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Sony SmartEyeglass SED-E1 Reference Manual

Developer edition
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Notice for customers: the following information is only applicable to
equipment sold in countries applying EU directives
This product has been manufactured by or on behalf of Sony Corporation, 1-7-1
Konan Minato-ku Tokyo, 108-0075 Japan. Inquiries related to product compliance
based on European Union legislation shall be addressed to the authorized
representative, Sony Deutschland GmbH, Hedelfinger Strasse 61, 70327 Stuttgart,
Reference Guide
Germany. For any service or guarantee matters, please refer to the addresses
provided in the separate service or guarantee documents.
Developer Edition
The validity of the CE marking is restricted to only those countries where it is legally
enforced, mainly in the countries EEA (European Economic Area).
Hereby, Sony Corp., declares that this equipment is in compliance with the essential
requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC.
For details, please access the following URL :
This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits set out in the
EMC regulation using a connection cable shorter than 3 meters.
consequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise be
caused by inappropriate waste handling of this product. The recycling of materials
For use by developers in testing and creation of applications for
will help to conserve natural resources. For more detailed information about
SmartEyeglass platform.
recycling of this product, please contact your local Civic Office, your household
waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the product.
Diese Anleitung richtet sich an Entwickler, die mit dem Testen und Erstellen
von Apps für die SmartEyeglass-Plattform betraut sind.
©2015 Sony Corporation
a chemical symbol. The chemical symbols for mercury (Hg) or lead (Pb) are added if
the battery contains more than 0.0005% mercury or 0.004% lead.
Printed in Japan
By ensuring these batteries are disposed of correctly, you will help prevent
potentially negative consequences for the environment and human health which
could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling of the battery. The
recycling of the materials will help to conserve natural resources.
In case of products that for safety, performance or data integrity reasons require a
permanent connection with an incorporated battery, this battery should be replaced
by qualified service staff only.
To ensure that the battery will be treated properly, hand over the product at
end-of-life to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and
electronic equipment.
For all other batteries, please view the section on how to remove the battery from
the product safely. Hand the battery over to the applicable collection point for the
recycling of waste batteries.
For more detailed information about recycling of this product or battery, please
Startup Guide
contact your local Civic Office, your household waste disposal service or the shop
Read this guide first.
where you purchased the product.
Describes initial preparation such as charging and connecting.
Reference Guide (this manual)
On health
Describes safety precautions or specifications.
ˎ Some people may experience discomfort (such as eye strain, fatigue, nausea, or
motion sickness) when using the device. Sony recommends that all viewers take
regular breaks while using the device. The length and frequency of necessary
breaks will vary from person to person. You must decide what works best. Please
use at your own discretion. If you experience any discomfort, you should stop
using the device until the discomfort ends; consult a doctor if you believe
Help Guide (instruction manual)
necessary. This product is not intended for use by children, therefore, children
Provides details about the device's function or how to use the
should not use it.
device. Help Guide is available on a smartphone or computer.
ˎ Avoid using the device in vehicles or environments where strong vibrations or
strong acceleration may occur, because there is a higher possibility that you
experience discomfort.
ˎ If you experience any discomfort on your skin, you should stop using the device;
consult a doctor or visit the Customer Support website (shown at the end of this
manual) to consult with a Sony representative, if you believe necessary.
ˎ Do not look directly at the sun or a strong light through the device even if the
supplied dark filter is applied. This may cause visual impairment or blindness.
ˎ Do not use this device near medical equipment. Radio waves may affect cardiac
pacemakers and other electronic medical equipment. Do not use the device in
crowded places such as trains or in medical facilities.
ˎ The device has a controller that emits radio waves. Therefore, people with medical
Before operating the device, please read this guide thoroughly and retain it for
equipment, such as cardiac pacemakers or defibrillators, will not be able to use
future reference.
this device.
On safety
ˎ The nameplate and important information concerning safety are located under
the clip on the rear of the controller.
ˎ Do not use the device while driving or operating a car, motorcycle, motorized
bicycle, ship, boat, train, aircraft, any other vehicle or heavy machinery. It may be a
cause of an accident or it may be against the law.
ˎ Pay attention to your surroundings, such as traffic and road surface conditions,
when walking.
ˎ When using the device, give your eyes a chance to adjust to the change in view.
Pay careful attention to your surroundings while wearing the device.
ˎ Pay attention to your surroundings when shooting images with the camera.
ˎ This device has built-in wireless capability (Bluetooth® function and wireless LAN
function). Microwaves emitted from this device may affect the operation of other
devices. Do not use this device in the following locations.
