on the LCD monitor, the setting is completed. - Press the shutter button and take a picture. The picture is stored on the memory card.
  • Page 41: Recording The Movie Clip Without Voice

    Recording(_) Voice RecordincL Pausing while recording a voice Using this function, you can record your favourite voice clips into a voice recording file without having to create multiple voice recording files. 1. Press the Pause button ( _ ) to pause recording.
  • Page 42: Sound Menu

    Sound menu In this mode, you can set up sound settings. You can use the setup menu in all camera modes, except Voice Recording mode. [] The items indicated by are default settings. Volume High Sound 1 Start Sound Sound 2 Sound 3 Shutter Sound Sound 2...
  • Page 43: Self Portrait

    Sound Sound If you set sound to ON, various sounds will be activated for camera startup, when buttons are pressed, so that you can be aware of the camera operation status. - [Beep Sound] sub menu : [Off], [Sound 1,2, 3] AF sound If you set AF sound to ON, AF sound will be activated when a subject is focused so that you can be aware of the camera operation status.
  • Page 44 Setup menu LA,SanFrancisco D enver, Phoenix Chicago,Dallas NewYork, Miami World Date & Time Caracas, L a Paz Newfoundland Time Buenos Aires CapeVerde Start Image User image (Display) LCD Bright Normal Quick View 1 sec LCD Save Format File Reset Imprint Date&Time (Settings) Power Off...
  • Page 45: Display

    Display( [_ ) the Date / Time / Date tyjpe You can change the date and time that will be displayed on the cap- tured images and set up the date type. Setting [World Time] enables you to display the local date and time on the LCD monitor when travelling overseas.
  • Page 46: Quick View

    Display( [_ ) Quick view If you enable Quick View before capturing an image, you can view the image you just captured on the LCD monitor for the duration set in the [Quick View] setup. Quick view is possible only with still images. - Sub menus [Off] : The quick view function...
  • Page 47: Initialisation

    Formattin_ This is used for formatting the memory. If you run [Format] on the memo- ry, all images, including the protected images, will be deleted. Be sure to download important images to your PC before formatting the memory. - Sub menus [No] : The memory will not be formatted.
  • Page 48: File Name

    File name This function allows the user to select the file naming format. [Reset] :After using the reset function, the next file name will be set from 0001 even after formatting, deleting all or inserting a new memory card. [Series] : New files are named using numbers that follow the previous sequence, even when a new memory card is used, or after formatting, or after...
  • Page 49: Auto Power Off

    Auto power off This function switches the camera off after a set amount of time in order to prevent unnecessary battery drainage. -Sub menus : The power off function wilt not operate. [1,3, 5, 10 min] :The power will turn off automatically if not used for the period of time specified.
  • Page 50: Auto Focus Lamp

    -NTSC :U.S.A, Canada, Japan, South Korea, -PAL:Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, many, U.K., Holland, Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, -When using aTV as an external monitor, you w ilt need to select the external orAV c hannel of t he T V. -There will be adigital noise on the e xternal malfunction.
  • Page 51 Starting.p_v mode Turn the camera on and select Play mode by pressing the play mode button ( _ ). The camera can now play back the images stored in the memory. If the memory card is inserted in the camera, all the camera functions apply only to the memory card.
  • Page 52: Play

    Starting.__Jaymode _ture function You can capture still images from the movie clip. [] How to capture the movie clip 1. Press the Play / Pause button( _ ) while playing the movie clip. Then press the E button. 2. The paused movie clip is saved in a new file name.
  • Page 53: Lcd Monitor Indicator

    LCD monitor indicator The LCD monitor displays shooting information about the displayed image. Playback mode Folder name & File name Memory card indicator Battery Aperture value Sh utter speed Flash image size 3264x2448 ~ 256X144 Recording date DPOF Protect Voice Memo {52} PLAY Using the camera buttons to set the camera...
  • Page 54 [] The maximum enlargement rate in proportion to the image size - $860 - S760 [] Trimming : You can extract part of the image that you want and save it separately. 1. Select an image that you want to enlarge and press the enlargement button.
  • Page 55: Play & Pause / Down Button

    button When the menu is displayed on the LCD monitor, the UP button operates as a direction button. When the menu is not displayed on the LCD monitor, pressing the Info button will display image information on the LCD monitor. Info (1131) b utton Info (1131) b utton X (54} PLAY...
  • Page 56: Left/right/menu / Ok Button

