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Philips CTX620 Manual

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Discover your phone

Back of the phone: Camera lens
Left softkey
Navigation and
Pick up key
Alphanumeric keypad
Symbol input and lock/unlock key
Philips continuously strives to improve its products. Therefore, Philips reserves the rights to revise
this user guide or withdraw it at any time without prior notice. Philips provides this user guide "as is"
and does not accept, except as required by the applicable law, liability for any error, omission or
discrepancy between this user guide and the product described. The device is meant to be connected
to GSM/GPRS networks.
+/- Volume & zoom key
Right softkey
On/off and hang up key
Camera key
Input method key
USB Port/
charger & headset connector



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  Summary of Contents for Philips CTX620

  • Page 1: Discover Your Phone

    Philips continuously strives to improve its products. Therefore, Philips reserves the rights to revise this user guide or withdraw it at any time without prior notice. Philips provides this user guide "as is" and does not accept, except as required by the applicable law, liability for any error, omission or discrepancy between this user guide and the product described.
  • Page 2 How to... Switch the phone On/Off Long press Enter your PIN code Enter your PIN code using the keypad and press to confirm. Lock/Unlock the keypad Long press Make a call Enter the phone number using the keypad and press Answer a call When the phone rings, press End a call...
  • Page 3: Main Menu

    Softkeys Business Contacts Profiles The soft keys L and R allow you to select the options above them on the screen. Such options are contextual: they vary according to page 31 page 27 page 47 current context. Bluetooth Calls Settings Main menu The main menu gives you access to all the page 45...
  • Page 4: Hot Keys

    Hot keys Shortcuts Long press to enter “+” when With shortcuts, you can access a functional sub- making international calls. menu directly. You can set the list of shortcuts Long press to access the voice as a hot key (see "Hot keys"). Then, list your desired shortcuts and rank them in the order of mailbox.
  • Page 5 To remove a shortcut, LOptions • Select it, and press > Delete, or Disable.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Table of contents 1 Getting Started 4 Messaging Inserting the SIM card Creating messages Charging the battery Organizing your messages Setting clock Defining your message settings Displaying local and international clocks 11 E-mail Insert the micro-SD card Broadcast messages 2 Text Entry 5 Contacts...
  • Page 7 Table of contents 6 Business Using the video recorder Using your business organizer 9 Fun Create your to-do list Getting fun from Java applications Check your calendar Listening to the FM radio Using your business assistant Editing your photos Alarm Editing your ring tones Business card reader Text reader...
  • Page 8 Icons & Symbols Connecting to a Bluetooth device Precautions Getting connected by a Bluetooth device Troubleshooting Other Bluetooth connections Philips Authentic Accessories 14 Profiles Trademark Declaration Adjust ring settings to Specific Absorption Rate Information 70 different scenes Define your profile...
  • Page 9: Getting Started

    1 Getting Started Please read the safety instructions in the "Precautions" section before use. To use your phone, you must insert a valid SIM card supplied by your GSM operator or retailer. 2. As shown, take out the battery. The SIM card contains your subscription information, your mobile telephone number, and a memory in which you can store phone numbers and messages.
  • Page 10: Charging The Battery

    3. As shown, align your SIM card with the SIM 5. As shown, slide the back cover along the card slot, clipped corner facing you and gold slots until it is locked. contact downwards. Insert your SIM card under the metal clip holder. Remove the protective film covering the screen and the camera lens before using the phone.
  • Page 11: Setting Clock

    To charge the battery, plug in the connector as If you do not intend to use your phone for shown below. Then plug the other end into a several days, we recommend that you remove power socket. the battery. You can use the phone while it is charging. If the battery is completely flat, the battery symbol will only reappear after a few minutes of charging.
  • Page 12: Displaying Local And International Clocks

    2. On idle screen, press L status: Press>, +, or - to turn on the Menu and go to Clock Settings > General > Time & date. international clock. time/date: Enter the time and date by using setting: Press > to enter the Local setting/Foreign the numeric keypad.
  • Page 13 3. As shown, align your micro-SD card with the slot. Put it in place. 4. Press down the card holder and pull it until it is locked. Getting Started...
  • Page 14: Text Entry

    editing screen. When you access the editor 2 Text entry again, it will automatically select the last input method you have used. Your mobile phone supports a number of text Entering text entry modes, including T9 input, multi-tap input, numeric input and symbol input. 1.
  • Page 15 RClear Short press to clear a letter, Multi-tap input (ABC/Abc/abc) long press to clear all entries. Press the keys that are marked with the If necessary, press R to exit the input corresponding letter you wish to enter. Press mode first. once to get the first letter on the key, press twice quickly to get the second letter and so on ®...
  • Page 16 over-down) as well as a special stroke. When the stroke you need does not correspond to the 5 basic strokes, replace it with the special stroke.
  • Page 17: Calling

