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Digital Still Camera
Instruction Manual
"Help Guide" (Web manual)
Refer to "Help Guide" for in-depth
instructions on the many functions
of the camera.


   Summary of Contents for Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100M6

  • Page 1 4-737-810-11(1) Digital Still Camera Instruction Manual “Help Guide” (Web manual) Refer to “Help Guide” for in-depth instructions on the many functions of the camera. DSC-RX100M6...
  • Page 2: Instruction Manual

    The “Help Guide” is an on-line manual that you can read on your computer or smartphone. Refer to it for details on menu items, advanced usage, and the latest information on the camera. Scan here DSC-RX100M6 Help Guide Instruction Manual In-Camera Guide (this book)
  • Page 3: Notes On Using Your Camera

    Notes on using your camera Along with this section, also see • Do not leave the lens or the “Precautions” in the Help Guide viewfinder exposed to a strong (page 2). light source such as sunlight. Because of the lens’s condensing Screen language function, doing so may cause smoke, fire, or a malfunction inside...
  • Page 4 Notes on continuous shooting • The image may be slightly distorted near the corners of the viewfinder. During continuous shooting, the This is not a malfunction. When you monitor or viewfinder may flash want to see the full composition between the shooting screen and a with all its details, you can also use black screen.
  • Page 5 • If the same part of your skin • Sony can provide no guarantees touches the camera for a long in the event of failure to record or period of time while using the loss or damage of recorded images...
  • Page 6 Telephone Number: 858-942-2230 Notes on wireless LAN This device complies with part 15 of If your camera is lost or stolen, Sony the FCC rules. Operation is subject bears no responsibility for the loss or to the following two conditions: damage caused by illegal access or (1) This device may not cause harmful...
  • Page 7 Checking the camera and the supplied items The number in parentheses • Wrist strap (1) indicates the number of pieces. • Camera (1) • Power cord (mains lead) (1) • Strap adaptor (2) (supplied in some countries/ regions) • Instruction Manual (this manual) (1) •...
  • Page 8: Identifying Parts

    Identifying parts  ON/OFF (Power) button  Power/Charge lamp  Shutter button  Mode dial  (Auto Mode)/  (Program Auto)/  (Aperture Priority)/  (Shutter Priority)/  (Manual Exposure)/  (Memory recall)/  (Movie)/  (High Frame Rate)/  (Sweep Panorama)/  (Scene Selection)  For shooting: W/T (Zoom) lever For viewing: (Index) lever/...
  • Page 9   Viewfinder (11)  (N mark) • When you look into the This mark indicates the touch viewfinder, the viewfinder point for connecting the mode is activated, and when camera and an NFC-enabled you take your face away from Smartphone. the viewfinder, the viewing mode returns to the monitor mode.
  • Page 10 Multi/Micro USB Terminal • This terminal supports Micro USB-compatible devices. • For details on compatible accessories for the Multi/ Micro USB Terminal, visit the Sony website, or consult your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility.  HDMI micro jack ...
  • Page 11 When using the viewfinder  Slide down the viewfinder pop-up switch. • If you slide the viewfinder pop-up switch when the power is off, the camera turns on. • To choose whether or not to turn the camera off when the viewfinder is stowed, select MENU ...
  • Page 12: Basic Operations

    Basic operations Using the control wheel • You can select setting items by turning or pressing the top/bottom/ left/right side of the control wheel. Your selection is determined when you press the center of the control wheel. • The DISP (Display Setting), (Exposure Comp.), (Drive Mode), and (Flash Mode) functions are assigned to the top/bottom/left/right...
  • Page 13 Using the Fn (Function) button You can register frequently used functions to the Fn (Function) button and recall them while shooting. Up to 12 frequently used functions can be registered to the Fn (Function) button. Press the DISP button on the control wheel repeatedly to display a screen mode other than [For viewfinder], and...
  • Page 14 Startup guide Step 1: Inserting the battery pack/memory card (sold separately) into the camera For details on memory cards that can be used with this camera, refer to page 29. Open the battery/memory card cover, and insert the battery pack into the camera. Lock lever •...
  • Page 15: To Remove The Battery Pack

    To format the memory card When you use a memory card with this camera for the first time, it is recommended that you format the card using the camera in order to stabilize the performance of the memory card. • Formatting erases all data on the memory card, including protected images and registered settings (M1 to M4).
  • Page 16: The Camera

    If this happens, remove the battery pack or disconnect the USB cable from the camera and then re-insert it to recharge. • Be sure to use only genuine Sony brand battery packs, micro USB cables (supplied) and AC Adaptors (supplied).
  • Page 17 Step 3: Setting the language and the clock Press the ON/OFF (Power) ON/OFF (Power) button button to turn on the camera. Select the desired language and then press the center of the control wheel. Make sure that [Enter] is selected on the screen and then press the center.
  • Page 18 Step 4: Shooting images in auto mode Turn the mode dial to set to Look into the viewfinder or the monitor and hold the camera. Use the W/T (zoom) lever to adjust the magnification of the image. Press the shutter button halfway down to focus. •...
  • Page 19 To shoot images in various shooting modes Set the mode dial to the desired mode depending on the subject or the functions you want to use. Learning more about the camera Instructions for all the functions of this camera are provided in the “Help Guide”...
  • Page 20 If PlayMemories Mobile is already installed on your smartphone, be sure to update it to the latest version. For details on PlayMemories Mobile, refer to the support page ( Note • To use the camera’s NFC One-touch function, an NFC-enabled Android smartphone or tablet is required.
  • Page 21 By using PlayMemories Mobile, you can obtain location information from a connected smartphone (via Bluetooth communication) and record it to captured images. For details on the operating procedure, refer to the “Help Guide” (page 2) or the following support page.
  • Page 22: Playmemories Home

