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General Safety Instructions - ABB SafeRing Installation Instructions Manual

Retrofit of auxiliary switch s7 & s10


We reserve all rights in this document and in the information contained therein: Reproduction, use or disclosure to third
parties without express authority is strictly forbidden. © ABB Technology Ltd.
Check that the installation, putting into service and
maintenance of this apparatus is carried out by qualified
personnel with knowledge of the apparatus to be installed. All
the procedures as laid out in this installation and service
instruction manual must be known.
To perform the following installation requires a vocational
training (electrician, electrical engineer) and some years of
Make sure the standard and legal prescriptions are adhered to
during the installation, putting into service and maintenance.
All procedures must be carried out in strict compliance to the
rules of good working practice and safety at the work site.
Please read this instruction manual and plan the work before
starting the installation.
Strictly follow the information given in this instruction manual.
Pay special attention to the danger notes as indicated in this
manual by the following symbol:
Check and ensure that the personnel operating the apparatus
have the instruction manual at hand, as well as the necessary
information for correct installation.
Before starting the retrofit upgrade the switchgear must be de-
energized. Please de-energize the switchgear by operating the
switches to disconnected position.
Check that all mechanism springs are discharged. If in doubt,
close and open the switch.
ABB Technology Ltd.

General Safety Instructions!

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