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LG TCW2013QS1 Service Manual

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MODEL : TCW2013QS1 / TCW2013CS1
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  • Page 1: Washing Machine

    Service Manual is STRICTLY PROHIBITED unless you have obtained the prior written consent of the LG Electronics entity from which you received this Service Manual. The material covered by this prohibition includes, without limitation, any text, graphics or logos in this Service Manual.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    11-1-2. CABINET & CONTROL PANEL ASSEMBLY - CARD TYPE ....... 48 11-1-3. CABINET & CONTROL PANEL ASSEMBLY - OPL TYPE ........49 11-2. DRUM & TUB ASSEMBLY ..................50 11-3. DISPENSER ASSEMBLY ..................51 Copyright © 2016 - 2017 LG Electronics Inc. All rights reserved. Only training and service purposes.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    1. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE WARNING For your safety, the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of fire or explosion, electric shock, or to prevent property damage, injury to persons, or death. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons when using the washer, follow basic...
  • Page 4: Specifications

  • Page 5: Features And Technical Explanation

    3. FEATURES & TECHNICAL EXPLANATION 3-1. FEATURES Direct Drive System The Tilted Drum and Extra La rge Door Opening Ultra Capacity Large Door and Window Magnetic Door Plunger The Stainless Steel drum Automatic Wash Load Detection...
  • Page 7: Parts Identification

    4. PARTS IDENTIFICATION Shipping Bolts (4) Power Plug If the supply cord is damaged, • it must be replaced by the manufacturer or an authorized service technician in order to avoid a hazard. Control Panel Drain Hose Dispenser Drum Back of Washer Door Cold Water Inlet Magnet Door...
  • Page 8: Installation Instructions

    5. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS WARNING · Washer is heavy. Two or more people may be needed to install and move the appliance. Failure to do so can result in back or other injury. · Store and install the washer where it will not be exposed to temperatures below freezing or exposed to outdoor weather conditions.
  • Page 9: Minimum Installation Spacing For Recessed Area Installation

    Minimum installation spacing for ■ ■ Installation clearances recessed area installation. The location must be large enough to open the washer door completely. ■ Washer dimensions 53.9 ” (137 cm) 53.9 ” (137 cm) 40.8 ” (103.6 cm) 40.8 ” (103.6 cm) 32 ”...
  • Page 10: Level Floor

    ■ INSTALL THE APPLIANCE ON A FLAT AND FIRM SURFACE ■ Level floor NOTE: A firm, solid floor is even more critical to a front-loading washer than to a top-loader. · Allowable slope under entire washer is 1¡. If your floor is wood and/or frame ·...
  • Page 11: Level Adjustment

    ■ Level adjustment · Leveling the washing machine properly prevents excessive noise and vibration. Install the appliance on a solid and level floor surface, preferably in a corner of the room. · If the floor is uneven, adjust the adjustable feet as required.
  • Page 12: Electrical Connection

    Electrical connection · Do not use an extension cord or double adapter. · If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by a qualified person in order to avoid a hazard. · If the machine will not be used for an extended time, unplug it, shut off the water supply and open the door to provide ventilation.
  • Page 13: Installation Of Drain Hose

    Installation of drain hose about 78"(2.0m) about 55"(1.4m) about 45"(1.1m) about 45"(1.1m) about 70"(1.8m) about 70"(1.8m) • When installing the drain hose at a sink, secure it so it • Properly securing the drain hose will protect the cannot break away and cause flooding and damage. floor from damage due to water leakage.
  • Page 14: Operation

  • Page 15 Status LED Display LED Cycle button Start/Pause button Optional function button DISPLAY LED OPTIONAL FUNCTION BUTTON The display shows the vend price and remaining time Wash time or rinse cycle can be added when and programming options. Error codes are also additional coin is inserted or a valid cash card is displayed here.
  • Page 16 Select cycles designed for different types of fabric and soil levels Wash/Rinse CYCLE Fabric type Temp. Hot/Cold Cotton, Linen, Towels, Shirts, Sheets Warm Warm/Cold Mixed Loads, Work Clothes, Jeans, Shirts Dress Shirts/Pants, Wrinkle Free Clothing, Poly/ Cold/Cold Cold Cotton Blend Clothing, Tablecloths. Dress Shirts/Blouses, Nylons, Delicates Cold/Cold...
  • Page 17: Wiring Diagram/Program Chart/Pcb Layout

