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Maintenance; Pump Storage - Kärcher 1.109-076.0 Operating Instructions Manual

Hds cabinet series hot water - electric powered - electric heated
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Pump Storage

CAUTION: Always store your pressure washer in a
location where the temperature will not fall below 32° F
(0° C). The pump in this machine is susceptible to
permanent damage if frozen.
ATTENTION: Toujours entreposer la laveuse à
pression dans un endroit où la température ne sera
pas inférieure à 0 °C (32 °F). La pompe sur cette machine est suscep-
tible de subir des dommages si elle est exposée au gel.
If you must store your pressure washer in a location where the tempera-
ture is below 32° F, you can minimize the chance of damage to your
machine by draining your machine as follows:
1. Stop the pressure washer and detach supply hose and high pressure
hose. Squeeze the trigger of the spray gun to drain all water from the
wand and hose.
2. Restart pressure washer and let it run briefly (about 5 seconds) until
water no longer discharges from the high pressure outlet.


To ensure a problem free system, simple visual checks
can be performed. Check for leaks in inlet supply,
pumping system, pump to heater hose, heater, spray
gun(s) and high pressure hose. Check for normal
operating functions and pump oil level/condition. Check
nozzle condition. If badly worn or leaking conditions are
found, qualified personnel should repair or replace
components with new original or equivalent manufac-
turers parts.
Check equipment for proper operation. Nozzle spray
should be uniform in flow, angle, and pressure. Clean if
nozzle is plugged and replace if worn. If a heavy
pulsation in the hose or spray is observed, repair of the
pumping system is required.
Karcher HDS Series Operator's Manual 9.800-967.0 - C
After the first week of operation, it is recommended 1
quart (1 litre) of motor oil be added to the heat
exchanger tank through the 1-1/4" fill pipe. This oil
creates a vapor barrier and slows evaporation of water
in the tank.
Check heat exchanger water level. The level must be
up to the filler pipe neck. Add water if necessary. If cold
water has been added, heating may cause the
expanding water to escape through the filler plug. This
will stop after operating temperature has been reached.
Check system for operation. Automatic start/stop, hot
high pressure water, and smooth operation should be
Change oil in pump crankcase. Note the condition of
the oil when drained. If found to be creamy, water seals
in pump may have to be removed and replaced.


Table of Contents