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Poulan Pro PP258TP Instruction Manual

Poulan hedge trimmer instruction manual.
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Please do not return unit to retailer.
Por favor, no devuelva el aparato al lugar de compra.
Veuillez ne pas retourner l'outil au détaillant.
For Occasional Use Only
Read and follow all Safety Rules and Operating Instructions before
using this product. Failure to do so can result in serious injury.
Lea el manual de instrucciones y siga todas las advertencias e
instrucciones de seguridad. El no hacerlo puede resultar en le-
siones graves.
Lire le manuel d'instructions et bien respecter tous les avertisse-
ments et toutes les instructions de sécurité. Tout défaut de le
faire pourrait entraîner des blessures graves.
Poulan PRO
1030 Stevens Creek Road
Augusta, GA 30907
1- -800- -554- -6723
Instruction Manual
Manual de Instrucciones
Manuel d'Instructions
545146928 Rev. 1 4/20/07 BRW

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    Please do not return unit to retailer. Por favor, no devuelva el aparato al lugar de compra. Veuillez ne pas retourner l’outil au détaillant. 1- -800- -554- -6723 www.poulan- Manual de Instrucciones Manuel d’Instructions For Occasional Use Only DANGER: Read and follow all Safety Rules and Operating Instructions before using this product.

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    IDENTIFICATION OF SYMBOLS DANGER! This pruner can be dangerous! Careless or im- proper use can cause serious or even fatal injury. Always wear appropriate ear protection, eye protection and head protection. DANGER! Falling objects can cause severe head injury. Wear head protection when operating this unit.

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    S Keep others away when making carburetor adjustments. S Use only Poulan PRO accessories and replacement parts as recommended. HANDLE FUEL WITH CAUTION S Do not smoke while handling fuel or while operating the pruner.

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    contacts a foreign object in the wood in the cut along the bottom of the guide bar and the chain is suddenly stopped. This sudden stopping pulls the pruner forward and away from the operator and could easily cause the operator to lose control of the pruner.

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    Remove objects (rocks, broken glass, nails, wire, etc.) which can be thrown by or become entangled in line. Hard objects can damage the trimmer head and be thrown causing serious injury. S Use only for trimming, scalping, mowing and sweeping.

  • Page 6

    Blade can thrust violently away from material it does not cut. Blade thrust can cause amputation of arms or legs. WARNING: Do not use trimmer head as a fastening device for the blade. WARNING: The blade continues to spin after the throttle is released or engine is turned off.

  • Page 7

    HEDGE TRIMMER SAFETY DANGER: RISK OF CUT; KEEP HANDS AWAY FROM BLADE - - Blade moves momentarily after the trigger is re- leased. Do not attempt to clear away cut ma- terial when the blade is in motion. Make sure...

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    ASSEMBLY WARNING: If received assembled, repeat all steps to ensure your unit is properly assembled and all fasteners are secure. Examine parts for damage. Do not use dam- aged parts. NOTE: If you need assistance or find parts missing or damaged, call 1-800-554-6723. It is normal for the fuel filter to rattle in the empty fuel tank.

  • Page 9

    This engine is certified to operate on unleaded gasoline. Before gasoline must be mixed with a good quality synthetic 2-cycle air-cooled engine oil designed to be mixed at a ratio of 40:1. Poulan/WEED EATER brand synthetic oil is upper arrow Muffler Start Lever operation,...

  • Page 10

    Genuine Poulan or Poulan PRO bar and chain oil is recommended to protect your unit against excessive wear from heat and fric- tion. Poulan or Poulan PRO oil resists high temperature thinning. If Poulan or Poulan PRO bar and chain oil is not available, use a good grade SAE 30 oil.

  • Page 11: Operating Instructions

    Flooded engines can be started by placing the ON/OFF switch in the ON position. Move the start lever to the RUN position and fully squeeze throttle trigger. Pull the starter han- dle repeatedly while squeezing throttle trigger until engine starts and runs. This could re- quire pulling the starter handle many times, depending on how badly the unit is flooded.

  • Page 12

    DANGER: Do not extend arms above shoulders while pruning. Do not stand be- neath branch being cut. WARNING: Always wear head, eye, hearing, foot and body protection to reduce the risk of injury when operating this unit. When operating unit, clip shoulder strap onto clamp, stand as shown and check for the fol- lowing: S Extend your left arm and hold assist handle...

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    If any dealer other than an authorized service dealer performs work on the product, Poulan PRO may not pay for repairs under warranty. It is your re- sponsibility to maintain and perform general maintenance.

  • Page 14

    A dirty air filter decreases engine perform- ance and increases fuel consumption and harmful emissions. Always clean after every 5 hours of operation. 1. Clean the cover and the area around it to keep dirt from falling into the carburetor chamber when the cover is removed.

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    Replace the old chain when it becomes worn or damaged. Use only the Low-Kickback replace- ment chain specified in the repair parts list. TO REPLACE CHAIN: 1. Move ON/OFF switch to the OFF position and disconnect spark plug. 2. Remove bar clamp nut. 3.

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    STORAGE WARNING: Perform the following steps after each use: S Allow engine to cool before storing or trans- porting. S Store unit and fuel in a well ventilated area where fuel vapors cannot reach sparks or open flames from water heaters, electric motors or switches, furnaces, etc.

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    WARNING: Always stop unit and disconnect spark plug before performing all of the recommended remedies below except remedies that require operation of the unit. TROUBLE CAUSE Engine will not 1. ON/OFF switch in start. OFF position. 2. Engine flooded. 3. Fuel tank empty. 4.

  • Page 18

    As the small off- -road engine owner, you should be aware that Poulan PRO may deny you war- ranty coverage if your small off- -road engine or a part of it has failed due to abuse, neglect, im-...

  • Page 19

    PARTS: The use of add- -on or modified parts can be grounds for disallowing a warranty claim. Poulan PRO is not liable to cover fail- ures of warranted parts caused by the use of add- -on or modified parts. HOW TO FILE A...

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