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Connection To Waterworks - Whirlpool AGB 372/WP Instructions For Installation, Use And Maintenance Manual


ded to make the connection to the electrical power supply
must be provided by the installer.
The power cable shall be of the kind described in the pa-
ragraph "Technical data" and shall be resistant to oil.
The power terminal board can be reached by removing
the lower front panel (unloose the screws). The cable fa-
stener is on the lower right-hand side.
The cable must be fed in from beneath the clamp. The in-
dividual wires are then fastened to the corresponding ter-
minals of the terminal board. The earth wire must be longer
than the other wires, so that in the event of the cable being
jerked or the clamp broken, the live wires will disconnect
first. Lock the cord fastener.
The appliance must incorporate an equipotential system.
Connect the terminal on the lower right-hand side marked
with the international symbol a connector with a nominal
cross section <10 mm
. All the appliances installed and the
earth system of the building shall be connected like this.

Connection to waterworks

Water inlet pressure must be between 50 and 300 kPa,
otherwise install a pressure regulator on the line before the
Install a cut-off valve for each supply on the line before the
Water connections to 10 mm are fitted in the lower part on
the right-hand side of the appliance.
Make connections according to regulations currently in force.
Commissioning and testing
Once all the connections have been made, the appliance
and the overall installation must be checked following the
directions given in this manual.
Check in particular:
- that the protective film has been removed from the exter-
nal surfaces;
- that the lower front panel removed for the electrical con-
nection of the appliance has been fitted back into position;
Problem and possible cause
The content of the vat does not heat up:
- the safety thermostat has been activated;
- the heating elements have a failure;
- selector/switch failure.
033 - 03 - Electric kettles
- that connections have been made in accordance with
the requirements and directions indicated in this manual;
- that all safety requirements in current standards, statu-
tory regulations and directives have been met;
- that the water connections are leak-free;
- that the electrical connection has been performed accor-
ding to standards.
In addition, check that once the appliance has been instal-
led, the power cord is neither subject to stretch nor in con-
tact with nor surfaces.
Now proceed to light the appliance as directed in the in-
structions for use.
While the appliance is in use, voltage should not differ from
the nominal voltage more than +/- 10%.
The test report must be completed in full and submitted to
the customer who should then sign in acceptance. With ef-
fect from this moment, the appliance is covered by the ma-
nufacturer's warranty.
Maintenance of the appliance
Warning! :
All maintenance operations shall only
be performed by a technically qualified service centre!
To ensure correct and safe operation, the appliance must
be inspected and serviced at least once a year only.
Maintenance includes also controlling the components and
tear of pipes, feeding pipes, electrical components etc.
It is advisable to replace worn components during mainte-
nance operations to avoid the need for other maintenance
calls and unexpected failures.
It is also advisable to apply for a maintenance contract
with the customer.
Possible failures and their elimination
Warning! :
Only technically qualified service cen-
tres can perform the operations described below!
Warning! :
Before resetting the safety thermo-
stat, it is always necessary to eliminate the problem
causing its activation!
Access to components and operation
Safety thermostat
The safety thermostat can be reached once the lower
front panel has been removed.
Heating elements
The heating elements can be reached once the lower
front panel has been removed.
To reach the selector/switch, first remove the vat draina-
ge tap and then the upper front panel.