Toshiba TCB-DK01SS-E Owner's Manual

Dyna-kit communication adapter
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Owner's Manual
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Owner's Manual
Owner's Manual



  Summary of Contents for Toshiba TCB-DK01SS-E

  • Page 1 DYNA-KIT Owner’s Manual COMMUNICATION ADAPTER Model name: TCB-DK01SS-E English Owner’s Manual English Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Owner’s Manual DYNA-KIT [For service engineer] • Thank you very much for purchasing this TOSHIBA DYNA-KIT. • Please read this Owner’s manual carefully before using DYNA-KIT. • Keep this Owner’s Manual at accessible place for future reference. Contents PRECAUTIONS FOR SAFETY ........2 APPLICATION .
  • Page 3: Precautions For Safety

    Owner’s Manual DYNA-KIT PRECAUTIONS FOR SAFETY • Read these “Precautions for Safety” carefully before installation. • The precautions described below include important items regarding safety. Observe them without fail. Understand the following details (indications and symbols) before reading the body text, and follow the instructions.
  • Page 4 Owner’s Manual DYNA-KIT WARNING • Only qualified professional must handle this product. Inappropriate handling may result in electric shock or fire. • Use this kit as it is stored in the connected air conditioner unit. Hazardous voltage may be ingenerated in the DYNA-KIT by connecting to air conditioner unit.(There is a risk of electrical shock) Confirm that power supply of the air conditioner unit is turned off before connect the kit to the air conditioner unit.
  • Page 5: Application

    Owner’s Manual DYNA-KIT APPLICATION DYNA-KIT is used to malfunction diagnosis and operation check of TOSHIBA air conditioner units. FUNCTION DYNA-KIT converts communication signal from air conditioner unit into communication signal for PC. SPECIFICATION Part Unit Power source DC 5 V (USB connector)
  • Page 6: Dimensional Drawing

    Owner’s Manual DYNA-KIT DIMENSIONAL DRAWING Groove to open the cover (x2) Name Specification Case flame-resistant ABS (UL94V-0) Cover flame-resistant ABS (UL94V-0) Magnet Strontium ferrite particles, chlorinated polyethylene – 5 – 5-EN...
  • Page 7: Accessory Parts

    Owner’s Manual DYNA-KIT ACCESORRY PARTS Confirm that all the parts listed below are included in the package before start using the kit. Parts name Quantity Remarks DYNA-KIT Connecting cable A for air conditioner For parallel, 8 pins (Molex Micro-Latch) side. Connecting cable B for air conditioner For serial, 6 pins (Molex Micro-Latch) side.
  • Page 8: Connection And Setup

    Owner’s Manual DYNA-KIT CONNECTION AND SETUP Air conditioner side cable connecting port RS-232C connector USB connector Groove to open the cover (x2) – 7 – 7-EN...
  • Page 9 Owner’s Manual DYNA-KIT Air conditioner side cable connector (For serial) Air conditioner side cable connector (For parallel) [SW1] Operation mode DIP switch 1 DIP switch 2 General mode Reserved (Test mode 1) 1 2 3 4 Reserved Reserved [SW1] Communication method with air conditioner unit DIP switch 3 Serial communication Parallel communication...
  • Page 10: Usb Driver Installation

    Owner’s Manual DYNA-KIT USB DRIVER INSTALLATION Install the dedicated USB driver when DYNA-KIT is connected to the using PC for the first time. 1. Download a USB driver corresponding to the operating system of using PC from the website of FTDI (Future Technology Devices International Ltd.).
  • Page 11 Owner’s Manual DYNA-KIT Connect the USB cable to PC to use USB connection. Connect the USB cable to PC or commercially-supplied USB - AC adapter to use RS-232C connection. Supply DC5V power to DYNA-KIT. Start up a air conditioner diagnosis software (separately provided for the object air conditioner unit).
  • Page 12 DE91650001...