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Welcome to your LG U370 handset
Your guide is designed to do two things. First, there's an explanation on
how to use your new LG U370, so finding your way around the handset
will soon become second nature. Then there's an introduction to the wide
range of services offered. This will make sure you get the best from them.
If all you want to do is power up and get going, that's fine!
User Guide


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  • Page 1

    User Guide Your guide is designed to do two things. First, there’s an explanation on how to use your new LG U370, so finding your way around the handset will soon become second nature. Then there’s an introduction to the wide range of services offered.

  • Page 2

    Part 15.21 statement " Change or Modifications that are not expressly approved by the manufacturer could void the user's authority to operate the equipment. " Part 15.105 statement This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.

  • Page 3

    (6) The customer shall bear the cost of shipping the product to the Customer Service Department of LG. LG shall bear the cost of shipping the product back to the consumer after the completion of service under this limited warranty.

  • Page 4

    For Your Safety Important Information Turn off your phone in a medical facility or at a gas station. Never place your phone in a microwave oven as this will This user guide contains important information on the use and cause the battery to explode. operation of this phone.

  • Page 5

    Only use the batteries, antennas, and chargers provided by bathroom. LG. The warranty will not be applied to products provided by other suppliers. Never store your phone in temperatures less than- 4°F or greater than 122°F.

  • Page 6

    For Your Safety FCC RF Exposure Information Body-worn Operation WARNING! Read this information before operating the phone. This device was tested for typical body-worn operations with the back of the phone kept 0.79 inches (2cm) between the In August 1996, the Federal Communications (FCC) of he United user’s body and the back of the phone.

  • Page 7

    For Your Safety Vehicle Mounted External Antenna Battery Disposal (optional, if available) Please dispose of your battery properly or bring to your A minimum separation distance of 8 inches (20cm) must be local wireless carrier for recycling. maintained between the user/bystander and the vehicle Do not dispose in fire or with hazardous or flammable mounted external antenna to satisfy FCC RF exposure materials.

  • Page 8

    Getting Started Using the Battery, Charger and USIM Card Installing the Battery To install the battery, insert the bottom of the battery (1) into the opening on the back of the phone, making sure that the references on the videophone (2) coincide. Push the battery (3) until the battery latch on the back of the videophone (3) clicks.

  • Page 9

    Getting Started The battery is fully discharged, it will take approximately (under 30 minutes) to charge the battery to minimum operating level. When the red light is on, the handset can not be powered on. The red light will be off when the battery is charged to minimum operating level. Warning You can make video call with charger connected.

  • Page 10

    Warning Do not force the connector as this may damage the phone and/or the charger. Disconnecting the Charger When charging is finished, disconnect the charger from the power outlet and from the phone by pressing on the grey tabs on both sides of the connector while pulling the connector out.

  • Page 11

    Getting Started Battery Information and Care 1. Never use a non LG approved battery as this could damage the phone and / or battery and could cause the battery to explode. 2. The battery does not need to be fully discharged before recharging.

  • Page 12

    11. The use of extended backlighting, Browser, and data connectivity kits affect battery life and talk/standby time. Installing the USIM card Your USIM card contains your phone number, service details and contacts and must be inserted into your handset. If your USIM card is removed then your handset becomes unusable until a valid one is inserted.

  • Page 13

    Getting Started Notice Before installing always make sure that the phone is switched off and remove the battery. The metal contact of the USIM card can be easily damaged by scratches. Pay special attention to the USIM card while handling and installing.

  • Page 14

    Getting to know your LG U370 Caution Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type. Dispose of used batteries according to the instructions.

  • Page 15

    Note the LG U250 videophone has a download transmission speed of up to 1.8 Mbps. Ask your network operator for more information about the areas that are already covered by the HSDPA broadband data transmission service.

  • Page 16

    Getting to know your LG U370 The icon indicator bar The icon indicator bar shows what operations are currently taking place, it also the displays the status of the battery and signal strength. This appears through all activities. The table beiow gives a brief explanation of the icons and their function.

  • Page 17

    Display Information The table below describes various display indicators or icons that appear on the phone’s display screen. On-Screen Icons Icon Description Battery level - indicates the amount of power in your battery. The greater the amount of solid colour the greater the power. Call diverting - indicates call divert option has been selected.