    For IP calls (China only), select L Options > 3 Calling Dial > call. You can preset your IP service number under Settings > Call settings > number. Making a call 3. Press ) to hang up. From the idle screen Speed dial 1.
  • Page 18: Answering And Ending A Call

    Answering and ending a call Options during a call During a call, you can press R to select When you receive a call, the number of the caller LOptions may be displayed, depending on whether or not Handsfree Handheld mode. Press the calling party has chosen to display his or her ID.
  • Page 19: Handling Multiple Calls (Network-Dependent)

    Sound recorder Adjust the earpiece volume During a call, press + or - side keys to increase In most countries, recording of telephone or decrease the volume. conversation is subject to legislation. We advise you to notify the caller if you intend to record Handling multiple calls (Network- the conversation and only do so if they agree.
  • Page 20: Making An Emergency Call

    • Conference to introduce the caller into a o access the options list. PressROptions conference call. You can select Answer, Hold • End single to disconnect one party from the Active, End Active to hold or end call. the current call and answer the •...
  • Page 21: Messaging

    Insert Select insert contact 4 Messaging phonebook information (name or mobile No., Insert number), or website information phonebook you saved as a bookmark (see name, "Browser" on page?35). Then press LOK. Insert Creating messages Bookmark Save Select Save as drafts Save to templates.
  • Page 22 content, press LOptions: steps described below to compose and send an 2. In Edit MMS. image, Insert image, audio or video audio, files to your MMS. > MMS. Press + or - 1. Select Create Message video to select: Insert a file (txt, jar etc) to your LEdit Press to enter the...
  • Page 23: Organizing Your Messages

    Inbox: received messages Send options Set Validity period, Delivery Sent: sent messages report, Read report, Priority. Outbox: unsuccessfully sent messages Exit Exit Drafts: messages saved as drafts SIM Archive: messages stored in the SIM card Copyright protected pictures and sound cannot Enter a folder and select a desired message.
  • Page 24: Defining Your Message Settings

    Edit Edit send selected Properties Show the file information of message. current message. Save as Save the selected message as a Defining your message settings template preset message. Some of your message settings are dependent Use details, Extract the number of the sender on the service you subscribe with the network or in the message to create operator.
  • Page 25 Settings > SMS, General Delivery report: When selected, settings this option will inform you via Account Profile name: Edit the name of the settings the SMS whether or not your current profile. own SMS message was sent. address: Select your default This feature is subscription SMS center.
  • Page 26 Settings > MMS, Preferred Select where is your message storage stored, your SIM card or phone. Compose Creation mode, Image resizing location Before the memory is full, all Auto signature. When Auto is set to On, press - and your messages will be stored in signature the selected location.
  • Page 27: E-Mail

    Server Set network configuration. Please Set up E-mail accounts profile contact your network provider for This menu allows you to Activate, or Edit one of more information. the available email profiles. You can also create Memory View the memory status of your a new Email account.
  • Page 28 while it takes place, the e-mail content is deleted without being stored. Enter a folder and select a desired message. LOptions Press to access the following options:: Send and receive E-mail Reply Reply to the senders. This menu allows you to send E-mails from your Reply Reply to the sender without the phone to the Internet, and receive e-mails from...
  • Page 29: Broadcast Messages

    Delete Mark the E-mail to be deleted Read Read messages when there are (select this option again to message received broadcast messages. unmark it). When you exit the Languages Set language for the broadcast e-mail menu, you will be asked to message to be received.
  • Page 30: Contacts

    1. In Contacts > Advanced > Choose contact list, 5 Contacts Press + or - and Default to select contacts Phone contacts. list Press + or - and Default to select Contacts are stored in one of the two available contact Phone.
  • Page 31: Searching For A Contact

