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Use Bluetooth Devices; Connect A Device; Play Audio From Bluetooth-Enabled Device - Philips AJT4400B/37 User Manual

Bluetooth speaker clock radio
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5 Use Bluetooth
With this clock radio, you can listen to audio
from Bluetooth-enabled devices and control the
incoming call through Bluetooth.

Connect a device

Make sure that your Bluetooth device is compatible
with this product.
Before pairing a device with this product, read its user
manual for Bluetooth compatibility.
This product can memorize a maximum of 4 paired
Make sure that Bluetooth function is enabled on your
device, and your device is set as visible to all other
Bluetooth devices.
The operational range between this product and a
Bluetooth device is approximately 10 meters (30 feet).
Any obstacle between this product and a Bluetooth
device can reduce the operational range.
Keep away from any other electronic device that may
cause interference.
Press to enter Bluetooth mode.
» Bluetooth icon flashes quickly on the
On your Bluetooth device, enable
Bluetooth and search for Bluetooth devices
(refer to the user manual of the device).
When [Philips AJT4400B] is displayed
on your device, select it to start pairing
and connection. If necessary, enter default
password "0000".
» After successful pairing and connection,
icon stops flashing, and the clock
radio beeps twice.
If your Bluetooth device has been paired with
AJT4400B before, you just need to find out
[AJT4400B] on your Bluetooth menu, then start the
To disconnect the Bluetooth-enabled device:
Press and hold for 3 seconds;
Disable Bluetooth on your device; or
Move the device beyond the
communication range.
To connect another Bluetooth-enabled device:
Disable Bluetooth on the current device,
and then connect another device.
Enter Bluetooth pairing mode
Press and hold to enter Bluetooth pairing
mode if you fail to search for "Philips
AJT4400B" or cannot pair with the clock
» The clock radio beep once.
» The Bluetooth icon flashes quickly.
Play audio from Bluetooth-
enabled device
If there is an incoming call on the connected mobile
phone, music play pauses.
After successful Bluetooth connection, play
audio on the Bluetooth device.
» Audio comes out from the clock radio.
• You can press
resume play.
to start, pause or



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