  • Page 18

    Getting to know your LG U370 Icon Description Indicates the Bluetooth connection is activated. Alarm - indicates an Alarm. Normal - indicates the General profile is activated Silent - indicates the silent menu in Profile. Vibrate only - indicates whether the vibrate function is on or off.

  • Page 19

    Your handset’s keys and navigation Once you have scrolled to your desired choice use the OK key to select it. This function can be used in the majority of screens. (4) The Multitasking key (5) The Clear key This key has three functions. It will (1) The soft keys take you back to your previous The left and right soft keys activate...

  • Page 20

    General Functions Turning your handset on Ensure that your USIM card is in your handset and the battery is charged. Press the key. Enter the USIM PIN code that was supplied with your USIM card if PIN code setting is on. After a few seconds you will be registered on the network.

  • Page 21

    General Functions phone will request the PIN code every time it is switched on. When the PIN Code Request is set to Disable, your phone connects to the network directly without the PIN code. PIN2 code (4 to 8 digits) The PIN2 code, supplied with some USIM cards, is required to access functions such as Fixed Dial Number.

  • Page 22

    Barring Password The barring password is required when you use the call barring function. The password is obtained from the 3 Customer Services when you subscribe to this function. Making and Answering calls Ensure you tell the other party before recording a voice call. Making and Answering a video call You can make/answer a video call to a 3G video phone the other party must have a 3G video phone and be in a video service area.

  • Page 23

    General Functions Note The video call may take some time to connect. Please be patient. The connection time will also depend on how quickly the other party answers the call. While the video call is connecting, you will see your own images;...

  • Page 24

    Making a voice/video call from Contacts It is easy to call anyone whose number you have stored in your Contacts. Press the down navigation key to access contact list. Scroll to your chosen contact and press the key. To make a voice call press the key.

  • Page 25

    General Functions Warning Due to higher volume levels, don't place the phone near your ear while the Speaker is enabled. Signal Strength If you are inside a building, being near a window may give you better reception. You can see the strength of your signal by the signal indicator on the main screen ( Entering Text You can enter alphanumeric characters using the keypad.

  • Page 26

    Using the T9 Mode The T9 predictive text input mode allows you to enter words easily with a minimum number of key presses. As you press each key, the handset begins to display the characters that it thinks you are typing based on a built-in dictionary.

  • Page 27

    General Functions 3. Complete each word with a space by pressing the key. To delete letters, press the key. Press and hold down the key to erase entire words. Using the ABC Mode Use the keys to enter your text. 1.

  • Page 28

    Using the Symbol Mode The symbol mode enables you to enter various symbols or special characters. To enter a symbol, press the key. Use the navigation and numeric keys to select the desired symbol and press the key.

  • Page 29

    General Functions Character chart General text entry rules for use with the abc mode. Use the keypad to enter letters, numbers, symbols, and other characters with the abc mode. Press the same key repeatedly to cycle through available characters. If you do not press a key for 2 seconds, the character in the block cursor is accepted, and the cursor moves to the next position.

  • Page 30

    Your handset offers a set of functions that allow you to use and customise the handset. These functions are arranged in menus and sub-menus, accessed via the two soft keys marked left soft key and right soft key Each menu and sub-menu allows you to view and alter the settings of a particular function.

  • Page 31

    Menu tree 1. Games & Apps 3. Profiles 5. Messages (see page 34) (see page 44) (see page 52) 1.1 My games & apps 2.1 Normal 5.1 Create new message 1.2 Settings 2.2 Silent 5.2 Inbox 2.3 Vibrate only 5.3 Mailbox 2.4 Outdoor 5.4 Drafts 2.

  • Page 32

    7. Tools 9. Browser 0. Organiser (see page 80) (see page 89) (see page 100) 7.1 Quick menu 9.1 Home 0.1 Calendar 7.2 Alarms 9.2 Enter address 0.2 To do 7.3 Calculator 9.3 Bookmarks 0.3 Memo 7.4 Converter 9.4 Saved pages 0.4 Secret memo 7.5 World time 9.5 History...

  • Page 34

    Games & apps 1. Press the (Menu) key. 2. Press the key for Games & Apps.

  • Page 35

    Games & apps This Handset supports Java so that you can download games from Planet 3, and play them on your handset. Note Please note that downloading a game usually requires additional charge. My games & apps This menu is used to locate and run downloaded applications, e.g. games.

  • Page 36

    Calling 1. Press the (Menu) key. 2. Press the key for Calling.

