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LG BlueBAND R BHS-200 User Manual

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User Guide
Project No. : C51-A05133-XX
(Draft Version 1 – 20-Apr-2006)



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  Summary of Contents for LG BlueBAND R BHS-200

  • Page 1 (Cover) LG BlueBAND R BHS-200 User Guide Project No. : C51-A05133-XX (Draft Version 1 – 20-Apr-2006)
  • Page 2 (Page 0) Contents LG BHS-200 Overview Getting Started Charging Your Earphone Normal Charging Time Talk Time, Music Play Time and Standby Time Low Battery Turning Your Earphone On and Off Pairing Your Earphone Using Your Earphone 9-10 Answering a Call...
  • Page 3 Volume Key (-) Status Indicator Forward Key Hold Key Backward Key Charging Socket Getting Started To use your LG BHS-200 Earphone (“Earphone”), please follow these simple steps: Charge your earphone Pair your earphone with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile handset or music player...
  • Page 4 (Page 2) Wearing Your LG BHS-200 Earphone Fig. 2 Wearing your Earphone...
  • Page 5: Charging Your Earphone

    Page 3 Charging Your Earphone Fig. 4 The Earphone comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. Prior to using the headset, it is recommendable to charge the battery fully for the first time.
  • Page 6: Charging Your Earphone

    Page 5 Charging Your Earphone Connect the charger to an AC wall outlet and the charger plug to the headset’s charging socket (fig.4). The LED will be red while charging. IMPORTANT Charging indication will be delayed for a few seconds if the headset has not been used for a long time or the battery is drained.
  • Page 7 Page 6 Turning Your Earphone On and Off Turning On the Earphone Press and hold the MFB for 2 seconds until you hear a short beep. The LED will flash blue. IMPORTANT Press the MFB again each time you turn on the headset to reactivate pairing so that the connection between the headset and the mobile handset is resumed.
  • Page 8: Pairing Your Earphone

    Page 7 Pairing Your Earphone Up to 1 meter Prior to using your Earphone for the first time, you must pair it with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile handset or Music Player (The “Device”). The information on the next page describes pairing instruction for typical Bluetooth-enabled mobile handset or music player.
  • Page 9: Pairing Your Earphone

    5. Set the device to search for Bluetooth devices within about 1 meter as instructed in the mobile handset user guide and select “LG BHS-200” from the list. 6. Enter the preprogrammed passkey “0000” and press “OK” to pair your earphone and device.
  • Page 10: Using Your Earphone

    Page 9 Using Your Earphone Answering a Call When there is an incoming call, you will hear ringing through the earphone. Press the MFB to accept the call or answer the call via your mobile handset in the normal way. Answering a Call when Listening to Stereo Audio Press the MFB once to answer the call and when finished, press the MFB once to resume stereo audio.
  • Page 11: Using Your Earphone

    Page 10 Using Your Earphone Voice Dialing from Your Earphone If your mobile handset is equipped with a voice dialling function, simply press the MFB on your headset and when you hear a beep, say the voice tag. IMPORTANT Please make sure to record voice tag into the mobile handset first before using voice dialling function.
  • Page 12: Resetting / Removing The Pairing

    Page 11 Adjusting the Volume Press the Volume Key repeatedly until you reach the desired volume level. Resetting / Removing the Pairing You may want to reset the headset to its original settings. This also clears all current pairings. 1. Ensure the headset is OFF. 2.
  • Page 13: Remote Control Function

    Page 12 Remote Control Function (AVRCP) Play / Pause Press once for start music playing Press once again for pause the music playing Volume Control By pressing the “+” to increase the audio volume. By pressing the “-“ to decrease the audio volume.
  • Page 14: Care And Maintenance

    Page 13 Care and Maintenance Earphone Consider turning your earphone off before placing it in your pocket or bag. If the MFB is accidentally depressed, your mobile handset may place an unintended call. Do not expose the earphone to liquid, moisture or humidity as it is not waterproof.
  • Page 15 Page 14 Built-in Battery Do not attempt to replace the earphone’s battery yourself as it is in-built and is not changeable. Charge the battery in accordance with the instruction supplied with this user guide. Only use the manufacturer supplied charger when charging the earphone. Charger Only use the manufacturer supplied charger when charging the earphone.
  • Page 16: Safety Information

    Page 15 Safety Information Check local laws regarding use of a mobile handset and earphone while driving. If you use the earphone while driving, ensure your attention and focus remains on your responsibility of driving safely. Never allow children to play with the earphone – small parts may be a choking hazard.
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting

    If the above steps do not solve your problem, please recharge the earphone and remove your mobile handset battery for a while. The LG BHS-200 Earphone is compliant with and adopts the Bluetooth Specification 1.2. However, interoperability between the device and other Bluetooth-enabled products is not guaranteed because it depends on compatibility.
  • Page 18: Declaration Of Conformity (Doc)

    Page 17 Declaration of Conformity (DOC) We, i.Tech Dynamic Ltd., declare that the following product: Product Name: LG BHS-200 Model No.: C51-A05133-XX Is in conformity with the following essential requirements of Council Directive 1999/5/EC (referred to as R&TTE Directive): Article 3.1a, 3.1.b and 3.2. and the product is manufactured in accordance with Annex II of the above directive.
  • Page 19: Product Specifications

    Page 18 Product Specifications Bluetooth Specification: Version 1.2 Class 2 Bluetooth Profile Supported: Earphone, Handsfree, A2DP and AVRCP Range of Frequency: 2.4GHz Spectrum Dimensions: ??? mm (L) x ??? mm (W) x ??? mm (H) Nominal Charging Time: Within 3 hours Talk Time*: Up to 7.5 hours Music Play Time*:...
  • Page 20 (Back Cover) © 2005 Hutchison Harbour Ring Enterprises Limited All rights in this publication are reserved and no part may be reproduced without the prior written permission of the publisher. The contents of this publication are believed to be correct at the time of going to press, but any information, specifications, products or services mentioned may be modified, supplemented or withdrawn without further notice.