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Motorola T805 Quick Start Manual page 3

Phone-based navigation system
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T805 Installation Guide – BETA
Send text message...
Send a text message with the 20 digit
PIN-code of the registration voucher to
one of the following numbers.
Choose a number of the country where
you live, or a number of the country where
you will be using MOTONAV.
(312) 714 0599
Canada / Mexico +1 312 714 0599
07781 487 162
In all other European countries:
+44 7781 487 162
If you would like a more detailed installation guide or have any problems please go to
receive text messages...
You will receive 2 text messages within the
next minutes:
1. Text message with your login data
You will need the login data for step 4.
(Write the login data down and keep it in a
safe place. For security reasons please
delete the text message.)
2. Text message with MOTONAV
download link
You will need the download link for step 3.
(If you don't get the 2
text message within
15 minutes please see notice below.)
If you get only one SMS with your login
and password then type:
into your mobile phone's web browser.
Then type in your MOTONAV username
and click "Continue" to be connected to
the MOTONAV download page. Continue
with step 3b.
If your mobile phone is an operator
branded Motorola phone, please visit and select
branded phones or contact customer
Download MOTONAV ...
3a) Open the text message with the
download link
Activate the link contained in the text
message to start your mobile phone's web
browser and to connect to the MOTONAV
download page. (See tips below to
activate link.)
3b) This will take you to the "Welcome"
screen. Follow the instructions displayed
on your mobile phone.
Only for Nokia mobile phones: After
downloading the application, please do
not start MOTONAV immediately. First
close your mobile phone's web browser.
Tips to activate the link:
Highlight the link. Depending on your device you
have to move down the mobile phone's
navigation key until the link is highlighted.
Press the menu key ( ) and select Go To.
Press the center of the navigation key.
Select Options, Use detail and then Web
address. Press Select.
Options, Find, Web address and then Options,
Go to web address.
Press Open.
If you are not able to activate the link, start by
typing into your
mobile phone's browser.
Start MOTONAV...
Now start MOTONAV and follow the
instructions displayed on your mobile
phone to run the setup wizard (see tips
below to start MOTONAV).
Note for Nokia series 40 phones before
starting MOTONAV:
(e.g. 6111, 6211, 6230i, 6233, 6234, 6280,..):
1) Go to "Applications" (see tips below),
highlight "motonav" (do not start it!).
2) Select "Options", "Application access",
"Communication", "Network access" and
choose "Allways allowed".
3) Then again select "Communication",
"Connectivity" and choose "Allways allowed".
4) Select "Phone access", "Read user data" and
choose "Always allowed".
5) Then again select "Phone access", "Add and
edit data" and choose "Allways allowed".
Tips to open MOTONAV:
Depending on your device the MOTONAV
application will be downloaded to different folders:
Select the menu key ( ), Games & Applications
Series 40: MOTONAV is downloaded to "Menu" ...
Applications, Collection.
Applications, Games.
Series 60: MOTONAV is downloaded to ...
Menu, My Own
Menu, Applications
Menu, Installations
MOTONAV is in the directory you specified when
downloading, e.g.
Main Menu, Extras.
Main Menu, Entertainment.
Main Menu, Organizer, Applications