  • Page 37

    Calling Call logs You can access the call register by pressing the key. Different icons show you the type of the recent calls registered in the list You can view missed, received, dialled and entire call records. Each call record menu provides the following functions. You can make a voice or video call to the number in the call record.

  • Page 38

    Dialled calls Allows you to view dialled call records, make a call, send a message and save the number. Received calls Allows you to view received call records, make a call, send a message and save the number in the Contacts. Missed calls Allows you to view missed call records, make a call, send a message and save the number in the Contacts.

  • Page 39

    Calling Make video call You can make a video call using this menu. 1. Enter the number you want to dial. -. You can key in the number. -. You can select the number from Search contacts using the left soft key [Options] 2.

  • Page 40

    Voice calls All voice calls: Diverts all incoming voice calls unconditionally. when busy: Diverts incoming voice calls when the line is busy. No answer: Diverts incoming voice calls when there is no answer. Not reachable: Diverts incoming voice calls when the handset is turned off or the handset is out of the network service coverage Video calls You can divert video calls to other 3 handsets that support video...

  • Page 41

    Calling Call barring Call barring allows you to restrict from making and receiving calls with your handset. For this function, you need the barring password, which you can obtain from 3 Customer Service. Voice calls The following options are available: All outgoing: Calls cannot be made.

  • Page 42

    Deactivate all All call barring settings are deactivated; calls can be made and received normally. Fixed dial numbers You can fix dialling to specified phone numbers only. This information is saved on the USIM card. You must enter your PIN2 code for authentication.

  • Page 43

    Calling Reject list: To select the category of call reject numbers. • All calls: If this category is selected, all calls will be rejected. • Contacts: If this category is selected, all numbers in contacts list will be rejected. • Groups: If this category is selected, all numbers belonging to the selected groups will be rejected.

  • Page 44

    Answer mode Allows you to determine when to answer the handset. Press send key: You can answer an incoming call by only pressing the key. Press any key: You can answer an incoming call by pressing any key, except the key, and soft keys.

  • Page 45

    Calling Save new number This menu allows you to save number after finishing ongoing/incoming calls to/from the unregistered number. Video call Setting You can set the screen display when making /receiving a video call. Use private image: Determine whether to show the private image or not.

  • Page 46

    Profiles 1. Press the (Menu) key. 2. Press the key for Profiles.

  • Page 47

    Profiles The profiles menu allows you to personalise and set call tones, message tones, and videophone event tones. The General and Loud profiles are preset by the manufacturer, but may be personalised. The Silent and Vibration profiles are preset and CANNOT be personalised by the User.

  • Page 48

    Voice ringtone: You can select a file from among your own personal files or from the default files, to be played by the videophone when receiving a voice call. Video ringtone: You can select a file from among your own personal files or from the default files, to be played by the videophone when receiving a video call.

  • Page 49

    Profiles Start-up file: You can select which file will be played when the videophone is switched on. Shut down sound: You can set the effect to be played when the videophone is switched off. Shut down file: You can select which file will be played when the videophone is switched off.

  • Page 50

    Multimedia 1. Press the (Menu) key. 2. Press the key for Multimedia.

  • Page 51

    Multimedia Camera This application enables you to take a still picture. You can take a picture in your desired size, and use it for the contacts photo, home screen and other more general purposes. Once taken, a still image can be sent by Multimedia msg or Email or Bluetooth. Press the left soft key [Options] to display the following popup menu items.

  • Page 52

    Memory: Sets the memory. Mirror: Sets the mirror mode. Swap Cam: Switches between the External and Internal camera. Preview screen: allows you to preview the image in Full Screen mode, irrespective of which image dimensions were selected. Notice When you take a picture in 1280x960, 640x480, 320x240, Wallpaper, 176x144, and Contact size, you can see the added area on both sides of the screen compare with the preview image.

  • Page 53

    Multimedia Night mode: Switches to Night mode. Effect: Selects the special effect to be applied to the video. Duration: Sets the recording duration in video mode. Memory: Selects where the recorded video will be saved - to the handset or the memory card. Mirror: Sets the mirror mode.

  • Page 54

    Albums: You can view and play music sorted by Albums. Genres: You can view and play music sorted by Genres. Shuffle tracks: If you want to play the music continuously and randomly, select this option. Video playlists All videos: You can view all the video files stored in the phone/external memory.

