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Honeywell PC42t User Manual

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HONEYWELL PC42t User Guide
SPO-NA-EN-316, V1.0


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  • Page 1 SPO – Systems support HONEYWELL PC42t User Guide SPO-NA-EN-316, V1.0...
  • Page 2 © IZUM, 2018 COBISS, COMARC, COBIB, COLIB, IZUM are registered trademarks owned by IZUM.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Introduction......................1     Setting up the Honeywell PC42t printer .............. 1     List of equipment ......................1     Printer description ......................1     Getting the printer ready ....................3     2.3.1 Inserting the label roll ................... 3  ...
  • Page 5: Introduction

    This document describes the use of the printer when working in the COBISS system (setting up and connecting the printer, maintaining the printer – changing the paper and the ribbon, etc.). Setting up the Honeywell PC42t printer List of equipment Basic equipment: ...
  • Page 6: Figure 1: Honeywell Pc42T Front Panel

    HONEYWELL PC42t User Guide Figure 1: Honeywell PC42t front panel Legend (Figure 1): 1 – Media window for checking labels and ribbon 2 – Print button for moving the label roll or cancelling the operation 3 – Latch (on both sides) for opening the printer 4 –...
  • Page 7: Getting The Printer Ready

    HONEYWELL PC42t User Guide Legend (Figure 2): 1 – Ethernet port 2 – Serial port (RS232) 3 – USB device port 4 – USB host port for external devices (NOT intended to use for connecting with the PC) 5 – Power port 6 –...
  • Page 8: Inserting The Ribbon

    HONEYWELL PC42t User Guide 2.3.2 Inserting the ribbon 1. Open the printer cover and insert one plastic adapter into an empty ribbon takeup core and the other one into the ribbon core. Place both between the holders, as pictured below.
  • Page 9: Print Button And Status Led

    HONEYWELL PC42t User Guide 2.3.3 Print button and Status LED How to use the Print button Action Procedure Description media calibration If the printer is on, press and hold the The printer prints out several labels and sets button for two (2) seconds to start the the height of the label.
  • Page 10: Connecting The Printer To A Pc And Installing The Driver

    HONEYWELL PC42t User Guide 2.3.4 Connecting the printer to a PC and installing the driver The printer driver is included on the CD that you received with the printer. If you do not have access to the CD, you can get the driver: ...
  • Page 11: Figure 3: Printer's Web Interface

    2. Connect the printer to the PC using a serial or USB connection, or connect it to the local network. 3. Launch the installed Honeywell PrintSet 5 application and start configuring the printer parameters. © IZUM, 6. 3. 2018, SPO-NA-EN-316, V1.0...
  • Page 12: Print Settings (Cobiss3)

    Figure 4: PrintSet software Print settings (COBISS3) When the printer driver is installed, you must update the settings on the Honeywell PC42t printer before you can print labels. Go to the Control panel and select Devices and Printers. You will see a list of all available printers.
  • Page 13: Figure 6: Printout Position Settings ("Horizontal Offset", "Vertical Offset")

    HONEYWELL PC42t User Guide Clicking the Advanced options… button will open a window, where you can set the starting position for printing and by doing so correct the printout position on the label. If necessary, offset the printout horizontally by 2.0 mm (Figure 6).
  • Page 14: Figure 8: Media Settings ("Print Method": Thermal Transfer)

    HONEYWELL PC42t User Guide Figure 8: Media settings ("Print Method": Thermal Transfer) On the fourth tab (Options), you can set a higher printhead temperature under "Darkness" if the printout on the label is too bright, and higher print speed under "Speed Settings" (Figure 9).
  • Page 15: Setting Logical Destinations In Cobiss3

    HONEYWELL PC42t User Guide Figure 10: Seagull driver Setting logical destinations in COBISS3 In COBISS3, select a printer for printing labels for the material in logical destinations. Select System/Settings/Logical destinations (Figure 11). Figure 11: COBISS3 user interface © IZUM, 6. 3. 2018, SPO-NA-EN-316, V1.0...
  • Page 16: Figure 12: Local Destinations Editor

    Figure 12: Local destinations editor The User destinations window will open in which you will click Add printer. In the new window select Honeywell PC42t from the drop down list which you intend to use to print labels for the material (Figure 13).
  • Page 17: Figure 14: Detailed Settings

    HONEYWELL PC42t User Guide Figure 14: Detailed settings When all settings are set, click the OK button to confirm each choice. At the end, in the System menu, select Refresh settings (Figure 15). If this option is not available, refresh the newly configured settings by first logging out and then logging in to the COBISS3 software.