    Left/Right/Menu / OK button LEFT / RIGHT / MENU / OK buttons activate the following. - LEFT button : While the menu is showing, the LEFT button oper- ates as a direction button. While the menu is not showing, press the LEFT button to select the previ- ous image.
  • Page 57 button • Resize Change the resolution (size) of pictures taken. Select [Start image] to save an image to be the start-up image. 1. Press the ptay mode button and press the E button. 2. Press the Left / Right button and select the [RESlZE] ( [] ) menu tab.
  • Page 58 button • Rotating an image You can rotate the stored images by various degrees. 1. Press the play mode button and press the E button. 2. Press the LEFT/RIGHT button and select the [ROTATE] (_) menu tab. 3. Select a desired sub menu by pressing the UP / DOWN button.
  • Page 59 button • Colour [] Custom colour You can change the R (Red), G (Green) and B (Blue) values of the image. - OK button : Select / setup the Custom Colour - Up / Down button : Selects R, G, B - Left / Right button : Change the values (58) PLAY...
  • Page 60: Setting Up The Play Back Function Usingthe Lcd Monitor

    Setting up the play back function usingthe LCD monitor PLAY mode functions can be changed by using the LCD monitor. in the PLAY mode, pressing the MENU button displays the menu on the LCD monitor. The menus you can set up in Ptay mode are as follows. To capture an image after setting up the play menu, press the PLAY mode button or shutter button.
  • Page 61: Starting The Multi Slide Show

    Setting uptheplay backfunction u singthe LCD monitor Auto Plain Type Photo FastPhoto Auto Draft Quality Normal Fine Auto Date Print Auto File Name Reset ._ Menus are subject to change without prior notice. (6o:)PLAY Starting the Multi Slide Show _) Images can be displayed continuously at pre-set intervals.
  • Page 62: Configure Multi Slide Show Effects

    Starting the Multi Slide Show SelectincL/m& ec!es You can select image to view 1. Use the Up / Down buttons to select the [image] menu and press the Right button. 2. Select a desired sub menu by pressing the Up / Down button. jAil] :All images saved in the Memory are played back.
  • Page 63: Setting Ptay Interval

    Starting the Multi Slide Show _) Settingj_lav interval Set the Multi Slide Show play interval. 1. Select the [Interval] sub menu by pressing the UP / DOWN button and press the RIGHT button. 2. Use the Up / Down buttons to select the desired interval.
  • Page 64 DeletinqjrnAcLes This deletes images stored on the memory. 1. Press the Up / Down button and select the [Delete] menu tab. And then press the Right button. 2. Select a desired sub menu by pressing the UP / DOWN button and press the OK button.
  • Page 65: Dpof

    l=,la DPOF [] DPOF(Digital Print Order Format) allows you to embed printing infor- mation on your memory card's MlSC folder. Select the pictures to be printed and how many prints to make. [] The DPOF indicator will display on the LCD monitor when an image that has DPOF information plays back.
  • Page 66 l=,la [] Index Images (except for movie clips and voice file) are printed as index type. 1. Press the Up / Down button and select the [DPOF] menu tab. And then press the Right button. 2. Press the Right button again and [index] sub menu will display.
  • Page 67: Copy To Card

    l=,la C..Q._v To Card This enables you to copy image files, movie clips and voice recording files to the memory card. 1. Select the [Copy To Card] menu tab by pressing the Up / Down button. And then press the Right button. 2.
  • Page 68: Pictbridge

    PictBridge You can use the USB cable to connect this camera to a printer that supports PictBridge (sold separately) and print the stored images directly. Movie clips and voice files cannot be printed. [] Setting up the camera for connection to the printer 1.
  • Page 69: Pictbridge : Picture Selection

    PictBridge • Picture Selection You can select images you want to print. [] Setting the Number of Copies to Print 1. Press the Menu button and the PictBridge menu will display. 2. Use the Up / Down buttons to select the [Images] menu and press the Right button.
  • Page 70: Pictbridge : Reset

    PictBridge • Reset Initialises user-changed configurations. 1. Use the Up / Down buttons to select the [Reset] menu tab. And then press the Right button. 2. Use the Up / Down buttons to select the desired sub menu value, and then press the OK button.
  • Page 71 USB cable before trying the transfer again. Before an important event or going on a trip, you should check the camera condition. - Take a picture for testing the camera condition and prepare extra battery. - Samsung cannot be held responsible for camera malfunctions. paper with...
  • Page 72: Warning Indicator

    Warning indicator There are several warnings that may appear on the LCD display. [ Card Error?] • Memory card error --e. Turn off the camera power and turn it on again --e. insert the memory card again -+ insert and format the memory card (p.46) [ Card Locked! ] oThe memory card is locked -+ SD/SDHC memory card : Slide the write protect switch to the top...
  • Page 73: Before Contacting A Service Centre

    Before contacting a service centre Please check the following The camera doesn't switch on oThere is low battery capacity -4, Insert fresh batteries. (p.12) • Battery is inserted incorrectly with the polarities reversed. -+ Insert the battery according to the polarity marks (+, -). The camera power ceases while in use oThe battery is exhausted -e Insert fresh batteries.
  • Page 74 Before contacting a service centre The flash does not fire oFtash off mode has been selected -e. Dis-engage flash off mode oThe camera mode can't use the flash -+ Refer to the FLASH instruction (p.28) Incorrect date and time is disDlaev_d •...
  • Page 75: Specifications