  • Page 56

    Messages 1. Press the (Menu) key. 2. Press the key for Messages.

  • Page 57

    Messages Create new message Message Press the Message shortcut key to display Messages menu, select Create new message and then select Text message. You can write and edit a message containing a combination of text, image, video and audio. 1. Enter your message in the Message field. 2.

  • Page 58

    Message edit 1. Select Email from the Create new Message menu. 2. You can input up to 20 addresses in the To, Cc fields and up to 10 addresses in the Bcc field. 3. Input the title of the mail to be sent in the Subject field. 4.

  • Page 59

    Messages Forward: Forwards a selected message. Make voice call: You can make a voice call. Make video call: You can make a video call. Create new message: Creates a new message. Mark/Unmark: Marks or unmarks the selected message. Filter: Views the filtered messages. Delete: Deletes a selected message.

  • Page 60

    [Options]. According to email mailbox type(POP3 or IMAP4), supported [Options] is different. Reply to: Creates a reply to the sender or all recipients of the selected message. Forward: Forwards the selected email message to others. Copy to: Copy the selected message to other folder.(Only IMAP4) Retrieve: Retrieves new email messages.(Only POP3) Message synchronisation: Email message synchronizes with...

  • Page 61

    Messages Sort by: Sort the email message by selected type. Message information: Brief information on the message including size, type, date and filenames. 4. Select your desired message from the retrieved mail headers to retrieve the mail contents from the server. In email viewer, you can use the following functions by using the left soft key [Options].

  • Page 62

    - Web address: View up to 10 URLs contained in the text of the message. You can connect to the URL or save it as a bookmark. View attachment: Shows the attached file. View recipients: Shows the email addresses of the recipients and reference(Cc).

  • Page 63

    Messages Filter: Views the filtered messages. Message information : You can check the message type, date, time, size and where it's saved. Outbox - messages waiting to be sent Outbox is a temporary storage place for messages waiting to be sent. When you press the Send, the message moves to the Outbox and from there the message is sent.

  • Page 64

    3. You can use the following functions by using the left soft key [Options]. Reply to: Creates reply to the selected message. Forward: You can forward a selected message. Edit: You can edit a selected message. Create new message: You can write a new message. Mark/Unmark: You can mark or unmark the selected message.

  • Page 65

    Messages Emoticons You can add, edit, and delete frequently used emoticons. You can save emoticons that are frequently used in the input window in advance. Settings Text message Text message centre The number of the Text message gateway is pre-loaded in your 3 handset and you should not change this.

  • Page 66

    Message types: Text, Voice, Fax, X.400, Email Usually, the type of message is set to Text. You can convert your text into alternative formats. Contact your service provider for the availability of this function. Character encoding Auto/ Default alphabet/ Unicode. Auto(default): Message with single byte character is normally encoded in Default alphabet(GSM7).

  • Page 67

    Messages Multimedia message Select Multimedia message from the Settings menu to configure Multimedia message related options. Retrieval mode You can set the retrieval mode using Home network and Roaming network respectively. If you select Automatic, you will receive multimedia messages automatically. If you select Manual, you will only receive a notification message in the inbox and then you can decide whether to download multimedia messages or not.

  • Page 68

    Read reply This menu allows you to determine whether to request a read confirmation mail to a recipient, and whether to allow sending read confirmation mail to a sender. - Request reply: Determines whether to request a read confirmation mail for a Multimedia message. - Allow reply: Determines whether to allow sending a read confirmation mail for a read confirmation mail request.

  • Page 69

    Messages Delivery time Configures the delivery time of message to the recipient. The Multimedia message centre will deliver the message after the delivery time. Multi. msg centre The details for the Multimedia gateway are pre-loaded onto your handset and should not be changed. If you change or delete these by mistake contact 3 customer services for support.

  • Page 70

    3. Enter details Username (your phone number with Country code without + eg 447782227302), Password, Email address, Reply email address, etc. 4. You can authenticate by pressing the key [Save]. Once you have set up details of your other accounts, you can collect mail from those accounts by retrieving from Mailbox.

  • Page 71

    Messages Retrieve interval You can configure Retrieve interval to retrieve Emails automatically from the incoming mail server. When a new Email arrives, an icon appears at the top of the screen. You can select the auto receiving time slot to Off, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1hour, 2 hours, 4 hours or 8 hours.

