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Electric grill
Instruction manual


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    Electric grill PKU375CA1. Instruction manual...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents


  • Page 4: Important Safety Information

    Important safety information Warning – Risk of electric shock! (Important safety Incorrect repairs are dangerous. Repairs ■ information may only be carried out by one of our trained after-sales engineers. If the This appliance must be installed according to appliance is faulty, unplug the mains plug or i n f o r m a t i o n I m p o r t a n t s a f e t y switch off the fuse in the fuse box.

  • Page 5: Causes Of Damage

    Causes of damage ]Causes of damage 7Environmental protection In this section, you can find information about saving Caution! C a u s e s o f d a m a g e t e c t i o n E n v i r o n m e n t a l p r o only use energy and disposing of the appliance.

  • Page 6: Getting To Know Your Appliance

    Getting to know your appliance *Getting to know your KBefore using for the first appliance time In this section, we will explain the components and In this section, you can find out what you must do y o u r a p p l i a n c e G e t t i n g t o k n o w t h e f i r s t t i m e B e f o r e u s i n g f o r...

  • Page 7: Operating The Appliance

    Operating the appliance The grill regulates the temperature by switching Note: 1Operating the appliance the grill element on and off.The grill element may also switch on and off at the highest setting. In this section, you can find out how to set your p l i a n c e O p e r a t i n g t h e a p appliance.

  • Page 8: After Grilling

    Operating the appliance After grilling Grilling table Only close the glass ceramic cover after the grill has The values in the tables are given as a guide and are cooled down completely. Leave damp lava stones to based on a pre-heated grill. The values may vary dry completely before you close the glass ceramic depending on the type and amount of food to be grilled.

  • Page 9: Tips And Tricks

    Operating the appliance Tips and tricks Always pre-heat the grill. That way, the intense heat ■ radiation causes a crust to form quickly and prevents meat juice from escaping. Before grilling, you can coat or marinate the food in ■ heat-resistant oil (e.g.

  • Page 10: Cleaning

    Cleaning DCleaning Appliance part/sur- Recommended cleaning face Wire rack Remove large clumps of residue using a With good care and cleaning, your appliance will retain scrubbing brush. Soak the wire rack in the C l e a n i n g its appearance and remain fully functioning for a long sink.

  • Page 11: Customer Service

    Customer service 4Customer service Our after-sales service is there for you if your appliance C u s t o m e r s e r v i c e needs to be repaired. We will always find an appropriate solution, also in order to avoid after-sales personnel having to make unnecessary visits.

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