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LG 14Z970 Easy Manual

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Mo d e l N a m e : 1 4 Z 9 7 0



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  Summary of Contents for LG 14Z970

  • Page 1 Mo d e l N a m e : 1 4 Z 9 7 0...
  • Page 2 Instruction / Safety Information Instruction / Safety Information Using LG Easy Guide, LG Troubleshooting LG Electronics Inc. provides LG Easy Guide (User's Guide) and LG Troubleshooting (Troubleshooting Guide) to users for their easy and convenient use of the product. Press [...
  • Page 3 Use, duplication, or reproduction of any part of LG Easy Guide without prior permission from LG Electronics Inc. is strictly prohibited. LG Electronics Inc. does not provide warranty for data loss. In order to minimize damage from data loss, please make backup copies of important data.
  • Page 4 The SuperSpeed USB Trident logo is a registered trademark of USB Implementers Forum, Inc. LG Easy Guide may contain undetectable errors despite our dedicated efforts to provide users with reliable information. We ask for your understanding. The illustrated figures in LG Easy Guide may differ in appearance with the actual products.
  • Page 5 Instruction / Safety Information LG Electronics Inc. reserves the right to modify any part of this manual for quality purposes, without prior notice. Copyright (C) 2016 LG Electronics Inc. Digitalmate Co., LTD Country of Origin China Manufacturer LG Electronics Inc.
  • Page 6 CMOS backup battery may not be available depending on the model. CAUTION To replace the CMOS backup battery, visit the LG Electronics Service Center. The computer may be damaged if an incompatible battery is used. The product warranty is not applied to failure or breakdown caused by willful damage by the user.
  • Page 7: Important Safety Precautions

    Instruction / Safety Information Important Safety Precautions Please use the machine in the proper environment to extend the machine's lifespan. Use the machine in a safe and stable place. The warranty does not cover any damage resulting from reckless use or use in undesirable environments.
  • Page 8 Instruction / Safety Information Product Installation/Usage Precautions CAUTION Place the machine in a safe place so it does not fall. If dropped, the machine may be damaged or cause an injury. Use the product in a clean, dust-free environment. Otherwise, the system may not function properly. Do not place any objects within 15 cm of the PC.
  • Page 9 Instruction / Safety Information Ensure the power is off before shutting the LCD. The product may catch fire, be broken or deformed due to temperature rise. Do not impose excessive force on the LCD screen or drop it. You may break the LCD glass panel. Do not forcibly open the LCD screen with one hand.
  • Page 10 Do not use the machine when the memory cover is open. It may damage the machine. Please use parts certified by LG Electronics, Inc. Otherwise, a fire or product damage may occur. If there is a problem with peripheral devices, contact the device manufacturer.
  • Page 11 Instruction / Safety Information WARNING Dispose of the desiccating agent and plastic wrap properly. The desiccating agent and plastic wrap may cause suffocation. Do not use the machine in damp places like a laundry room or bathroom. Moisture may cause a glitch or electric shock. Please use the machine within the appropriate temperature range (10 °C to 35 °C) and humidity range (20% RH to 80% RH).
  • Page 12 Instruction / Safety Information Do not put your finger or an object into PC ports. An injury or electric shock may occur. Ask one of our engineers to run a safety check after your computer has been repaired. Otherwise, an electric shock or fire may occur. For minors, we recommend a program that blocks access to illegal or pornographic web sites.
  • Page 13 Instruction / Safety Information If you dissemble the PC, connect the power after reassembly is done. There is a risk of electric shock or product damage, if you touch the disassembled PC. Do not put in metal items such as coins, hair pin or other irons or inflammables such as paper or matches.
  • Page 14 Instruction / Safety Information WARNING During air travel, follow the directions of flight attendants. Using the PC during flight may cause an aircraft accident. When leaving the machine in a car, avoid exposure to direct sunlight. The product may get deformed or caught on fire due to a temperature rise. Do not put any heavy object on the power cable and AC adapter, and avoid damage from impacts.
  • Page 15 Do not throw or disassemble the battery. The resulting damage may cause an injury, explosion, or fire. Use batteries certified and acknowledged by LG Electronics Inc. Otherwise, an explosion or fire may occur. Prevent the battery from being in contact with any metallic object like a car ignition key or a paper clip.
  • Page 16 Read the battery usage precautions carefully before use. Keep the battery at room temperature. LG Easy GuideRefer to the Tip. Using a Battery in the installation guide to store the battery properly. Connect the power plug properly by pushing it to the end.
  • Page 17 Instruction / Safety Information Do not bend the power cable for AC adapter too much or get stamped by a sharp object. The wires inside the cable may break and cause electric shock or fire. Do not use loose plugs or damaged power cords. An electric shock or fire may occur.
  • Page 18 Instruction / Safety Information Disconnect the PC completely before cleaning it. Otherwise, an electric shock or impairment may occur. If the power/AC adapter or the product is soaked, disconnect the battery, power/AC adapter, and all other lines before contacting the local service center.
  • Page 19 The manufacturer is not responsible for any data loss. We do not refund or replace a product that malfunctions due to the installation or use of an operating system other than the one provided by LG Electronics Inc. Some software applications may not work properly in other operating systems.
  • Page 20: Energy Star