  • Page 72

    Signature You can configure a text signature to be attached to the end of an Email. The configured signature text is automatically or manually attached to the end of the Email when composing. Priority You can select the priority level of E-mails (Low, Normal and High). Videomail This menu allows you to get the video mail if this feature is supported by the network service provider.

  • Page 73

    Messages Info. service Info service messages are text messages sent by the network to GSM phone users. They provide general information such as weather reports, traffic news, taxis, pharmacies, and stock prices. Each type of information is associated with a number, which can be obtained from the service provider.

  • Page 74

    My stuff 1. Press the (Menu) key. 2. Press the key for My stuff.

  • Page 75

    My stuff My images This application enables you to view still images. The image files saved in the handset are represented by thumbnails. Select the desired image to view the enlarged image. Press the left soft key [Options] to display the following popup menu items (in 1. Image list). Send: Enables the selected image to be attached to a message and the message sent.

  • Page 76

    Slide show: You can start the slide show. Sort by: Sorts images. List/Grid view: You can set the view style. Memory status: Shows the current memory usage. Press the left soft key [Options] to display the following popup menu items (in 2. Picture Viewer). Send: Enables the selected image to be attached to a message and the message sent.

  • Page 77

    My stuff Slide show: You can start the slide show. My sounds (Music) This application plays MP3, MIDI and AAC files so that you can listen to them. Select your desired audio file in the list mode showing audio files.The following options are provided by the My sounds in the Audio Player.

  • Page 78

    ringtune, Video ringtune, Message tone, Start-up and Shut down). Press the left soft key [Options] to display the following popup menu items(in 2. Audio list). Send: Enables the selected image to be attached to a message and the message sent. Use as: You can set an audio file as the sound theme (Voice Ringtone,Video Ringtone, Message tone, Start-up and Shut down).

  • Page 79

    My stuff My videos This application plays recorded video (.3gp or MPEG4 files). Select a desired video. The following options are provided by the Video Player. Press the left soft key [Options] to display the following popup menu items (in 1. video player status). Landscape view: Enables the selected video to be shown as wide size.

  • Page 80

    Press the left soft key [Options] to display the following popup menu items (in 2. video list). Send: You can attach the selected video file to a message and send the message if not content protected. Use as: Enables the file to set as Voice Ringtone and video Ringtone.

  • Page 81

    My stuff My games & apps For further details. see the page 34. Others Any type of file can be stored here. This folder is mainly used for transporting files from one PC to another. My memory card If you purchase an optional external microSD memory card, you can manage more content.

  • Page 82

    Tools 1. Press the (Menu) key. 2. Press the key for Tools.

  • Page 83

    Tools Quick menu Quick menu allows you to add your own favourites to the list already provided. Add new: In the [Empty] list, press the left soft key[Options]. Select the item from the menu and save the desired menu item. Delete all: In the added menu items, press the left soft key [Options].

  • Page 84

    Select repeat mode: Select desired repeat mode using the navigation key. Select bell: Select the left soft key[Edit] key to display the My Sound window, and select the bell to use for the alarm. Input memo: Input alarm name.When you have completed configuration, press the key to save the changed alarm configuration.

  • Page 85

    Tools Converter This function converts any measurement into a unit you want. There are 7 types of units that can be converted: Currency, Surface, Length, Weight, Temperature, Volume, and Velocity. Note You can input a decimal number by pressing the key.

  • Page 86

    Contacts 1. Press the (Menu) key. 2. Press the key for Contacts.

  • Page 87

    Contacts This menu allows you to save and manage contact address information. The Contacts functions provide functions to add a new address or search saved contact addresses by name, phone number and group information. Add new This menu allows you to add a new contact address. You can input contact address information including name, phone numbers, email addresses, group information items, memo, homepage address, ringtune, and image (photograph), etc.

  • Page 88

    Speed dials This menu allows you to configure speed dial numbers. You can select a number as a speed dial from 3 to 9. You can configure speed dial numbers for any of the 7 numbers for a specific contact address so that a contact address may have multiple speed dial numbers.

  • Page 89

    Contacts My business card You can create your own business card by pressing the left soft key Add. After entering the name, number, e-mail and image, you can use it as a business card when sending the message. Settings Allows you to set the display way as for the following items. Contact list settings View contacts from: Select which contact information shall be displayed (from handset memory, from USIM card or both).