    7. WIRING DIAGRAM/PROGRAM CHART / PCB LAYOUT Card Type : TCW2013CS1 Coin Type : TCW2013QS1...
  • Page 18 COLD Program Chart...
  • Page 19 PCB Layout ( P/N : EBR81121308 ) RD7:Auto Dosing BL4: E-suds 1. TX - 1 .ch1 (ETC) 2. ch2 (Main wash) 2. TX + 3. Emergency Switch 3. RX + 3. ch3 (Bleach) NA4: 4. ch4 (Softener) 4. RX - 5.
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    8. TROUBLESHOOTING 8-1. BEFORE PERFORMING SERVICE Be careful of electric shock when disconnecting parts while troubleshooting. The voltage of each terminal is 120V- when the unit is plugged in. 8-2. QC TEST MODE. The washer must be empty. Card Type 1.
  • Page 21: Error Display

    8-5. ERROR DISPLAY · If you press the START/PAUSE button when an error is displayed, any error except will disappear and the machine will go into the pause status. ERROR SYMPTOM CAUSE · Correct water level (246) is not reached within 10 minutes WATER INLET after water is supplied or it does not reach the preset water ERROR...
  • Page 22 The connector (3-pin, male, white) in the MOTOR HARNESS is not connected to the connector (3-pin, female, white) of STATOR ASSEMBLY. The electric contact between the connectors (3-pin, male, white) in the MOTOR HARNESS LOCKED and 4-pin, female, white connector in the MAIN PWB MOTOR ASSEMBLY is bad or unstable.
  • Page 23: Dispenser

    8-6. DISPENSER The dispenser drawer is a multi-chambered reservoir that allows the user to add all the appropriate laundry additives before starting the cycle. It has a place for pre-wash and Main wash detergent, fabric softener, and bleach. Powdered or liquid detergents may be used, but softener and bleach must be liquids.
  • Page 24: Diagnosis And Troubleshooting

    . DIAGNOSIS AND TROUBLESHOOTING WARNING 1. Be careful of electric shock if disconnecting parts while troubleshooting. 2. First, check the connection of each electrical terminal with the wiring diagram. 3. If you replace the MAIN PWB ASSEMBLY, reinsert the connectors correctly. NO POWER Check the fuse or reset Is the supplied voltage 120 V, 60 Hz...
  • Page 25 1. NO POWER 1.Check Electric Wiring. 2.Check the Customerís outlet. 3.Check Noise Filter. 4.Check LED on in Main PWB...
  • Page 26 0.8~1.2 120V, 60Hz Atomizing Bleach...
  • Page 27 1. INLET VALVE ERROR 1.Check Electric Wiring. 2.Check Inlet valveís Resistance. 3.Check Inlet valve clogged. 4. Voltage of the inlet valveís connector. -. Valve running : 120Vac Main wash Atomizing Bleach Resistance Inlet Valve Main PWB [k ] YL1 4 0.8~1.2 YL1 3 (1) ~ (2)
  • Page 28 OE ERROR (DRAIN TROUBLE) Repair the DRAIN HOSE Is the drain hose twisted or frozen? ASSEMBLY. Reconnect or repair the Is the connector disconnected or disassembled? connector Replace the DRAIN Is the coil of the drain pump too high or low? PUMP ASSEMBLY.
  • Page 29 1. Drain Error (OE) 1.Check Electric Wiring. 2.Check drain pump Resistance. 3.Check drain line clogged. 4. Voltage of the drain pump connector. -. Valve running : 120 Vac, 60Hz Drain pump Circulation pump Wiring Diagram...
  • Page 30 FE ERROR Is resistance between each terminal of INLET VALVE ASSEMBLY 0.8~1.2 k ? Replace the INLET VALVE ASSEMBLY. Make sure the tap is closed before replacing. Is water continuously supplied? PRESSURE S/W ASSEMBLY Replace the Is PRESSURE S/W ASSEMBLY broken? PRESSURE S/W ASSEMBLY.
  • Page 31 1. PRESSURE 1.Check Electric Wiring. SENSOR ERROR (PE) 2.Check Pressure sensor Resistance. 3.Check Air chamber and Tube clogged. Pressure Sensor Resistance Pressure Main Sensor 21 ~ 23 NA2 5 (1) ~ (3) NA2 7 10%)
  • Page 32 dE1/dE2 (Black 2 pin ①, White 6 pin ② and yellow 4 pin ③) Connector.
  • Page 33 1. DOOR OPEN 1.Check Electric Wiring. ERROR (dE) 2.Check latch hook spring. (Cracked) 3.Check Door switch's Resistance. 4.Check Voltage of Door switchís connector. Door switch Door switch Result Remarks Result Remarks (Type1) (Type2) (2) ~ (4) 700~1500 At 77 (25 ) (2) ~ (4) 700~1500 At 77...
  • Page 34 VIBRATION & NOISE IN SPIN Have all the transit bolts and base packing Remove the transit bolts been removed? and Base packing. Is the washer installed on a solidly constructed Move the washer or floor? reinforce the floor. Check if the washer is perfectly level as follows: Check the leveling of the washer with a level and check that the washer is stable.
  • Page 35 DETERGENT/SOFTENER/BLEACH DOES NOT FLOW IN Refer to page 22 Is water supplied? IE ERROR Are the plugs correctly connected to the terminals Check the wiring. of the INLET VALVE ASSEMBLY? Put it in the correc t compartment Is detergent/softener/bleach put in the correct Bleach compartment of the Dispenser? Softener...
  • Page 37: Disassembly Instructions

