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HP Smart Tank Wireless 450 series Manual page 3

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Important Ink Information
After the printheads are installed and primed with ink, do not open the printhead latch unless you are installing
new printheads or moving the printer outside your home or office. In addition, you should maintain proper ink
levels in the ink tanks when printing.
Maintain proper ink levels
Use the ink level lines on the ink tanks to determine when to fill the tanks and how much ink should be added.
Never print when any of the ink tanks has less than the minimum amount of ink. Printing with too little ink or filling
tanks with too much ink can damage the printer and affect print quality. Make sure you match the color of the ink to
the color on the ink tank when you refill an ink tank. See the Start here booklet for instructions on how to fill the ink
NOTE: Product service or repairs required as a result of filling the ink tanks improperly and/or using non-HP ink will
not be covered under warranty.
Moving printer after setup
To prevent damage to the printer or ink leakage, follow these instructions.
If you are moving the printer within your home or office, keep the printhead latch closed, and keep the printer level.
If you are moving the printer outside your home or office, follow the instructions in the relevant section of the Start
here booklet provided in the printer box or the user guide available at
Minimum ink level
Ink level should never go below the minimum ink line.
Printing with ink level below the minimum line may cause
damage to your printer.
Maximum ink level
Do not fill ink above the maximum ink line. Overfilling
might cause ink leakage. When you refill, some ink might
be left in the ink bottle. You can save the remaining ink by
storing the ink bottle in a dry cool place for future refilling.



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