    4. Save the entries when finish editing. Searching for a contact 1. In Contacts > View contacts, enter the Add a contact to SIM phonebook contact information in full or part. 1. In Contacts > Advanced > Choose contact list, Press repeatedly to select an input Press + or - and...
  • Page 32: Special Numbers

    Special numbers Copy all contacts This menu allows you to keep a list of useful 1. Go to Contacts > Advanced. 2. Press + or - and numbers such as own numbers, service to select Copy all to numbers, voicemail and emergency numbers. (available if the phone is the default contact location) or Copy all to phone...
  • Page 33: Business

    3. To keep yourself reminded, 6 Business following: Note Add a note about the task. Press < or > once or more to turn Alarm the alarm on, have it sound 15 or Using your business organizer 30 minutes before the specified time, or turn the alarm off.
  • Page 34: Check Your Calendar

    4. For an existing task, you can do the Alarm following in the Business > To do list > You can set up to five alarms. LOptions: To set an alarm, Edit Edit an existing task. 1. Check that your clock is correctly set (see Send Send the task as a message.
  • Page 35: Business Card Reader

    Select Snooze: The alarm will sound again five Text reader minutes later. You can select Snooze three times. This menu allows you to view the text file saved in the phone or micro SD card. To read a text The alarm clock will ring even if your mobile phone is switched off, but the alarm will not ring file on your phone, copy and save the file to or vibrate if the Profiles menu is set to Silent.
  • Page 36: Change Clock Display

    LOptions Press > Record to start Go to Settings > General > Time and date > recording, Lto pause/resume recording, Time and date > International clock > Switch RStop to stop recording. local/foreign. Press LOK. LOptions Press > Save to save the 2.
  • Page 37: Browser

    Home: Save a web page as your homepage. 7 Browser Enter address: Enter a web site address. Bookmarks: Save a website as a bookmark. In this way, you save and quickly access your favorite websites, and forward them in your messages (see "Creating messages"...
  • Page 38: Camera

    to the default settings, select Restore default 8 Camera settings. After taking a picture, you can press , to send the picture via the MMS. Using the video recorder Your mobile phone features a digital camera that Camera > Video, allows you to take pictures (up to 3.0 Mega •...
  • Page 39: Fun

    Listening to the FM radio 9 Fun Tune to a radio station To tune to a radio station, always plug the supplied earphone into your phone. Getting fun from Java applications • Auto tune: In > radio, press LOptions > Auto presets.
  • Page 40 > to start auto search for the next available 2. On the radio playback screen, press your station from current frequency. desired numeric key. Current station is save to the location Edit the channel list (corresponding to the numeric key) in Channel list.
  • Page 41: Editing Your Photos

    Channel effect: Select sound effects for your Piecing photos together radio. You can make a photo consisting of 2, 4 or 9 4. On the radio playback screen, press , to photos. stop or resume radio playback. 1. In > Photo editor >...
  • Page 42: Editing Your Ringtones

    Editing your ringtones You can edit your ringtone files in My files > Audio. 1. In > Melody composer, select the ringtone to be edited. LOptions 2. Press to select your playback options, and save the edited ringtone as a new file.
  • Page 43: Music

    Transfer music files from PC to your 10 Music phone 1. Check that you have installed a memory card on your phone (see "Inserting an micro-SD card (memory card)" on Page 11). Save MP3 music files under the Audio folder of 2.
  • Page 44 Album: songs sorted by album. screen) < or >: press repeatedly to select a song Artist: songs sorted by artist. < or >: long press to select a section within a Play music files song +: press repeatedly to select sound settings 1.
  • Page 45: My Files

    LOptions 3. If necessary, press to select your 11 My files view settings: Browse style: Show files as icons or a list Sort: Show files in the order of name, type, time or size. On the phone, all the files are stored under the Managing your files folders of the phone memory or memory card.
  • Page 46: Sharing Your Files

    2. Select the option to send the file via the Manage your files MMS, E-mail, or bluetooth. You can copy and move files within a folder, If you send your files via the bluetooth, delete, or rename your files. check your Bluetooth connection first. (see "Bluetooth"...
  • Page 47: Setting Audio Files As Ringtones

    To edit the audio file, see see "Editing your Set a photo as screensaver ringtones" on page 41. You can set a photo as the screensaver of your phone. After the set time span in idle mode, the screensaver appears, hiding the information on the idle screen of your phone.
  • Page 48: Calls

