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Checkpoints After Finishing A Service - Samsung DMS400TR series Service Manual

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3-3. Checkpoints after Finishing a Service

1 Check the safety device
Check the operation of the door lock switch. Make sure that it is locked while the dishwasher is running and that it is
unlocked when the dishwasher stops.
2. Use authenticated parts only
If any part is not authenticated, replace it with an authenticated part.
3. Handling wires
Check if any wires are loose or too tight, if they are connected correctly, if they are well bound with tape, and if they
are properly clamped.
4. The state of screws and nuts
Check if the screws and nuts are fastened correctly.
5. Remove foreign material
Check whether any foreign material such as soil, wire scraps and screws are in the dishwasher. (Check whether any
foreign material is entering through the sump into the disposer.)
6. Check for water leakage
Check whether there is water leakage from the hose connector, door, case sump (drain motor, circulation motor,
heater, thermistor, turbidity sensor, distributor motor), and the water supply/drain hoses.
7. Check the power cable
Check if there is any damage to the power cable or power outlet. Check that the power capacity is appropriate.
8. Check leveling
Check whether the dishwasher is level.
9. Check the installation location
3. Disassembly and Reassembly

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