Troubleshooting Tips; Before You Call For Service - RCA 165D3527P035 Owner's Manual

Rca dishwashers owner's manual
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Before you call for service...

Troubleshooting Tips

Review the charts on the following pages first and you may not
need to call for service.
Dishwasher won't run
Possible Causes
Fuse is blown, or the
circuit breaker tripped
Some of the sounds
you'll hear are normal
Utensils are not secure
in the rack or something
small has dropped into
the rack
Motor hums
What To Do
Replace fuse or reset
circuit breaker. Remove
any other appliances from
the circuit.
Soft food disposal
shredding action.
Drain valve opening to
pump water out.
Timer control as cycle
Detergent cup opening.
The motor stopping during
the drying period.
Make sure everything is
secured in dishwasher.
Dishwasher has not been
used on a regular basis. If
you do not use your
dishwasher often, set it to
fill and pump out once
every week. This will help
keep the seal moist and
the garbage disposer clear.


Table of Contents

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