    12 Calls You are provided with the records about your incoming and outgoing calls, and received and sent Internet data. Go to Calls to check your call history. Depending on your network, rounding-off for billing purposes, taxes, and others, the actual time invoiced for calls and services by your service provider may vary.
  • Page 49: Bluetooth

    Connecting to a Bluetooth device 13 Bluetooth > Power. Press L if 1. Go to Bluetooth necessary, to turn on the bluetooth function. 2. Select Find devices to start searching for available Bluetooth devices. About Bluetooth A list of available Bluetooth devices appears. 3.
  • Page 50: Getting Connected By A Bluetooth Device

    Getting connected by a Bluetooth The connection is made when you receive and accept the connection request (enter the device password 0000 if necessary). 1. Go to Bluetooth > Settings: Other Bluetooth connections Visibility: Turn it on to make your phone Your phone can also be connected to a visible to other Bluetooth devices Bluetooth earphone or the Bluetooth-enabled...
  • Page 51: Profiles

    To change the settings: 14 Profiles 1. In Profiles, select the profile to be changed. LOptions 2. Press > Modify. 3. Select your desired option and make changes as desired. Adjusting ring settings to different Apply a profile scenes 1. In Profiles, select the profile to be applied. ,Activate The profiles are defined for several scenes.
  • Page 52: Settings

    Auto update of date and time: 15 Settings Update the time and date of your phone according to the signals sent by the network. (dependent on the network). Display General Wallpaper: Select an image as the wall paper of your phone. Time &...
  • Page 53: Call Settings

    Call settings IP number (network -dependent, available only in Caller ID: Set how to show your number to the China): Add the preset IP number to called party (network-dependent). outgoing call numbers. Call waiting: Get informed of an incoming call Blacklist: Status: Turn the blacklist mode on or when on phone off.
  • Page 54: Network Settings

    Line switching: Swap phones when handling Fixed dial: Restrict your outgoing calls to certain multiple calls. numbers. (see "Handling multiple calls (Network- Barred dial: Prohibit some outgoing calls. dependent)" on page 18). Change password: Change your PIN, PIN2, phone passwords as desired. Network settings Factory settings: Restore your phone settings to...
  • Page 55: Icons & Symbols

    Battery - The bars indicate the battery Icons & Symbols level (4 bars = full, 1 bar = low). In idle mode, several symbols can be displayed simultaneously on the main screen. When Call divert - Indicates that the call divert pressing some of the status icons, the function is activated.
  • Page 56 Home zone - A zone designated by your EDGE attach - Your phone is connected network operator. Subscription to the EDGE network. dependent, contact your service Memory card - Indicates the memory provider for details. card is in use. network: your phone is connected to a GSM network.
  • Page 57: Precautions

    compatibility (Ref. 89/336/EEC) and low Precautions voltage directives (Ref. 73/23/EEC). Your cellular mobile phone your responsibility. To avoid damage to yourself, to Radio Waves others or to the phone itself, read and follow all Your cellular mobile phone is a low the safety instructions and make them known to power radio transmitter and anyone borrowing your phone.
  • Page 58 follow all local recommendations and Before boarding an aircraft and/or regulations when using your cellular phone when packing the phone in your both at home and when away. Regulations on luggage: the use of mobile phones in an the use of cellular phones in vehicles and aircraft may be dangerous for the operation of aircraft are particularly stringent.
  • Page 59 In areas where you are requested to turn off radio Hearing aids transmitting devices, such as quarries or other If you are a user of a hearing aid, consult your areas where blasting operations are in progress. physician and hearing aid manufacturer to learn Check with the vehicle manufacturer whether your particular device is susceptible to that electronic equipment used in...
  • Page 60 Philips phone null and menus will also help to save the battery’s void. The use of an incorrect type of battery may energy for longer phoning and stand-by also cause an explosion.
  • Page 61 Philips replacement phone calls is prohibited on public roads in parts. some countries. Check local regulations. Your mobile phone and your car EN 60950 Norm Studies have shown that speaking on In hot weather or after prolonged exposure to the telephone while driving lowers the sun (e.g., behind a window or a windscreen),...
  • Page 62 Philips has marked the battery and packaging “Information to the Consumer” with standard symbols designed to promote the recycling and appropriate disposal of your Disposal of your old product eventual waste. Your product is designed and manufactured with high quality materials and components, which The labelled packaging material is can be recycled and reused.
  • Page 63 FCC Compliance Statement -- Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. This equipment has been tested and found to -- Connect the equipment into an outlet on a comply with the limits for a Class B digital circuit different from that to which the receiver device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.
  • Page 64: Troubleshooting