  • Page 90

    Move You can move contacts from the phone memory to the USIM or from the USIM to the phone memory. You can move all items or one at a time. Backup contacts You can save all phonebook data in external memory card by formatting vcard.

  • Page 92

    Browser 1. Press the (Menu) key. 2. Press the key for Browser...

  • Page 93

    Browser 3 brings you a whole world of communications, information and entertainment services. You can ask for directions within major cities, get the latest news, keep up to date with sports action and much, much more. The browser is available in the 3G coverage area. Home If you want to reload current page, press the left soft key [Options] and select 2.Reload...

  • Page 94

    Bookmarks This function allows you to store and edit frequently accessed sites. The following options are available. Press the left soft key [Options]. Send Selected bookmark URL can be sent via text message, multimedia message or Email. Add new Adds a new site to the bookmarks list. Edit You can edit and save the name and address of the selected bookmark.

  • Page 95

    Browser Saved pages Saves the page on display as an off-line file. A maximum of 20 pages can be saved. History You can view the list of the pages you've already connected. Settings You can change the settings for browser connectivity, display, security, and certificates.

  • Page 96

    Scrolling control Allows you to set the scroll speed by selecting the number of lines to scroll. Select from 1 line, 2 lines and 3 lines. Show image Allows you to enable or disable image display during browsing. Java script Note Enabling this function will delay displaying of images will until the completion of transmission.

  • Page 97

    Browser Security Certificate list If stored, a list of root/ca certificates required for WTLS/TLS can be viewed from the list. Session clear Secure(WTLS/TLS) session data can be cleared using this option. Session data should be cleared to establish a new secure session. Reset settings Select this to reset your phone to its default browser configuration.

  • Page 98

    Connectivity 1. Press the (Menu) key. 2. Press the key for Connectivity.

  • Page 99

    Connectivity Bluetooth Note Battery standby and talk times will be reduced when Bluetooth is turned on. Turn off Bluetooth when not in use to conserve battery power. Turn On/Off Activate or deactivate Bluetooth device. Search new device Operate the same action as "Adding a new device" Paired devices This function allows you to view the list of all devices that are paired with your phone at once.

  • Page 100

    Select the desired device by pressing Add key, and input the password. ARename: Select "Rename" by pressing Select key to rename the paired device. AConnecting/Disconnecting the device 1. Select "Connect" to establish the connection to the selected device. 2. If you want to close the connection to the selected device, select "Disconnect".

  • Page 101

    Connectivity AMy device name: Allow you to change the handset's name seen by other bluetooth devices. ASupported services: Show the list of the available bluetooth profiles. AMy address: Show bluetooth device address of the handset. Server sync. The Server sync function synchronises the data in a phone and the data on a server such as contact address information, schedule items, to do items and memo items via a wireless network.

  • Page 102

    Server synch. centre This menu allows you to configure the profile for a Sync Server. * Server synchronisation is network and service dependent. AAdding a new profile 1. In the Server synch. centre screen, press the left soft key [Options] key and select Add new to add a new profile. 2.

  • Page 103

    Connectivity USB connection USB connection of your phone can be used for several purposes. User must set USB connection mode for several usages. If user uses Mass storage function like USB memory stick, select Mass storage in this menu. If user uses other function such as dial-up, PC sync and etc.

  • Page 104

    Organiser 1. Press the (Menu) key. 2. Press the key for Organiser.

  • Page 105

    Organiser Calendar Monthly Schedule Management 1. Select the Organiser from the top menu. 2. Select Calendar and press the key. 3. The monthly schedule view is displayed. 4. Initially, the cursor appears on today’s date according to your handset settings. 5.

  • Page 106

    6. Input the location. 7. Select the alarm type using the left and right navigation keys. 8. Select the repeat type using the left and right navigation keys. 9. When 'User setting' is selected, Select interval type using left and right navigation keys.

  • Page 107

    Organiser Set holiday 1. Select the left soft key [Options] in the Monthly schedule management screen, select Set holiday and then press the key to set the selected date as the holiday. 2. The date corresponding to the configured holiday is represented in red in the Monthly schedule management screen.

  • Page 108

    2. Input the desired date to move to and press the key. 3. The date cursor of the Monthly schedule management screen will then move to the specified date. To do To do Enquiry 1. Select the Organiser from the top menu. 2.