    ENERGY STAR ® ENERGY STAR ® ENERGY STAR ® Specifications LG Electronics Inc. participates in ENERGY STAR and the energy efficiency of this ® product complies with the specifications of ENERGY STAR ® ENERGY STAR ® is a set of regulations that encourages manufacturers of electronic devices to create more energy efficient products.
  • Page 21: Product Specifications

    Instruction / Safety Information Product Specifications PC Specifications Display 35.5 cm IPS LCD or Touch LCD The display resolution may differ by model. Intel ® Core i7 / i5 / i3 or Intel ® Pentium ® processor The CPU differs depending on model type and cannot be replaced by the user. Intel HD Graphics 620 or Intel HD Graphics 610...
  • Page 22 Instruction / Safety Information Power Supply and Environments Power Capacity: 40 W AC Adapter (Free Voltage) Input: AC 100 V to 240 V, 1.0 A - 1.1 A 50 / 60 Hz Output: DC 19 V, 2.1 A (40 W) Battery Lithium Ion battery Charging Hours: 3.0 hours...
  • Page 23: Using Windows 10

    Using Windows 10 Using Windows 10 Start Menu A New Start Menu The Start menu in Windows 10 has been changed so you can use Windows quickly and easily. Press the [ ] button in the lower-left corner of the screen to display the Start menu. Press the [ ] key or [Ctrl] + [Esc] to display the Start menu.
  • Page 24 Using Windows 10 Expand: Displays the names of all menu items. User Account: Displays the current user's information. You can use functions such as Change Account Settings, Lock or Logout. Settings: You can set up the system including the network settings. Power: Sleep, System Shutdown, and Restart menus are available.
  • Page 25 Using Windows 10 Desktop Apps and Windows Apps The Desktop apps remain unchanged from the previous Windows apps, but Windows apps have been changed to include various functions. The Windows apps provide easy-to-use menus according to the window size and a variety of convenient functions such as Update and Alarm.
  • Page 26: Using Apps

