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Philips Hue Bridge 2.0 User Manual

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Hue Bridge 2.0
User Manual 



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  Summary of Contents for Philips Hue Bridge 2.0

  • Page 1 Hue Bridge 2.0 3241312018 User Manual     ...
  • Page 2   e hue bridge e 2.0 is a sm mall square b box that is l ocated som mewhere in  the home.  It is  wered by an n external po ower adapt tor.  e of the fun ctions is to  bridge betw ween wired  Ethernet (o orWiFi) and d RF ZigBee  netw work. The E Ethernet int erface is a R RJ45 conne ctor to supp port 10/100 0‐TX Ethern et  netw works. The  RF antenna as for the Zig gBee and W WiFi are inte ernally.  ere are some e LEDs on th he box to p rovide user  feedback. T There is als o link‐butto...
  • Page 3 Brightness of LEDs: to be clearly visible on a viewing distance of 1 meter in daylight, final samples to be approved by Philips. All LEDs should have the same perceived brightness. LED ring should be lit in a uniform manner. No light leakage between the...
  • Page 4 BUTTONS LINK P Push button n surround ded by blue e lit ring. FACTO ORY RESE ET (Backsi de). Small p push button (same as t he current b bridge) ARCHITE CTURE Electric e below diag gram is the function blo ock of the b board.
  • Page 5  Philips: software image for ZigBee SoC For a final product Philips will build the software image for both SoCs. In order to do so the Linux distribution for the router SoC is to be provided to Philips for application development.
  • Page 6 quirements:  Maximu um of 50% RAM and FLASH me emory used d without h ue applicat tions (electric cal requirem ments are 64 4 MByte RA AM and 32 MByte flash  Start-up p time (boot ter and kern nel) till appl ication start t less than 2...
  • Page 7 4 OPERATIONS Programming in factory Philips will provide binaries and keys (“keys” refers to ZLL and SmartLink keys) to be programmed. These binaries and keys shall be handled in a secure way, using IT servers that have limited access and access registration. The same holds for the programming stations.
  • Page 8 Preferably, a single EU+UK version should cover both the normal EU as well as the UK style adaptor. Supplier should clarify the cost uplift on this EU+UK combined adapter approach over separate EU and UK adapters so Philips can use this to make a decision.
  • Page 9 Surface rigidity test Cosmetic test DC power jack plug in test For all the above testing, Liteon should provide the test detail conditions and Philips will review, add any necessary test and approve the QTP. 6 APPROBATION AND CERTIFICATION The country list of the approbation...
  • Page 10 Supplier to provide list of required approbations/certifications for this product, and recommendation for associated test labs/notify bodies; Philips will review and approve. Supplier to submit to Philips after certification: Test reports, copies of the certificates, name of Notified Body and test house used for certification.