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Mitsubishi Electric BD-1G User Manual

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Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric BD-1G

  • Page 1 User’s Manual Blu-ray Disc Player BD-1G...
  • Page 2 This equipment complies with FCC/IC radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment and meets the FCC radio frequency (RF) Exposure Guidelines and RSS-102 of the IC radio frequency (RF) Exposure rules. This equipment should be installed and operated keeping the radiator at least 20cm or more away from person’s body. Cet équipement est conforme aux limites d’exposition aux rayonnements énoncées pour un environnement non contrôlé...
  • Page 4 Player Setup: Audio Disc Menu BD Disc Menu DVD Compression, Auto Enter (if Press MEDIA on the remote control Press MENU on the remote control available) and then select CD/DVD/BD, USB, once to select from TOP MENU, DivX VOD HDMI, AUX, or Photo Viewer. KEYPAD, STOP DISC, PHOTO, and SETTINGS.
  • Page 5 Color (BD Only) Keypad BD/DVD Press the Clear button to clear one digit at a time. Press and hold the Clear button to clear all entered digits. Disc Control (BDAV and BDMV Only) Select COLOR to display the four Press KEYPAD to display the single color button options: blue, yellow, digit entry keypad.
  • Page 6 dependent; selecting controls for Restart Disc: Allows the disc to button or MENU button, or wait for discs that do not support this feature restart from the beginning. the 15-second time out to close the will have no function. menu. Press the down arrow on the More BD/DVD bottom option to close the next still Stop Disc (DVD Only)
  • Page 7 Title Search (AVCHD, DVD-V, Wired Headphones: Use Wired Player Setup BD/DVD BDMV Only): This allows the Headphones to listen to audio titles provided by the disc to be on the wired headphones. The searched. Select this option to headphone audio plays bring up a keypad to search for depending on which screen is specific titles.
  • Page 8 Assamase 6583 Audio Compression: When on, Enter Language Code the RSE will attempt to reduce Aymara 6589 Enter the desired language code. the difference between the audio Azerbaijani 6590 highs and lows. Language/Code User Code Bashkir 6665 Pseudo Resume: When on, the RSE will attempt to resume play Byelorussian 6669...
  • Page 9 Basque 6985 Indonesian 7368 Maori 7773 Persian 7065 Icelandic 7383 Macedonian 7775 Finnish 7073 Hebrew 7269 Malayalam 7776 Fiji 7074 Yiddish 8973 Mongolian 7778 Faroese 7079 Javanese 7487 Moldavian 7779 Friesian 7089 Georgian 7565 Marathi 7782 Irish 7165 Kazakh 7575 Malay 7783 Scots-Gaelic...
  • Page 10 Quechua 8185 Samoan 8377 Turkish 8482 Rhaeto-Romance ROH 8277 Shona 8378 Tsonga 8483 Kirundi 8278 Somali 8379 Tatar 8484 Romanian 8279 Albanian 8381 8487 Kinyarwanda 8287 Serbian 8382 Ukrainian 8575 SanSkrit 8365 Siswaiti 8383 Urdu 8582 Sesotho 8384 Sindhi 8368 Sangho 8371 Sundanese...
  • Page 11 ® or the right arrow on the remote. DivX Press the SCREEN 1 or SCREEN 2 Press the Back button to exit button on the remote control to This indicates the vehicle is the menu. change between which source will registered to play DivX media and display on the overhead screen.
  • Page 12 source mode. Rear Media Menu (DVD/BD/HDMI/USB/AUX/VCD) Use REAR MEDIA to select AUX, Disc, USB, or HDMI sources for MENU is only available in D (Drive). the Rear Seat Entertainment Press the MENU button to display (RSE). When using the REAR these menu options: MEDIA Tone Settings...
  • Page 13 Traffic Announcements (DVD/BD) Traffic program alerts will display in the RSE system. The video will continue to play and the audio will mute, depending on the alert. Closing the Menu (DVD/BD) Press the Back or Exit button to close a menu. This will return to the RSE application on the previously viewed screen.
  • Page 14 headphones comes on. If the light Headphones does not come on, check the batteries. Intermittent sound or static can also indicate weak batteries. See “Battery Replacement” later in this section. Turn the headphones off when not in use. Press the center of the right side of the headphone to change the channel.
  • Page 15 headphones to adjust the volume. purchase replacement ear pads, For best audio performance, call wear headphones 1-888-293-3332 or contact your indicated with L (Left) and R dealer. (Right) on the ear pads. Do not let anything cover the ear pads. Caution Do not store the headphones heat or direct sunlight.
  • Page 16 WiFi Menu(DNLA) Just the 1st connection, select ‘Credentials’. When ‘Credentials’ is selected, the user shall be shown left figure. Input passphrase on user’s device. If Wi-Fi connection is established, the user may initiate DLNA through their mobile device. Left figure will be shown.
  • Page 17 After power on, wait until the above display appears. Select Miracast. When ‘Miracast’ is selected, the user shall be shown below figure. In the case of a simple connection, on the BD-1G and confirmed on the device, the user will see the screen shown above figure.
  • Page 18 Battery Replacement Auxiliary Inputs The A/V jacks allow audio or video cables to be connected from an To change the batteries: Audio/Video (A/V) Jacks auxiliary device such as a 1. Loosen the screw to the battery camcorder or video game system. door on the left side of the The A/V jacks are color coded: headphones.
  • Page 19 The RSE system transmits the Remote Control audio signal to the wireless This allows for video and audio headphones if an audio signal is playback of supported media. available. See “Headphones” earlier To use the USB: in this section. 1. Insert the device in the Wired Headphone Jack appropriate slot.
  • Page 20 For single overhead 7. SCREEN 2 (Play/Pause) screens: For dual seatback screens: Press to start playing. Press to change the source Press to pause. Press Press to select the right displayed on the overhead again to continue playing. screen. Once pressed, all screen to SCREEN 1 remote control commands selected source.
  • Page 21 Press to go to the To use the remote control, aim it at (Previous/Reverse/Decrease) next menu. the transmitter window at either Radio and CD: Press to go seatback console or at the second Press to increase the to the previous station or row overhead screen and press the brightness of the RSE track.
  • Page 22 Battery Replacement In auxiliary mode, the picture Sometimes the wireless moves or scrolls: Check the headphone audio cuts out or To change the remote control auxiliary input connections at both buzzes: Check for obstructions, batteries: low batteries, reception range, and devices.