    Using Windows 10 Using Apps Running and Exiting Apps Run apps that were not added to the Start menu or apps that were installed on the system using the following method: Press the [ ] button and select and run the app you want from the app list. Press the [ ] key or [Ctrl] + [Esc] to display the Start menu.
  • Page 27 Using Windows 10 Press the [ ] button to display the Start menu. Press the [ ] key or [Ctrl] + [Esc] to display the Start menu.
  • Page 28 Using Windows 10 Go to the Start menu app tiles or the app list and right-click the app you wish to delete.
  • Page 29 Using Windows 10 When the pop-up menu appears, select [Uninstall]. If you are deleting a desktop app, the Programs and Features window appears. Right-click the app you wish to delete and press the Uninstall/Change button.
  • Page 30 Using Windows 10 When prompted to confirm the deletion, click the [Uninstall] button to delete the app. Adding Apps to Start Menu/Taskbar You can add frequently used apps on the Start menu and taskbar for easy and quick access.
  • Page 31 Using Windows 10 Press the [ ] button to display the Start menu. Press the [ ] key or [Ctrl] + [Esc] to display the Start menu.
  • Page 32 Using Windows 10 Right-click the app you want from the app list, and then click [Pin to Start] or [More] > [Pin to Taskbar]. The selected app is added to the Start menu or taskbar.
  • Page 33 Using Windows 10 Toggling and Adding Apps/Desktops In Windows 10, you can toggle the running apps easily and quickly, and add desktops to use them like multiple PCs. For an app that does not allow multitasking, you may be switched to the desktop where the app was executed, or you may have an error message.
  • Page 34 Using Windows 10 The screen to switch between apps and desktops appears and the running apps are displayed in the preview. Press the [ ] button of an app in the preview to exit the app.
  • Page 35 Using Windows 10 Click the [New desktop] tile. [Desktop 1] and [Desktop 2] are created. Two desktops are provided by default and you can add more if necessary.
  • Page 36 Using Windows 10 Select an app in the preview or desktop. The screen is toggled to the selected app or desktop.
  • Page 37 Using Windows 10 Press the [ ] button in the app preview to exit the app. In the desktop preview, press the [ ] button to delete the desktop and move running apps to another desktop.
  • Page 38 Using Windows 10 Using Shortcut Keys Use the shortcut keys to quickly toggle between apps and desktops. Shortcut Keys Comments [Alt] + [Tab] Hold down the [Alt] key and press the [Tab] key to view the running apps in the preview. Press [Tab] repeatedly to select the app you wish to switch to and then release the [Alt] key.
  • Page 39 Using Windows 10 Splitting the App Screen In Windows 10, you can easily adjust window sizes and split windows if necessary. Some apps that cannot adjust the window size do not support the screen split.
  • Page 40 Using Windows 10 Full Screen Drag and drop an app to the top end of the screen to change the app to the full screen size. Drag and drop the app again to a different location to return to its original size.
  • Page 41 Using Windows 10 Screen Split into Two Drag and drop an app to the right end or left end to reduce the size by half. The screen is split according to the guideline.
  • Page 42 Using Windows 10 Select a running app displayed in the preview on the split screen. Drag and drop the app again to a different location to return to its original size.
  • Page 43 Using Windows 10 Screen Split into Four Drag and drop an app to the left corner to reduce the app to 1/4 size of the screen. The screen is split according to the guideline.
  • Page 44 Using Windows 10 You can use this method to place up to four apps on the screen. Drag and drop the app again to a different location to return to its original size.
  • Page 45 Using Windows 10 Using the Store You can purchase apps or get free apps from Windows Store. If a local account is being used, a window to switch to a Microsoft account appears while using Windows Store. Follow the instructions on the screen to switch the local account to a Microsoft account.
  • Page 46 Using Windows 10 On the Store screen, select a category or app of your choice. On the app details screen, select [Get] or [Buy]. App installation starts in a moment.
  • Page 47 Using Windows 10 You can see the installed app in the app list on the Start menu.
  • Page 48: Switching To Tablet Mode

    Using Windows 10 Switching to Tablet Mode If you are using Windows on a tablet PC, you can easily switch to the tablet mode. Press the Action Center [ ] icon on the right side of the taskbar.
  • Page 49 Using Windows 10 Select [Tablet mode] to switch Windows to tablet mode. Select [Tablet mode] again to deactivate the mode.
  • Page 50: Unlocking The Screen

    Using Windows 10 Unlocking the Screen If the PC is not used for an extended period, it goes into a locked state. When the PC is used again, a lock screen appears for security purposes and may be unlocked by using the following method.
  • Page 51: Setting The Pc

    Using Windows 10 Setting the PC Windows 10 supports various functions so that the user can change the PC setting easily and quickly. Using Action Center You can use the Action Center to easily change the settings for tablet mode, display, media connection and network settings.
  • Page 52 Using Windows 10 Change the PC settings as needed. If the tile does not appear, press the [Expand] menu. To change the detailed settings of the PC, press the [All Settings] tile.
  • Page 53 Using Windows 10 Using the Start Menu Press the [ ] button and select the Settings menu. When the screen for PC's detailed settings appears, select and change the settings as needed.
  • Page 54 Using Windows 10 Windows Shutdown Option In Windows 10, you can use the Windows shutdown option by following these steps: Click the [ ] button and select the [Power] menu. Press the [ ] key or [Ctrl] + [Esc] to display the Start menu. Select a Windows shutdown option.
  • Page 55: Using The Pc