  • Page 38 WARNING TOP PLATE ASSEMBLY ¥ When you disassemble the top plate, be sure to take gloves and careful plate’s edge. Failure to do so can cause serious injury. 1. Disassemble the CONTROL PANEL ASSEMBLY (refer to page 38) 2. Remove the 4 silicon caps, and unscrew the 4 screws.
  • Page 39 1. Disassemble the CONTROL PANEL ASSEMBLY (refer to page 38). 2. Disassemble the TOP PLATE ASSEMBLY (refer to page 39). 3. Unscrew a screw on PRESSURE SWITCH ASSEMBLY 4. Remove all wire from hooks. 5. Remove the Protective Cover. CONNECTOR PROTECT COVER 6.
  • Page 40 1. Disassemble the CONTROL PANEL ASSEMBLY Clamp DISPENSER ASSEMBLY (refer to page 38). 2. Disassemble the TOP PLATE ASSEMBLY (refer to page 39). 3. Disassemble the clamps and hoses. 4. Disassemble the bellows at the lower side of DISPENSER 1. Disassemble the CONTROL PANEL ASSEMBLY (refer to page 38).
  • Page 41 1. Disassemble the CONTROL PANEL ASSEMBLY (refer to page 32). 2. Open the DOOR. 3. Disassemble the CLAMP ASSEMBLY. 4. Unscrew the 4 screws from the CABINET COVER. 5. Unscrew 2 screws from inside CAP COVER.
  • Page 42 7. Tilt the CABINET COVER. 8 . Disconnect the DOOR S/W connector. NOTE: When assembling the CABINET COVER, connect the connector. 9. Lift and separate the CABINET COVER. 1. Disassemble the CABINET COVER (refer to page 42 ). 2. Disassemble the CLAMP ASSEMBLY. TUB GASKET 3.
  • Page 44 HEATER 1. Disassemble the cabinet cover. 2. Separate 2 connectors from the heater. 3. Loosen the nut and pull out the heater. CAUTION When assembling the heater, insert the heater into the heater clip on the bottom of the tub. Tighten the fastening nut so the heater is secure.
  • Page 45 1. Disassemble the BACK COVER. 2. Remove the bolt. 3. Pull out the ROTOR. ROTOR 4. Unscrew the 2 screws from the tub bracket. 5. Remove the 6 bolts on the stator. 6. Unplug the 1 connectors from the STATOR. 1.
  • Page 46: Exploded View

    11. EXPLODED VIEW 11-1-1. CABINET & CONTROL PANEL ASSEMBLY - COIN TYPE A480 M410 F214 A485 F210 F110 A450 A455 A390 A110 A410 A150 A154 A152 A141 A156 A101 A153 A151 A131 A130 A100 A140 A430 A133 A440 A155 A104 A102 A105 A103...
  • Page 47: Cabinet & Control Panel Assembly - Card Type

    11-1-2. CABINET & CONTROL PANEL ASSEMBLY - CARD TYPE M410 F214 F210 A485 F110 A117 A455 A450 A480 A110 A410 A150 A154 A152 A141 A156 A101 A153 A390 A151 A131 A130 A100 A140 A430 A133 A440 A155 A104 A105 A102 A300 A103 A310...
  • Page 48: Drum & Tub Assembly

    11-2. DRUM & TUB ASSEMBLY K143 K361 K350 K123 K360 F140 K411 K610 K410 K115 K611 K141 K110 K117 K111 F315 K140 F310 F465 K571 K142 K190 F463 K572 F464 K122 K516 K125 K570 K130 K320 K530 K121 K510 K512 K135 F360 K105...
  • Page 49: Dispenser Assembly

    11-3. DISPENSER ASSEMBLY F430 F327 F324 F441 F300 F326 F462 M506 M500 A160 F323 F170 A161 M505 F160 F301 F329 F120 A275 F130 A276 F432...
  • Page 50 APR.2016 PRINTED IN KOREA P/No. : MFL68921815...

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