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Radio Shack 43-3911 User Manual

20-number memory speakerphone.
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20-Number Memory
Thank you for purchasing your 20-Number Memory
Speakerphone from RadioShack. It combines a
speakerphone and a Caller ID unit in one system. It
shows the caller's telephone number (and name, if
available in your area), and the date and time of each
call, as provided by your local telephone company to
Caller ID service subscribers.
what's included
20-Number Memory Speakerphone
Long Modular Cord
Short Modular Cord
Coiled Handset Cord
Mounting Bracket
3 Index Cards
User's Guide
VOL-/VOL+ – controls the
volume of the sound through
your handset and speakerphone.
SPEAKER – press
to switch between
the handset and
for convenient
hands-free use.
When a headset
is conneted, press
SPEAKER to make
or answer calls. To
end a call, press
SPEAKER again.
HOLD – press to
MUTE – press to keep
put a call on hold.
the other party from
To resume the call,
hearing you. To resume
press the switchhook
the conversation,
or lift the handset.
release MUTE.
Please read this user's guide before
installing, setting up and using your new product
preparing your phone
Your phone's display is protected by a plastic label
during shipping. Peel off the label before using your
installing batteries
Insert three AAA alkaline
batteries (not supplied).
appears or the
display becomes dim,
replace the batteries.
battery notes:
• When replacing batteries, be
sure to put in new batteries
within one minute of removing the old ones. If not, your
time and date will be lost.
• Use only fresh batteries of the required size and
recommended type.
• Do not mix batteries of different sizes or chemistries.
• Always remove old or weak batteries. Batteries can leak
chemicals that can damage electronic parts.
CALL BACK – dial
MEM – stores a
a phone number in
number in an indirect
the Caller ID record.
memory location (0-9).
M1-M10 – store 10
numbers and dial them
with the touch of a
OPT/P (Option/
Pause) – press to
select different dialing
options based on
the number you are
STORE – press to
store numbers in
memory locations. See
– press to
FLASH – press to
redial the last
answer another call if
number you
you have Call Waiting.
choosing your settings
After you install your batteries, system information
appears in the display, followed by E for English, F for
French and S for Spanish.
1. Repeatedly press REVIEW  or  to select the
desired display language and press DELETE to
store it. If you do not select a language within a few
seconds, the system defaults to English.
2. When LCD CONTRAST appears in the display, repeat
step 1 to select one of the six settings.
3. When 000 SET AREA CODE displays and the 0
flashes, repeatedly press REVIEW  or  until the
first digit of your area code appears. Press DELETE
to store it. Repeat for each digit of your area code.
NOTE: If you do not press a button, the system automatically
sets the area code to 000.
4. Press REVIEW  or  to set the hour, and press
DELETE to store it.
NOTE: If you do not press a key, the system automatically
sets the time to 12:00 PM 1/01.
mounting and connecting the phone
1. Press and pull out the stand from the base.
2. Connect the handset to your phone using the coiled
handset cord, and then fit the cable in the groove as
shown below.
3. Align the mounting bracket's round tabs with the holes
on the base, then slide the mounting bracket upward to
snap it into place.
4. Connect one end of the short modular cord into LINE,
and the other end to the wall plate jack.
5. Fit the keyhole slots over the wall plate studs. Slide the
Use the stand to place
your phone on a desk.
Set ringer's volume to
HI or LOW as desired.
Set to OFF for no sound.
See "setting the dialing
Set to R1 for a high number of rings
or R2 for a lower number of rings.
5. Repeat Step 4 to store the minute, month and date.
To reset the language, contrast, area code and
time/date settings:
1. Hold down DELETE and press . LCD CONTRAST
2. Repeat Step 1 above to reset each setting.
 / 
Scroll up or down
to set the desired
language, LCD
contrast, area code,
and time/date.
Also lets you scroll
through all numbers
in your Caller ID
Index Card
Flip open the clear cover
and use the supplied index
card inside to record the
stored numbers.
phone downward to secure it.
6. Use a coin to turn the handset hook 180°.
Handset Hook
• Your telephone connects directly to a modular phone
line jack. If your phone line jack is not a modular jack,
you can update the wiring yourself using adapters and
jacks from your local RadioShack store. Or, call your
telephone company to update the wiring for you.
• The USOC number of the jack to be installed is RJ11C.
Mounting Bracket
For hands-free
conversation when
the phone is placed
on the desk, connect
an optional headset
with a
(2.5mm) plug into
the HEADSET jack.
Coiled Handset Cord

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    43-3911 20-Number Memory Your phone’s display is protected by a plastic label during shipping. Peel off the label before using your Speakerphone phone. installing batteries Thank you for purchasing your 20-Number Memory Speakerphone from RadioShack. It combines a Insert three AAA alkaline speakerphone and a Caller ID unit in one system.

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    11 digits. • The phone returns to the time/date display after about 20 seconds, if you do not press a key. ©2006. RadioShack Corporation. All rights reserved. RadioShack and 43-3911 are trademarks 10A06 used by RadioShack Corporation. Printed in China...

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