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Chapter 2 : Ndislan (Rfc1483) Driver For Windows 98 - Acer ADSL Surf USB Modem Installation Manual

Acer adsl surf usb modem installation guide


Chapter 2 : NDISLAN (RFC1483) Driver for Windows 98,

98SE, ME, XP and 2000
The NDISLAN driver exports a standard Ethernet interface to the Windows operating
system and binds with Microsoft protocols that communicate with NDIS 3 or with
third-party PPPoE client software (provided by your ADSL service provider) running under
Microsoft Windows such as WinPoet and NTS. Consult your service provider for the
appropriate client software and related documentation. VPI, VCI, and other specifications,
can be configured via DSLMON GUI or during installation of software drivers.
DO NOT plug the USB cable from the PC into the USB connector of the Acer ADSL
Surf USB Modem until driver is installed.
The following instructions apply for Windows 98,98SE,ME, XP and 2000.Some of the
screens may slightly differ from those shown due to different Operating System.
Installation for Windows 98, 98se, ME, 2k and XP
1. Insert the device driver software ( CD -Title as provided ) into the appropriate drive of
your computer and run "SETUP.EXE " (Ex: E:\DRIVER\SETUP.EXE). Click "NEXT"
when the following window pops up.
Installation Guide and User Manual

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