ˋin medical facilities such as hospitals
ˋin crowded places such as a crowded train
ˋin airplanes
ˋnear automatic control equipment such as automatic doors and fire alarm
If there are any problems, do not use the wireless function. Turn off the device
immediately in the case of an emergency.
On photos and copyright
ˎ You should only take photos in environments where you are permitted to do so.
You should always get permission from your subject before taking photos.
ˎ Various countries have laws regulating taking photos of people or things. It is your
responsibility to make sure you comply with applicable laws when using the
ˎ Television programs, films, videotapes, and other materials may be copyrighted.
Unauthorized recording of such materials may be contrary to the provisions of the
copyright laws.
No compensation for damaged content or recording failure
ˎ Sony cannot compensate for failure to record or loss or damage of recorded
content due to a malfunction of the camera or recording media, etc.
Disposal of Old Electrical & Electronic Equipment (Applicable
On placement
in the European Union and other European countries with
ˎ Do not place the device in any of the following locations:
separate collection systems)
ˋWhere the temperature is extremely high or low
This symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this
ˋNear heat sources
product shall not be treated as household waste. Instead it shall be
ˋA place subject to direct sunlight, moisture, excessive dust, or excessive
handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of
mechanical shock
electrical and electronic equipment. By ensuring this product is
ˋIn a car with closed windows (especially during the summer)
disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative
ˋA sandy place
ˋA place which causes the device to distort or malfunction
On operation
ˎ This device may not be able to be used by people whose interpupillary distance is
outside the 54.5mm to 72.5mm range.
ˎ If you are not able to use the device even if you adjust the nose pads, visit the
Disposal of waste batteries (applicable in the European
Customer Support website (shown at the end of this manual) to consult with a
Union and other European countries with separate collection
Sony representative.
ˎ The displayed images appear to be about 8 meters away. You will not be able to
This symbol on the battery or on the packaging indicates that the
see these images clearly if you cannot see subjects that are 8 meters away clearly
battery provided with this product shall not be treated as household
with the naked eye or contact lenses. Also, you may not be able to see these
images clearly with bifocal contact lenses.
On certain batteries this symbol might be used in combination with
ˎ Note that you may feel like the display is dazzling when your surroundings
become dark.
ˎ There may be a difference between the image shot with the camera of the device
and the actual subject, or there may be a difference in the uniformity of the
brightness in images.
ˎ The device's camera comes with a fixed focus system and it may be difficult to
focus on close subjects.
ˎ If the controller of the device is too close to a smartphone, photo data
transmission and wireless LAN communication may not be available. In such a
case, use the controller at a distance from the smartphone.
ˎ If the whole displayed image turns green, even if you change to another
application, the device may have malfunctioned. Visit the Customer Support
website (shown at the end of this manual) to consult with a Sony representative.
ˎ Do not use the device in a location subject to water, smoke, steam, or excessive
dust. Use in such a location may cause fire or electric shock.
ˎ Do not use the device during extreme exercise.
ˎ Align the connected USB cable properly. If the cable gets caught in your legs or
other parts of your body, it may cause the device to fall down or may cause you to
On handling the product
ˎ To prevent accidental swallowing of the device parts, do not put them in your
ˎ Do not burn or put the device in fire.
ˎ Do not dispose of the device with household waste. As the lithium-ion
rechargeable battery is built-in to the device, there may be a risk of heat
generation, fire, or explosion due to shock or pressure during collecting waste.
When disposing of the device, first remove the lithium-ion rechargeable battery
from the device according to the instructions in "When disposing of the device" of
this manual, then follow your local environmental laws and guidelines.
ˎ Subjecting the device to excessive shock or force may cause the display to
become skewed. Using the device with a skewed display may cause eye strain.
Check the device following the instructions of "Confirming Screen Alignment" in
the Help Guide (Web manual). If you confirm that the display is skewed, visit the
Customer Support website (shown at the end of this manual) to consult with a
Sony representative.
ˎ The operating temperature of the device is from 5°C to 35 °C. Do not use the
device in an environment outside the operating temperature.
ˎ Charge the battery in an environment with an ambient temperature of 10°C to
30°C. The charging efficiency may decrease in an environment outside this
ˎ The device is not waterproof. Keep liquids away from the device. Special care
should be taken when using the device in rainy, snowy, or humid locations, and in
a perspiring environment. Please do not let the device fall into water, such as a
bathtub or washbasin. Handling the device with wet hands may cause a
malfunction or shock.