    The internal battery should not be arbitrarily disassembled or replaced. Arbitrarily disassembling the product may void the warranty. If you need to disassemble or replace the battery, please visit the designated LG Electronics Service Center. We charge a fee for removing or replacing the battery.
  • Page 56 Using the PC WARNING Please use an AC adapter certified by LG Electronics Inc. Uncertified batteries may explode. It may cause a problem in battery charging or system operation. When you use an AC adapter, follow the below directions. 60 °C or more high-humidity spaces, for example, inside cars or saunas, should be avoided when you use or store it.
  • Page 57 Using the PC Open the LCD and check the charging state. When the AC adapter lamp is blinking, charge it fully with the AC adapter before using it. CAUTION Use batteries certified and acknowledged by LG Electronics Inc. Uncertified batteries may explode.
  • Page 58 Using the PC WARNING The battery may explode due to excessive heat, causing fire. For a safe and efficient use of battery, follow the below directions. Do not short-circuit the battery. Keep the battery out of reach of children. A visible swelling of the battery pack indicates a possible danger. When this occurs, contact your local vendor or service center immediately.
  • Page 59 The battery capacity may change due to chemical reactions during charge and discharge. The system checks the charge status of LG batteries frequently, and then calculates and indicates the actual battery duration on the current system setup.
  • Page 60: Operation Status Lamps

    Using the PC Operation Status Lamps AC Adapter Lamp On: The AC adapter is connected. Off: The AC adapter is not connected. If you try to turn on the system that has entered the Hibernates mode or been turned off after a low-battery alarm, the system will not be turned on but the lamp will blink three times.
  • Page 61 Using the PC Caps Lock Lamp On: When the caps lock is activated Off: When the caps lock is deactivated Touchpad Lamp On: When the touchpad is activated Off: When the touchpad is deactivated Webcam Operation Status Lamp On: When the webcam is operating Off: When the webcam is not operating Reader Mode/Daylight Mode Lamp On: The Reader mode or the Daylight mode is activated.
  • Page 62 Using Hot Keys You can use the hot keys shown below to use the PC conveniently. Fn + F1 Executes LG Control Center Fn + F2 Decreases LCD brightness, which can have eleven different levels. Fn + F3 Increases LCD brightness, which can have eleven different levels.
  • Page 63 Using the PC Fn + F10 Mute Fn + F11 Turns down the volume. Fn + F12 Turns up the volume. Fn + Prt Sc Works as the [Scr Lk] (Scroll Lock) key. Fn + Delete Works as the [Insert] key. Fn + Hanja Works as the [Pop-up Window] key.
  • Page 64: Keyboard Backlight

    Each time you press the [Fn] + [F8] keys, the status changes to KBD Backlight Off, KBD Backlight Low, and then KBD Backlight High in the specified order. Select the [ ] button > [LG Software] to run [LG Control Center]. On the LG Control Center screen, select the [System Settings] menu.
  • Page 65 Using the PC Go to Keyboard Backlight and select your desired options.
  • Page 66: Adjusting Screen Brightness And Volume

    Using the PC Adjusting Screen Brightness and Volume LG PC allows you to use the hot keys to easily adjust the screen brightness and volume. According to the model type, a button for volume control (mute, volume up / down, DTS, etc.) may be available.
  • Page 67: Using The Touchpad

