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Whites MX 7 Owner's Manual

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MX 7
Metal Detector
Owner's Manual



  Summary of Contents for Whites MX 7

  • Page 1 MX 7 Metal Detector Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 3: Specifications

    Type of Detector All-Purpose Weight 3.6 lbs. including batteries Backlight Adjustable Shaft Assembled Length Mininum: 45” Maximum: 55” Batteries AA x 8 Included Nicad Rechargeable Battery System Optional Headphone Jack 1/4” Adapter Included Arm Rest Adjustable Arm Rest Strap Included Control Box Mount Standard Number of Frequencies...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Specifications ........................... 3 Assembly ..........................6-7 Batteries ............................. 7 Getting Started ........................8 Quick Reference Tables Search Mode ......................9 Options Keypad ....................10 Options ......................10-11 Search Programs ....................12 Features Live Navigation Sensitivity ........................12 Threshold ......................12-13 Display and Controls Power ........................14 Track .........................
  • Page 6: Assembly

    Search Coil Search Coil Cable Camlock Fiber Bolt, Thumbnut & Non-metallic Center Rod Washers Camlock Assembly 1. Remove all parts from the shipping carton and check assembly diagram to ensure all parts are present. 2. Install black rubber washers on fiber lower rod; attach search coil to lower fiber rod.
  • Page 7: Batteries

    Using a firm motion, snap the battery pack into place, veryify that the Battery Retainer Buttons are engaged. Tips on Batteries • The MX 7 operates for more than 40 hours (without backlight and with headphones) using eight quality “AA” batteries. • High-quality “AA” alkaline batteries are recommended. Rechargeable NiCad, Nickel Metal Hydride, or other similar “AA”...
  • Page 8: Getting Started

    Controls The MX 7 operates in either Search or Options mode. The detector will con- tinue to provide audio feedback when in Options mode, but the display will be used to show options rather than target information.
  • Page 9: Search Mode

    Search Mode The MX 7 enters Search mode when turned on. In Search mode, the buttons on the keypad perform the following functions: Function Details Increases Threshold volume When adjusting Threshold, the dis- play will momentarily read “THRESH” and the current threshold volume is...
  • Page 10: Options Keypad

    Options Keypad Functions When the user presses the Options button while in Search mode, the MX 7 enters Options mode. As mentioned above, Options mode will only affect the display. The detector will still provide audio feedback from the target system.
  • Page 11 DISC Discimina- Using the +/- buttons controls which discrimination zone tion is being adjusted. Using the pinpoint button will turn the current discrimination zone on or off. If the zone selection cursor is left under a particular zone for a couple seconds, the text will change from “DISC”...
  • Page 12: Search Programs

    Adjustments made to options in the menu are saved each time the user changes programs and each time the MX 7 is turned off. Performing a factory reset as detailed on page 16 will return all Programs to their factory default settings.
  • Page 13 peculiarities often cause the threshold to fade to silent. Changing the search orientation can correct this anomaly. Searching in silence (no threshold) has the advantage of better focus on the desired target responses. Unlike older metal detectors, there is no difference in detection depth using either thresh- old or silent search.
  • Page 14: Display And Controls

    Display and Controls POWER A quick press of the button turns the MX 7 ON. Another quick press of the power button toggles the backlight on and off. Pressing and holding ON/OFF for a second turns the detector OFF. Options: Activates option selections. Up & down arrows select among avail- able options.
  • Page 15: Sensitivity

    During normal searching, press the + button to increase sensitivity; press the - button to decrease sensitivity. The MX 7 provides quick and convenient up or down sensitivity during use without accessing Options. The current sensitivity setting shows briefly where the VDI number normally is displayed.
  • Page 16: Programs

    Coin & Jewelry: This is the primary search program used for general-purpose searching. When searching typical soil for coins, jewelry, or any other precious metals, and trash metal rejection is needed, Coin & Jewelry discriminates against (rejects) ferrous (iron) objects and light foil. Discrimination can be customized in the Coin &...
  • Page 17: Discrimination

    Used properly, however, Discrimination will more than double your time spent digging valued targets. The point is to reject the most common trash and accept the most common good targets. The MX 7 has 20 rejection ranges. Discrimina- tion comes already set up for the Program you have selected.
  • Page 18: Volume

    (e.g. GOLD, QUARTR, etc.) Volume Volume adjusts how loudly a metal target beeps. The MX 7 provides adequate volume levels for individuals with good hearing. Those with impaired hearing may benefit from headphones.
  • Page 19: Threshold

    Discrimination audio. Threshold The MX 7 can be used in silent search (no sound until a target is detected), or with a Threshold (steady continuous background hum) with virtually no difference in maximum detection depths. However, searching with a contin- uous threshold has the advantage of providing more information regarding what the detector is seeing.
  • Page 20: Depth Units

    Dollars (highest pitched). Depth Units The MX 7 can report target depth in inches or metric. 1. Press Options and use Up & Down arrows to select INCHES/METRIC 2. Press + or - to select the units of measure desired.
  • Page 21: Backlight

    Backlight The MX 7 has a backlit display option for use in low-light conditions. Backlight use will reduce battery life (slightly, 10% to 20%) but may be necessary in some conditions. During use, tap the Power button momentarily to select.
  • Page 22: Sat (Self-Adjusting Threshold)

    0 for normal ground balance range. Often soft sand will gather more saltwater compared to the surrounding sand. Because these spots have a sharp increase in conductivity, the MX 7 will likely beep regardless of whether metal is present. If a reasonable beep is produced that doesn’t pinpoint sharply like a typical metal object (pinpoints as a large...
  • Page 23: Vco (Voltage Controlled Oscillator)

    All Metal modes. However, VCO use is optional. Iron Grunt In the All Metal modes, when the MX 7 is sure the target is iron, the iron grunt feature can speed detection by making obvious the metal is iron. Strong IRON type responses are assigned a distinctive “GRUNT”...
  • Page 24: Proper Care

    With the correct sweep speed, both detection and discrimination accuracy are optimized. Fundamental to detecting success is choosing great places to use your MX 7. These can be researched by word of mouth, at the library, in the newspaper, in books, or on the Internet.
  • Page 25: Accessories

    Aid law enforcement whenever possible Accessories • Headphones: Greatly increase the ability to hear the MX 7 in high noise environments, increase battery life, and provide for increased privacy. Any stereo headphone between 8 and 150 ohms will work. •...
  • Page 26: Warranty And Service

    Warranty If within two years (24 months) from the original date of purchase, your White’s detector fails due to defects in either materials or workmanship, White’s will repair or replace, at its option, all necessary parts without charge for parts or labor. Simply return the complete detector to the Dealer where you purchased it or to your nearest Authorized Service Center.
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