    Specifications Image Sensor - Type : 1/2.5" CCD - Effective Pixel : $860 :Approx. 8.1 Mega-pixel $760 : Approx. 7.2 Mega-pixel - Total Pixet : $860 : Approx. 8.3 Mega-pixet $760 : Approx. 7.2 Mega-pixet Lens - Focal Length :SHD Lens f = 6.3 ~ 18.9mm (35ram film equivalent: - F No.
  • Page 76 About 130 About 147 About 173 About 173 About 274 About 710 Normal About 190 About 205 About 248 About 248 About 372 About 744 These figures are measured under Samsung standard conditions and may vary depending on shooting conditions and camera settings• "E" Button...
  • Page 77 Operating Temperature - 0 ~ 40°C Operating Humidity - 5 ~ 85% Software - Samsung Master, Adobe Reader Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. •._All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. (7¢} PLAY 2 X AAAIkaline...
  • Page 78 - Using a Hand-made PC or a PC and OS that has not been guaranteed by the manufacturer is not covered by the Samsung warranty. - Before reading this manual, you should have a basic knowledge of computers and O/S (Operating Systems).
  • Page 79 Windows. A USB Driver for MAC is not included with the Application CD. You can use the camera with Mac OS 9.2~10.4. [] Samsung Master : This is the all-in-one multi media software solution. You can download, view, edit and save your digital images and movie clips with this software.
  • Page 80 To use this camera with a PC, install the application software first. After this has been done, the stored images in the camera can be moved to the PC and can be edited by an image editing program. • You can visit the Samsung web-site through the internet. 1.
  • Page 81 If your OS is Windows XP/Vista, image viewer program will open. If the download window of Samsung Master opens after starting Samsung Master, the camera driver was set up successfully. _:_ _, _ ...
  • Page 82 Settin_lication software If you have installed the camera driver, the [Found New Hardware Wizard] may not open. On a Windows 98SE system, the Found New Hardware Wizard dialog box opens and a window asking you to select a driver file may appear, tn this case, specify "USB Ddver"...
  • Page 83 Starting PC mode [] Connecting the camera to a PC If you selected [Printer] in Step 5, when you connect the camera to your computer, the [Connecting Printer] message wilt display and the connection wilt not be established. In this case, disconnect the USB cable, and then follow the procedure from Step 2 and onward.
  • Page 84 7. An image file is transferred from the camera to your PC. - By using [Samsung Master], you can see the stored images in the memory directly on the PC monitor and you can copy or move the image files.
  • Page 85 Removing the removable disk [] Windows 98SE 1. Check whether the camera and PC are transferring a file. If the camera status lamp blinks, please wait until the lamp has finished blinking and is constantly on. 2. Unplug the USB cable. [] Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista (The illustrations may differ from those shown depending on the Windows O/S.)
  • Page 86 1. Connect the camera to your PC and turn them on. 2. Check whether the Removable Disk is on the [My Computer]. 3. Remove the [Samsung Digital Camera] on the Device manager. 4. Disconnect the USB cable. 5. Remove the [Samsung USB Driver] on the Add/Remove Programs Properties.
  • Page 87 Sarnsung Master You can download, view, edit and save your images and movies with this software. This software is only compatible with Windows. To start the program, click [Start -+ Programs -+Samsung Master -+Samsung Master]. [] Downloading images 1. Connect the camera to your PC.
  • Page 88 {_' image display window : A selected image displays in this window. _#_' Preview window :You can preview the changed image. A still image edited with Samsung Master can't be played back on the camera. Refer to the [Help] menu in Samsung Master for further information.
  • Page 89 _2,Frame display window : You can insert multi media in this window. (88} SOFTWARE Some movie clips that were compressed with a codec that is not compatible with the Samsung Master can't play back in the Samsung Master. Refer to the [Help] menu in Samsung Master for further information.
  • Page 90 Pleasecheck the following if the USB connectionmalfunctions. USB cableisnotconnected or it isnotthe supplied USB cable Connect the supplied USB cable. The camera is not recognised by your PC. Sometimes, the camera may appear under [Unknown De- vices] in Device Manager. install the camera driver correctly.
  • Page 91 BIOS manufacturer. [] If the movie clip can't be deleted, or the removable disk can't be extracted or an error message displays during the file transfer. -+ If you install only the Samsung Master, the problems mentioned above occasionally happen.
  • Page 92 For information on its replacement, please contact your service provider. The rechargeabte battery incorporated in this product is not user replaceable. FCC notice [] Declaration of Conformity Trade Name : SAMSUNG DIGITAL IMAGING CO., LTD. Model No. : SAMSUNG $860/$760 Responsible Party : SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS...
  • Page 93 MEMO {92}...
  • Page 94 Inte net address - h_tp :/iwww,samsungcamera,com mark of the EuropeanCommunity(EC) "C_'/ The CE Mark s a D rectiveconformity I Phase refer to the warranty that came with the product you purchased, or go to our website afterosabs service or inquires.

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