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Whirlpool WDT730PAH User Manual

Whirlpool WDT730PAH User Manual


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In an effort to conserve natural resources, this dishwasher includes a condensed User Guide. A complete User
Instructions can be downloaded at
For future reference, please make a note of your product model and serial numbers. You can find them on the label
located near the door on the right-hand or left-hand side of the dishwasher interior.
Model Number________________________________ Serial Number______________________________________
Register your dishwasher at In Canada, register your dishwasher at
Para una version de estas instrucciones en español, visite
We have provided many important safety messages in this manual and on your appliance. Always read and obey all safety messages.
This is the safety alert symbol.
This symbol alerts you to potential hazards that can kill or hurt you and others.
All safety messages will follow the safety alert symbol and either the word "DANGER" or "WARNING."
These words mean:
All safety messages will tell you what the potential hazard is, tell you how to reduce the chance of injury, and tell you what can happen if the
instructions are not followed.
When using the dishwasher, follow basic precautions, including the following:
Read all instructions before using the dishwasher.
Use the dishwasher only for its intended function.
Use only detergents or rinse agents recommended for use in a
dishwasher, and keep them out of the reach of children.
When loading items to be washed:
1) Locate sharp items so that they are not likely to damage the
door seal; and
2) Load sharp knives with the handles up to reduce the risk of
cut-type injuries.
Do not wash plastic items unless they are marked "dishwasher
safe" or the equivalent. For plastic items not so marked, check
the manufacturer's recommendations.
Do not touch the heating element during or immediately after use.
Do not operate the dishwasher unless all enclosure panels are
properly in place.
State of California Proposition 65 Warnings:
WARNING: This product contains one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer.
WARNING: This product contains one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
Your safety and the safety of others are very important.
You can be killed or seriously injured if you don't immediately follow instructions.
You can be killed or seriously injured if you don't follow instructions.


User Guide
Do not tamper with controls.
Do not abuse, sit on, or stand on the door, lid, or dish racks of
the dishwasher.
To reduce the risk of injury, do not allow children to play in or
on the dishwasher.
Under certain conditions, hydrogen gas may be produced in a
hot water system that has not been used for two weeks or
more. HYDROGEN GAS IS EXPLOSIVE. If the hot water system
has not been used for such a period, before using the
dishwasher turn on all hot water faucets and let the water flow
from each for several minutes. This will release any
accumulated hydrogen gas. As the gas is flammable, do not
smoke or use an open flame during this time.
Remove the door or lid to the washing compartment
when removing an old dishwasher from service or
discarding it.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Whirlpool WDT730PAH

  • Page 1: Important Safety Instructions

    Model Number________________________________ Serial Number______________________________________ Register your dishwasher at In Canada, register your dishwasher at Para una version de estas instrucciones en español, visite
  • Page 2: Grounding Instructions

    WARNING Tip Over Hazard Do not use dishwasher until completely installed. Do not push down on open door. Doing so can result in serious injury or cuts. GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS For a grounded, cord-connected dishwasher: Check with a qualified electrician or service representative if you are in doubt whether the dishwasher is properly The dishwasher must be grounded.
  • Page 3: Energy Efficiency

    Energy efficiency Press Start/Resume every time you add a dish Energy efficiency is gained by extending cycle time and reducing the amount of wattage and water used during IMPORTANT: If anyone opens the door, such as for your dishwasher’s cycle. For exceptional cleaning, cycles adding a dish (even during the Delay option), Start/ are longer due to the soak and pauses.
  • Page 4: Select Options

    Add rinse aid Select a cycle Efficient dishwashers run longer to save water and energy, just as Your dishwasher is designed to use rinse aid for good drying ■ driving a car slower saves on gas. Typical cycle time is approximately performance.
  • Page 5 OPTIONS CAN BE WHAT IT DOES ADDED TIME ADDED WATER SELECTED TO CYCLE GALLONS WITH (LITERS) Delay displays how many hours before the cycle Available Delays start of will begin. with any a cycle up to cycle 24 hours. To delay the start: 1.
  • Page 6: Dishwasher Care