    If one of these software is already installed on your computer, update it to the latest version before use. Windows: Mac: You can check the recommended operating environment for the software from the following URL:
  • Page 23 Imaging Edge Imaging Edge is a software suite that includes functions such as remote shooting from a computer, and adjusting or developing RAW images recorded with the camera. Viewer: You can display and search images. Edit: You can edit images with various corrections such as tone curve and sharpness, and develop images recorded in RAW format.
  • Page 24: Camera Settings

    List of MENU items For details on each MENU items, refer to the Help Guide.  AF Area Regist.  (Camera Settings1)  Del. Reg. AF Area Red tab AF Area Auto Clear Disp. cont. AF area Quality/Image Size Phase Detect. Area  File Format  JPEG Quality Exposure  JPEG Image Size...
  • Page 25 Focus Assist  Marker Display  Marker Settings Focus Magnifier Movie w/ shutter Focus Magnif. Time  Initial Focus Mag. Shutter/SteadyShot  MF Assist  Shutter Type Peaking Setting Release w/o Card Shooting Assist  SteadyShot Face Registration Zoom Regist. Faces Priority Zoom Setting Smile Shutter Zoom Speed  Auto Obj.
  • Page 26  (Setup)  (Network) Yellow tab Green tab Monitor Brightness Snd to Smrtphn Func Viewfinder Bright. Send to Computer (Wi-Fi) Finder Color Temp. View on TV Gamma Disp. Assist Ctrl w/ Smartphone Volume Settings Airplane Mode Tile Menu Wi-Fi Settings Mode Dial Guide Bluetooth Settings Delete confirm.
  • Page 27 Folder Name Recover Image DB Display Media Info. Version Setting Reset * If you change this item, you will need to format the memory card for compatibility with the PAL or NTSC system. Also, note that it may not be possible to play back movies recorded for the NTSC system on PAL system TVs.
  • Page 28 – Using the battery pack at an ambient temperature of 25°C (77°F). – Using a Sony SDXC memory card (U3) (sold separately) • The numbers for “Shooting (still images)” are based on the CIPA standard and shooting under the following conditions: (CIPA: Camera &...
  • Page 29: Memory Cards That Can Be Used

    Memory cards that can be used When using microSD memory cards or Memory Stick Micro media with this camera, be sure to use the appropriate adaptor. SD memory cards Recording format Supported memory card Still image SD/SDHC/SDXC card SD/SDHC/SDXC card AVCHD (Class 4 or faster, or U1 or faster) 4K 60 Mbps*...
  • Page 30: Number Of Recordable Images

    The table below shows the approximate number of images that can be recorded on a memory card formatted with this camera. The values are defined using Sony standard memory cards for testing. The values may vary depending on the shooting conditions and the type of memory card used.
  • Page 31 Recordable movie times The table below shows the approximate total recording times using a memory card formatted with this camera. The values may vary depending on the shooting conditions and the type of memory card used. The recording times for when [  File Format] is set to [XAVC S 4K] and [XAVC S HD] are recording times when shooting with  Proxy Recording] set to [Off].
  • Page 32: Notes On Continuous Movie Recording

    The recordable time also varies depending on the shooting conditions, the subject or the image quality/size settings. • The times shown are recordable times using a Sony memory card. Notes on continuous movie recording • High-quality movie recording and high-speed continuous shooting require large amounts of power.
  • Page 33 F2.8 (W) – F4.5 (T) File format: JPEG (DCF Ver. 2.0, While shooting movies (HD 16:9): Exif Ver. 2.31, MPF Baseline) 24 mm – 210 mm* compliant, RAW (Sony ARW 2.3 While shooting movies (4K 16:9): format) 26 mm – 230 mm Movie (XAVC S format): * When [  SteadyShot] is set to...
  • Page 34: Rechargeable Battery Pack

    Rechargeable battery pack [Input/output terminals] Multi/Micro USB Terminal*: NP-BX1 Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0) Rated voltage: 3.6 V * Supports Micro USB compatible devices. Design and specifications are subject HDMI: HDMI type D micro jack to change without notice. [General] On image data compatibility Model No.
  • Page 35 • IOS is a registered trademark or and any use of such marks by trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc. Sony Corporation is under license. • iPhone and iPad are trademarks of • QR Code is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S.
  • Page 36 GPL/LGPL. Source code is provided on the web. Use the following URL to download it. We would prefer you do not contact us about the contents of source code. Licenses (in English) are recorded in the internal memory of your product.
  • Page 40 ©2018 Sony Corporation Printed in China...

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