    Your phone doesn’t return to idle Troubleshooting screen Long press the hang-up key or switch off the The phone does not switch on phone, check that the SIM card and the battery Remove/reinstall the battery. Then charge the are installed correctly and switch it on again. phone until the battery icon stops scrolling.
  • Page 65 Make sure phone if it is too large, if its name is too long, or you always use the Philips authentic accessory if it doesn’t have the correct file format. shipped with your phone.
  • Page 66 The display shows SIM failure The autonomy of your phone seems Check that the SIM card has been inserted lower than indicated on the user correctly. If the problem persists, your SIM card guide may be damaged. Contact your operator. The autonomy is linked to your settings (e.g., ringer volume, backlight duration) and the When attempting to use a feature in...
  • Page 67 Your phone is not charging If the battery is completely flat, it might take several minutes of pre-charge (up to 5 minutes in some cases) before the charging icon is displayed on the screen. The picture captured with the phone camera is not clear Make sure that the camera lens on both sides is clean.
  • Page 68: Philips Authentic Accessories

    Additional accessories may also be Data cable provided or sold separately. Package contents Provides easy data connection to your Philips may therefore vary. mobile phone. The USB cable enables high- speed communication between your phone and...
  • Page 69 When the transfer is finished, please make sure that you safely remove your device based on the This feature allows you to connect your phone instruction of your computer. to a PC via USB cable. You can carry out the following operations: Using mobile phone tools Mass...
  • Page 70: Trademark Declaration

    PHILIPS and PHILIPS’ Trademark Declaration Shield Emblem registered trademarks Koninklijke Philips ® Electronics N.V. is a trademark of manufactured Tegic Communications Tegic Euro. Pat. Shenzhen Sang Inc. App. 0842463 Consumer Communications Co., Ltd. under license from Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.
  • Page 71: Specific Absorption Rate Information

    Specific Absorption Rate Information International standards THIS MOBILE PHONE MEETS THE INTERNATIONAL RECOMMENDATIONS FOR EXPOSURE TO RADIO WAVES Your mobile phone is a radio transmitter and receiver. It is designed and manufactured not to exceed the limits for exposure to radio frequency (RF) energy defined by the international standards. These recommendations have been established by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) that forecast a substantial safety margin for assuring the protection of all persons, regardless of age and health.
  • Page 72 The highest SAR value for this Philips Xenium X620 model phone when tested for compliance against the standard was 0.401 W/kg for ICNIRP recommendation and 1.09 W/kg for IEEE Std 1528.
  • Page 73: Limited Warranty

    (6) months from the date of purchase. What Does This Limited Warranty Cover? What Will Philips Do if The Product is Not Free From Material Defects in Materials and Philips warrants to the original retail Workmanship...
  • Page 74 Return the Product to an authorized Product defects or problems caused by service center of Philips. You may uses with non-Philips products or contact the local Philips office for the accessories; or location of the nearest authorized service center.
  • Page 75 The SIM card must be removed from EXCEPT EXPRESS the Product before it is given to Philips. WARRANTIES SET FORTH ABOVE AND Philips assumes no liability for damaged THOSE IMPLIED BY LAW AND WHICH or loss of the SIM card or the data CANNOT BE EXCLUDED OR MODIFIED contained therein.
  • Page 76 This limited warranty represents the PHILIPS BE LIABLE FOR ANY PUNITIVE, complete and exclusive agreement between SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, INDIRECT OR the Consumer and Philips with respect to CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES this cellular Product and it supercedes all (INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE...
  • Page 77: Declaration Of Conformity

    Saarbrucken, Germany. product Identification mark: 0682 Philips X620 May 5th, 2008 Philips GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 TAC number: 35364802 to which this declaration relates, is in conformity with the following Standards: Quality Manager SAFETY : EN 60950-1: 2001+A11:2004 HEALTH: EN50360: 2001 EMC: ETSI EN301 489-7 v 1.2.1;...