    The driver provided by the touchpad manufacturer is preinstalled when you purchase this product. You can reinstall the driver through LG Update Center. The touchpad scroll feature is not supported in the model that supports the gesture feature. Touchpad Moves the cursor.
  • Page 68 Using the PC Click (Select) Press and release the left button swiftly with a finger. (Or tap the touchpad once.) Do this, for example, to select a menu or icon and to place the cursor to type on a word processor file. Double-click (Execute) Press the left button twice consecutively and release the button.
  • Page 69 Using the PC CAUTION Notes on Using the Touchpad Do not use a sharp object such as a pen on the pad nor peel the cover. It may cause an impairment. Do not place more than one finger, and do not use while wearing a glove or when the hand is wet.
  • Page 70 Using the PC Drag & Drop To drag, click and hold an icon, and move it to another location. To drop, release the dragged icon in the location you want. To move a file icon to another folder or to Recycle Bin, place the cursor (or the pointer) on the icon, press and hold the left button, and glide another finger on the touchpad until the icon reaches the aimed location.
  • Page 71 Using the PC Click the [ ] button and select the Settings menu. Press the [ ] key or [Ctrl] + [Esc] to display the Start menu.
  • Page 72 Using the PC When the [Settings] screen appears, select [Devices]. Select [Mouse and touchpad] > [Additional mouse options].
  • Page 73 Using the PC When [Mouse Properties] screen appears, select [Turn on ClickLock]. Press [Settings] to set the time for the ClickLock.
  • Page 74 Using the PC Press the left button of the touchpad and release it to change the button into the pressed state. Move on the touchpad to use the drag/scroll feature. Press the left mouse button to turn off the ClickLock. Touchpad Gesture The touchpad gesture feature allows you to use Windows programs more easily by utilizing multi- touch functions.
  • Page 75 Using the PC Place two fingers on the touchpad and move up/down/left/right to scroll the screen. (It operates only on an app or screen which scrolling is available.) Place two fingers on the touchpad and widen or narrow them to zoom out or in.
  • Page 76 Using the PC Setting Touchpad You can change the touchpad features or enable/disable the gesture feature. The figures herein may differ by language selection and are subject to change without prior notice. On the desktop taskbar, double-click the touchpad settings icon.
  • Page 77 Using the PC When the following screen appears, change the settings and click [OK].
  • Page 78: Using Touch Panel

    Using the PC Using Touch Panel Use the touch panel for a faster and more convenient use of the PC. All gestures provided by Windows 10 can be used. For more details about the Windows 10 gestures, refer to Windows help. OPTION This applies only to models equipped with a touch panel.
  • Page 79 Using the PC Touching Twice: Touch the panel twice to use as double-click. Drag: After touching the start point, finger movement can be used instead of the mouse.
  • Page 80 Using the PC Touching Longer: Touch the panel for a longer time to use as right mouse button.
  • Page 81 Using the PC Using the Touch Keyboard Press the [ ] icon on the right side of taskbar to display the [Keyboard] screen as shown below.
  • Page 82 HDMI is a high-speed multimedia interface that can transfer uncompressed full digital audio and video signals. When LG Notebook PC supports SPDIF, HDMI is not supported. In some models, DTS Audio may not work when you use HDMI. Ensure the monitor power is off before connecting the external monitor to the PC.
  • Page 83 Using the PC Every time [ ] + P keys are pressed, the screen output option changes. Release the keys to display the selected screen output. CAUTION If you do not set Speaker as the default value after disconnecting the HDMI cable, the system may not produce any sound.
  • Page 84 Using the PC Connecting to Wireless Display The wireless display feature connects the PC screen and sound to a display (TV, projector, etc.). OPTION To use the wireless display feature, the display device must support this feature. To connect to the display device that does not support wireless display, you must separately purchase a wireless display connection device.
  • Page 85 Using the PC When the Action Center screen appears, press the [Connect] tile. If the tile does not appear, press the [Expand] menu. Search for wireless display devices in the proximity.
  • Page 86 Using the PC If the device is connected as shown below, the PC screen and sound are produced on the wireless display device.
  • Page 87 Using the PC Using the USB Type-C Port The USB Type-C port mounted on this product supports USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB 3.0) standards. Use the USB Type-C port to charge the notebook PC battery or to output a screen to an external display.
  • Page 88 Using the PC Bluetooth Bluetooth allows the user to access wirelessly various devices such as camera, cell phone, headset, printer, and GPS receiver that support Bluetooth . It can also establish a network and exchange data with other Bluetooth -enabled PC or smartphone. OPTION The Bluetooth device is optional, and it may not be available in some models.
  • Page 89 Using the PC When the [Settings] screen appears, select [Devices]. Select the [Bluetooth] menu to search for Bluetooth devices automatically.
  • Page 90 Using the PC Select a device to connect and press [Pair]. Complete the Bluetooth connection as directed.

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