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Splitting; Joining - Sharp Smart Board Quick Reference Manual


Table of Contents
 Splitting
a. Draw a vertical line between the letters in the word to separate
into 2 words
 Joining
a. Words can be joined by drawing a 'u' shaped line from one letter
to another.
o Tap 'Num' to display numbers and math symbols.
o Tap 'Sym' to display a variety of symbols.
o Tap 'Web' to display a variety of web addresses.
o Tap Tools button to view different options
 Write free hand – just write on window.
 Write character by character – shows the slot for each individual
 Personalize handwriting recognition – customize handwriting recognition
 Report handwriting recognition errors
 Docking - ***same as above.
 Help topics – see trouble shooting section.
 Options – customization.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents