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About This Manual - Acer ADSL Surf USB Modem Installation Manual

Acer adsl surf usb modem installation guide


1. About This Manual

This manual provides a comprehensive user's guide and installation manual for Acer
ADSL Surf USB Modem. It has been organized in such a way to make it easy to be
followed by users worldwide. In order to ensure optimal comprehension, the following list
provides brief descriptions of the formatting styles used throughout this manual.
Commands : Commands are always referred to by using the word " Click " before
them. These commands are always shown as bold-faced words. For example, click
Next , click OK, or click Cancel.
Names of Windows ( Dialog Boxes ) : The names of the windows ( also referred to
as dialog boxes ) that appear on the PC screen are always referred to in quotes. For
example, the " Setup Complete " window.
Names of Options in Windows : The names of options to choose from inside the
windows that appear on the PC screen are always referred to in italics. For example,
choose the "Yes, I want to restart my computer" option from the window.
Notes : In some cases, preparatory or cautionary information is needed before
proceeding to the next step in an installation process. This kind of information is
provided in the form of notes, which are always referred to in bold-faced and italicized
Installation Guide and User Manual

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