    Follow package directions. conditions. Ice formations in the supply lines can increase NOTE: Whirlpool recommends the use of high-quality premeasured water pressure and cause damage to your dishwasher or home. detergent tablets or packs and the use of rinse aid for dishwasher Damage from freezing is not covered by the warranty.
  • Page 7 Check for food obstructions in the drain or disposer. Check your house fuse or circuit breaker. ACCESSORIES Whirlpool Corporation also offers a variety of accessories for your dishwasher. In the U.S.A., visit to order. In Canada, visit to order.
  • Page 8: If You Need Service

    Please take a few minutes to review the Troubleshooting section of the Use and Care Guide or visit 2. All warranty service is provided exclusively by our authorized Whirlpool Service Providers. In the U.S. and Canada, direct all requests for warranty...
  • Page 9: En Savoir Plus

    Afin de conserver les ressources naturelles, ce lave-vaisselle comprend un guide d’utilisation rapide. L’utilisateur trouvera un guide d’utilisation complet téléchargeable sur Pour référence ultérieure, consignez par écrit les numéros de modèle et de série de votre produit. Ceux-ci se trouvent sur l’étiquette collée près de la porte, sur la paroi interne droite ou gauche.
  • Page 10: Instructions De Mise À La Terre

    AVERTISSEMENT Risque de basculement Ne pas utiliser le lave-vaisselle jusqu’à ce qu’il soit complètement installé. Ne pas appuyer sur la porte ouverte. Le non-respect de ces instructions peut causer des blessures graves ou des coupures. INSTRUCTIONS DE MISE À LA TERRE AVERTISSEMENT : Pour un lave-vaisselle relié...
  • Page 11: Utilisation Du Lave-Vaisselle

    Appuyer sur Start/Resume (mise en marche/reprise) chaque fois que l’on ajoute un plat. IMPORTANT : Si l’on ouvre la porte par exemple pour ajouter un plat, Bien fermer la porte dans un délai de 4 secondes après avoir (même pendant le fonctionnement de l’option Delay [mise en marche appuyé...
  • Page 12: Sélectionner Un Programme

    Ajouter de l’agent de rinçage Sélectionner les options Votre lave-vaisselle est conçu pour utiliser un agent de rinçage afin On peut personnaliser les programmes en appuyant sur les options ■ d’obtenir un séchage satisfaisant. Sans agent de rinçage, la vaisselle désirées.
  • Page 13 Ce programme silencieux trempe la vaisselle lors d’un prélavage prolongé. Il ne nécessite pas 6:45 à 7:25 7,4 (28,0) un trempage manuel préalable, pour un gain de temps et d’efforts. Pour de meilleurs résultats de nettoyage, ajouter du détergent de prélavage au cours du programme Soak & Clean (trempage et nettoyage).
  • Page 14: Entretien Du Lave-Vaisselle

    Essayez d’abord les solutions suggérées ici. Pour obtenir de l’aide ou des conseils qui permettront peut-être d’éviter une intervention de dépannage, ou consultez le site internet Au Canada consultez le site internet Vous pouvez adresser vos commentaires ou questions par courrier à l’adresse ci-dessous : Aux É.-U.
  • Page 15 Vérifier l’absence d’obstructions par des aliments dans le système d’évacuation ou le broyeur. Vérifier le fusible ou le disjoncteur du domicile. ACCESSOIRES Whirlpool Corporation propose également toute une série d’accessoires pour le lave-vaisselle. Aux É.-U, consulter pour commander. Au Canada, consulter pour commander.
  • Page 16: Si Vous Avez Besoin De Service

    EXONÉRATION DE RESPONSABILITÉ DANS LES DOMAINES NON COUVERTS PAR LA GARANTIE Whirlpool décline toute responsabilité au titre de la qualité, de la durabilité ou en cas de dépannage ou de réparation nécessaire sur ce gros appareil ménager autre que les responsabilités énoncées dans la présente garantie. Si vous souhaitez une garantie plus étendue ou plus complète que la garantie limitée fournie avec ce gros appareil ménager, adressez-vous à...

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