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Motorola T805 Quick Start Manual page 4

Phone-based navigation system
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Notice to users:
Laws in some areas prohibit the use of a cellular phone when driving a motor vehicle.
Please use the utmost care in using your cellular phone safely under all
circumstances. It is the responsibility of each cellular phone user to be aware of and
abide by any and all local laws and ordinances, which may restrict the use of cellular
Traffic laws and current traffic conditions must always be observed and take
precedence over the instructions issued by the navigation system. The user should
be aware of situations where current traffic conditions and the instructions from the
navigation system may be in conflict.
The use of the navigation system does not relieve the user of his/her responsibilities.
The user is ultimately responsible for the vehicle under his/her control and should be
aware of the surroundings at all times. For traffic safety reasons, it is recommended
that routes should be set-up in a stationary vehicle before starting a trip.
Privacy: Operation of the navigation system requires that the user's position be sent
to a central server for use in preparing the route information. This information will
only be used to provide the navigation service and will not be shared with any third
parties. A user who wishes to keep their current location private should not use the
navigation system. *
Responsibility: Certain features of MOTONAV require wireless network data access.
The user is responsible for all data access charges. *
Motorola is not responsible for any financial loss, or other incidental or consequential
damage arising out of the use of, or inability to use, this product. This includes
damage to property and, to the extent permitted by law, damages for personal injury
and death.
* Does not apply to T815 Beta units.