ˎ Do not subject the product to a shock of any kind. Doing so may break the glass
and cause an injury due to broken pieces. If the glass breaks, stop using
immediately and do not handle any broken glass with bare hands, and especially
without proper protection.
ˎ Do not wind the cable of the controller around the eyewear or controller. It may
cause a malfunction.
ˎ Do not disassemble or alter the device. Doing so may cause a malfunction or
electrical shock. To change the rechargeable battery, or to inspect or repair the
device's interior, visit the Customer Support website (shown at the end of this
manual) to consult with a Sony representative.
ˎ Do not insert liquid such as water into the device. Do not use the device in a
location where the device is exposed to water or moisture. Do not place objects
filled with liquids, such as vases, on the device. If any liquid gets inside the device,
stop using the device immediately and visit the Customer Support website (shown
at the end of this manual) to consult with a Sony representative.
ˎ Do not insert a foreign object in the terminal. The terminal may short out and
ˎ A device featuring the Bluetooth function is required to conform to the Bluetooth
cause the device to malfunction.
standard specified by Bluetooth SIG, and be authenticated. Even if the connected
ˎ While the device is charging or running, do not cover the device with cloth or do
device conforms to the above mentioned Bluetooth standard, some devices may
not put the device where heat release is blocked, such as on a blanket, carpet, or
not be connected or work correctly, depending on the features or specifications of
in a bookcase or built-in cabinet. This may cause a fire and electric shock, or
the device.
distortion of the device.
ˎ Communication may be interrupted depending on the Bluetooth device
ˎ Do not hold the controller in your hand for a long time. It may cause low-
connected with this device, the communication environment or the usage
temperature burns or blisters. People with sensitive skin should be particularly
ˎ Pay attention not to damage or poke your eye with the tip of the temple when
putting on or removing the device. Also, be careful not to pinch your fingers in the
ˎ When the air is dry, you may feel pain and tingling in your ears and nose. This is
not a malfunction of the device. It is due to static electricity stored in the human
body. If you dress in clothes made of natural materials, static electricity may be
Communication system
Bluetooth Specification version 3.0
ˎ When charging or using for a long periods of time, the temperature of the device
may rise. This is not a malfunction.
ˎ There may be slightly defective pixels or bright dots in the displayed images. This
Bluetooth Specification Power Class 2
is not a malfunction.
On battery
Compatible Bluetooth Profiles
ˎ If the device will not be used for an extended period, the duration of the
HFP (Hands-free Profile)
rechargeable battery may shorten. Repeating discharging and charging of the
SPP (Serial Port Profile)
battery a few times makes the duration sufficient.
ˎ If the device will not be used for an extended period, recharge the battery every
Wireless LAN
six months to eliminate battery degradation.
ˎ If you do not use the device for a long time, it may take longer to charge.
Communication system
ˎ When the operation time with a fully charged rechargeable battery becomes
almost half of what it originally was, the battery has probably worn out. For
information about replacing the battery, visit the Customer Support website
(shown at the end of this manual) to consult with a Sony representative.
On cleaning
Communication system
ˎ Handle the device carefully to avoid smears or scratches. If the display becomes
NFC Forum Type 3 Tag compliant
dirty, wipe it gently with a soft lens cleaning cloth.
ˎ Do not use sprays or aerosols with flammable gas for cleaning and lubrication.
Power, general
Using these objects on the device may cause an explosion or fire due to sparks
from contact with the switch or static electricity, or contact with hot parts.
ˎ Do not use liquid solutions, such as lens cleaning fluid, water, or alcohol-based
ˎ Do not rinse the device with liquids such as water.
Binocular, see-through (transmittance 85% or more)
ˎ Do not use an ultrasonic cleaner or other cleaning equipment. If the device gets
wet, stop using immediately.
Resolution (horizontal × vertical)
419 × 138 pixel
If you have any questions or problems concerning this device that are not covered in
this manual, Startup Guide, or Help Guide (Web manual), please visit the Customer
Field of view (horizontal × vertical)
Support website (shown at the end of this manual) to consult with a Sony
Diagonal 20° (19° × 6°)
Display color
What is Bluetooth wireless technology?
Monochrome (green)
Bluetooth wireless technology is a short-range wireless technology that enables
Color depth
wireless data communication between digital devices, such as a computer and
8 bit
digital camera. Bluetooth wireless technology operates within a range of about 10 m
(about 30 ft).
Maximum brightness
Connecting two devices as necessary is common, but some devices can be
1,000 cd/m2
connected to multiple devices at the same time.
