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Wiring Diagram - Philips LVQ-212 Wiring Manual

Downforce –2002+ headlight hid wiring guide
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Aftermarket Install
NBO system uses true factory style bulbs D2S.
[Philips / Hella] LVQ-212 HID Ballast
The LVQ-212 ballast is a very well designed ballast with many features.
This unit is the was the result of 5 years of German R&D. The engineers
had to solve the "Hot Start" where you are turning on a hot bulb which may
explode. The ballast needs to monitor the voltage difference between a
cold start and a hot start. If the voltage is not monitored and regulated it
will decrease the life of the HID bulb. This ballast is also wired for reverse
polarity protection. There is also a safety "Shut Down" feature where in
the event there is a collision, if the ballast senses no circuit it will shut
down, to prevent arcing and possibly ignition of fuel or high voltage hazard
for rescue workers. If the LVQ-212 experiences more then 8 shut downs it
will burn out an internal fuse which is replaceable.
The Philips / Hella LVQ 212 is the most widely used HID ballast in the
aftermarket industry. Philips would sell these units as private labels, other
companies in Asia have also counterfeited this design. This unit will not
work as shown because the D2S sockets are too big to fit through the NSX
housing from the bottom hole. One fix is to modify the connectors to an
AMP plugs are supported by companies such as McCulloch, MTEC,
Xetronics, etc. This will guarantee the most amount of support in the
future for replacement ballast or bulbs.
Another highly recommended option is to purchase 2 sets of AMP
connectors and create an AMP disconnect for the D2S socket such as the
NBO system. If you have a different type of aftermarket HID system you
can always purchase a D2S socket to AMP connector so you can use
factory D2S bulbs. One place to get this is
[Black] [Red/Yellow] [Red/Blue]

Wiring Diagram


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