  • Page 109

    Organiser Finished/Not finished 1. If you wish to mark an item in the saved To do list as done, select the item from the To do list. 2. Select the Finished using the left soft key [Options] to draw a line over the schedule item to mark it as done.

  • Page 110

    Memo Add 1. To add a new memo, select Add new using the left soft key [Options] in the General memo screen. 2. Input the contents of the memo to be saved. 3. Press the key to save the memo. Memo Lock/Unlock 1.

  • Page 111

    Organiser Secret memo 1. Select the Organiser from the top menu. 2. Select the Secret memo item and press the key. 3. To view or delete the memo set up as a secret memo, you have to input the security code configured in the phone. Date finder The date finder shows the number of remaining days while changing the day.

  • Page 112

    Restore calendar & to do You can restore the backup files of calendar or tasks when you insert an external memory. Memory info. Allows you to view each memory status of the organiser menu. Clear all Allows you to delete all the saved items, you need to input the security code.

  • Page 114

    Settings 1. Press the (Menu) key. 2. Press the key for Settings.

  • Page 115

    Settings Screen This menu allows you to personalise the display options of the screens and of the menus’ entire graphic interface. Main screen theme This menu allows you to personalise the display options of the screens and of the menus entire graphic interface. Menu style You can select the desired menu style from Grid style and One by one style.

  • Page 116

    Date & time You can change the format of the time and date display as well as the actual time and date using the Date & time menu. Time 1. Select the Time item from the handset settings list and then press key.

  • Page 117

    Settings Note Please make sure that you set the exact date and time to ensure that all 3 services operate correctly. Auto update date/time When Auto Update is configured to On, the time and date are automatically updated according to the current time zone. If Confirm first is selected, time and date update are confirmed before the automatic update.

  • Page 118

    Network Select network Automatic: This function automatically searches for the network and registers the handset to the network. You can search for the suitable network and are automatically registered on it. Manual: This function enables you to search the network list and specify which network to attempt registration with.

  • Page 119

    Settings Access points Connection title: Profile Name Bearer: UMTS/GPRS Authentication: No auth/PAP/CHAP APN: APN information of the service provider To modify these settings please call 3 Customer Service. Flight mode This allows you to use only the phone’s features that do not require the use of the wireless network when you are in an airplane or in places where the wireless network is prevented.

  • Page 120

    Access points This menu shows the Access Point List. Select the key [Edit]. Access Point has the following items. a Connection title: Profile Name a Bearer: UMTS/CSD/GPRS a Authentication: No auth/PAP/CHAP a Username: User name a Password: Password a APN: APN information of the service provider Security You can set a PIN code.

  • Page 121

    Settings 2. Configure this item to On or Off. If it is On, a PIN code will be required whenever the handset is turned on. 3. Input the current PIN code and press the key. 4. Entering an incorrect PIN code 3 times in the PIN code input window invalidates the PIN code.

  • Page 122

    Change codes You can change PIN, PIN2 and the Security code. Note If you change the code and then forget it you will need to contact your place of purchase to unlock it or solve this problem. PIN/PIN2 code: This menu allows you to change the PIN or PIN2 code.

  • Page 123

    Settings Power save Decide whether to activate the power save mode or not. Language Select the display language. You can select Automatic language option to change display language to the USIM card supported language. Memory manager This menu is used to view the memory use of the phone and USIM card.

  • Page 124

    External memory This function shows the status of the External card user memory. This function displays the In-use and free memory usage statistics. Primary storage setting You can select the storage to download the file: Handset memory or External memory. Handset info.

  • Page 126

    And so on...

  • Page 127

    Accessories There are a variety of accessories available for your mobile phone. You can select these options according to your personal communication requirements. Consult your local dealer for availability. Charger This adapter allows you to charge the battery. It supports standard Europe/Australia/U.K.

  • Page 128

    Headset (Optional) Connects to your phone, allowing hands-free operation. Includes earpiece, microphone, and integrated call answer/termination button. SGEY0005516 SGEY0003210 SGEY0003209 Above items are not included. Battery Typical 950 mAh Phone usage temperature limit Normal (55°C), When charging (45°C)

  • Page 129

    Software Upgrade LG Mobile Phone Software Upgrade Program For more information on installing and using this program, please visit This feature allows you to upgrade your software to the latest version quickly and conveniently on the Internet without needing to visit our service center.

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