You do not need to use a cable for connection, nor is it necessary for the devices to
face one another, such is the case with infrared technology. For example, you can
Micro USB port
use such a device in a bag or pocket.
Bluetooth standard is an international standard supported by thousands of
companies all over the world, and employed by various companies worldwide.
Still images: 3 Megapixels
Maximum communication range
Maximum communication range may shorten under the following conditions.
Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Electronic compass, Brightness sensor, Microphone,
ˋThere is an obstacle such as a person, metal, or wall between this device and the
Noise suppression sub microphone
Bluetooth device.
ˋA wireless LAN device is in use near this device.
ˋA microwave oven is in use near the device.
ˋA device that generates electromagnetic radiation is in use near this device.
Battery life *1*2*3*4
Interference from other devices
When the camera is not used: Approx. 150 minutes with continuous use
Because Bluetooth devices and wireless LAN (IEEE802.11b/g/n) use the same
When the camera is used: Approx. 80 minutes with continuous use
frequency, microwave interference may occur and resulting in communication speed
deterioration, noise, or invalid connection if this device is used near a wireless LAN
*1 When using the device under the following conditions.
device. In such a case, perform the following.
ˋThe displayed images are always on.
ˋUse this device at least 10 m (about 30 ft) away from the wireless LAN device.
ˋThe setting of the display brightness is the default.
ˋIf this device is used within 10 m (about 30 ft) of a wireless LAN device, turn off
*2 May differ depending on the ambient temperature or application usage.
the wireless LAN device.
*3 When you connect to the wireless LAN, battery life becomes shorter even if the
camera is not used.
Interference to other devices
*4 The battery life may vary depending on your smartphone.
Microwaves emitting from a Bluetooth device may affect the operation of devices,
such as electronic medical equipment. Turn off this device and other Bluetooth
devices in the following locations, as it may cause an accident.
Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
ˋin a hospital, train, airplane, or a gas station where inflammable gas is present
Maximum charge voltage: 4.25 V DC
ˋnear automatic doors or a fire alarm
Maximum charge current: 0.9 A
ˎ To be able to use the Bluetooth function, the Bluetooth device to be connected
Operating temperature
requires the same profile as the system's.
5 °C to 35 °C
Note also that even if the same profile exists, devices may vary in function
depending on their specifications.
Storage temperature
ˎ Due to the characteristic of Bluetooth wireless technology, the sound played on
-15 °C to 50 °C
this device is slightly delayed from the sound played on the Bluetooth device
during talking on the telephone or listening to the music.
ˎ This device supports security capabilities that comply with the Bluetooth standard
Eyewear: Approx. 77 g (excluding the cable)
to provide a secure connection when the Bluetooth wireless technology is used,
Controller: Approx. 45 g (excluding the cable)
but security may not be enough depending on the setting. Be careful when
communicating using Bluetooth wireless technology.
ˎ We do not take any responsibility for the leakage of information during Bluetooth
Folded: Approx. 180 mm × 39 mm × 72 mm (w/h/d)
Unfolded: Approx. 180 mm × 39 mm × 182 mm (w/h/d)
Controller: Approx. 54 mm × 21 mm × 60 mm (w/h/d) (excluding projected parts)
Cable: Approx. 63 cm (length)
Supported OS
Android 4.4 or later
Supplied items
Micro USB cable (1)
Carrying case (1)
Dark Filter (2)
Camera cover sheet (1)
Nose pad (small) (1)
Startup Guide (2)
Reference Guide (1)
Warranty (1)
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
When disposing of the device
For environment protection, remove the built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery
from the device.
Before removing the rechargeable battery, drain the battery by disconnecting the
micro USB cable and use the device only with the battery.
Do NOT open the controller other than when disposing of the device.
1. Turn off the device and disconnect the micro USB cable if connected.
2. Open the
micro USB port cover and
remove the screw with a Phillips
Use a Phillips screwdriver, such as a
precision screwdriver, which suits the
screw size.
3. Remove the rear side of the controller.
4. Take the rechargeable battery out from
the device.
ˎ Xperia is a trademark or registered trademark of Sony Mobile Communications AB.
ˎ Android™ and Google Play™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google
ˎ The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any
use of such marks by Sony Corporation is under license.
ˎ The N Mark is a trademark or registered trademark of NFC Forum, Inc. in the United
States and in other countries.
ˎ Tweet, Twitter, the Twitter logo, the Twitter bird, and the Twitter "t" are trademarks
or registered trademarks of Twitter, Inc.
Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.
For frequently asked questions and support contact information, visit the
following website:
Customer Support


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