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Epson ELPCB02 Operation Manual

Epson ELPCB02 Operation Manual

Connection & control box


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Connection & Control Box Operation Guide
How To Switch Input Sources
Connect devices
Change sources

Part Names and Functions

[A/V Mute] button
[Projector] button
Input source buttons
Input interface cover
Temporarily interrupts video and audio
output from the projector or speakers,
except for the [Mic] port and the [AUX In]
Turns the projector power on or off.
Configures the audio output from the
speakers when they are connected to this
Do not change this switch because the
setting was done optimally at installation.
Temporarily mutes audio signals from the
[Mic] port and the [AUX In] port. While audio
is muted, the indicator of the mute button
turns green.
Projection starts
Output ports
Operation indicator
[Audio Mute] button
Dip switch
[Volume] dial
Power switch
Indicates the status of the Connection &
Control Box. (This does not indicate the
status of the projector. )
Operating normally.
In standby. Press any button to
An error has occurred. Unplug the
Connection & Control Box, and contact
your dealer.
Connects the projector to this device. See
the Installation Manual for more details.
Input Ports
Connect cables according to your devices to use.
[Computer1] input port
(Mini D-Sub 15-pin (female))
[Computer2] input port
[HDMI1/MHL] port
[HDMI2] port
[USB-A] port
Mic] port
(φ6.3 mm stereo jack)
[Volume] dial (mic input)
[Audio1] port
[Audio2] port
(φ3.5 mm stereo mini jack)
We recommend using a shielded cable.
[AUX In] port
[REC Out] port
(RCA jack)
[Video] input port
(RCA jack)
[S-Video] input port
(Mini DIN 4-pin jack)
[USB-B] port
When using a commercially available dynamic microphone, connect to the
Plug-in power is not supported.
When inputting audio from a portable audio player and such, connect the audio cable to
[AUX In] port. The audio input from
selected source.
When connecting a recording device, connect the audio cable to
input from the audio input ports, the Aux In, and the Mic port is output. Audio is output in a
constant level and cannot be adjusted.
[Mic] port.
[AUX In] port is always played regardless of the
[REC Out] port. The audio



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Summary of Contents for Epson ELPCB02

  • Page 1: Part Names And Functions

    ■ Input Ports Connection & Control Box Operation Guide Connect cables according to your devices to use. ■ How To Switch Input Sources Connect devices Change sources Projection starts ■ [Computer1] input port Part Names and Functions (Mini D-Sub 15-pin (female)) [Computer2] input port Output ports [HDMI1/MHL] port...
  • Page 2 ■ Connection Examples Connecting Using a Computer Cable Connecting with HDMI Cables HDMI If you output audio If you use a thick HDMI cable, it may disconnect under its own weight. Use the HDMI cable clamp to secure the cable. Connect the ports in either of the following combinations.
  • Page 3: Troubleshooting

    ■ ■ Switching Images Troubleshooting No images appear Names and Functions of the Input Source Buttons Did you turn on the connected device? Turn on the power of the connected device. Did you turn on the projector? Press the [Projector] button. Did you press the correct Input Source When no specific input source is selected, [Computer1] button for the connected device you...