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Black & Decker BDH7200M Instruction Manual page 4

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Wall Mounting - figure A
The product can be attached to a wall to provide a convenient
storage and charging point for the appliance. When
mounting to a wall, make sure the mounting method is
suitable for the wall type and is appropriate to the weight of
the appliance.
• Mark the location of the charger (5) screw holes on the wall
(within reach of an electrical outlet for charging the vacuum
while it is on the wall bracket).
• Fix the mounting bracket to the wall using appropriate screws
and plugs for the type of wall, and weight of the appliance.
• Hang the appliance by placing the opening of the vacuum
base over the hooks in the wall mount charging bracket.
Assembly Accessories - figure B
Model BDH7200M / BDH9600CHV is supplied with some of
the following accessories:
• A brush tool (8) for furniture and stairs.
• A crevice tool (9) for confined spaces.
• Insert the appropriate accessory into the front of the
appliance as show in figure B.
• Make sure the accessory is fully pushed in.
Charging the battery
• Before first use, the battery must be charged for at least 10 hours.
• Place the appliance on the charging bracket whenever it is not in use.
needed to avoid damage to your appliance.
• Make sure the appliance is switched off. The battery will not be charged when the on/
off switch (1) is in the on position.
• Place the appliance on the charging bracket (5).
• Plug in the charger.
• Leave the appliance to charge for at least 9 hours.
While charging, the charger may become warm. This is normal and does not indicate a
problem. The appliance can be left connected to the charger indefinitely.
above 104 °F.
Switching on and off - figure C
• To switch the appliance on, slide the on/off switch (1)
forward to position 1.
• To switch the appliance off, slide the on/off switch (1) back
to position 0.
Dry pick up
• For everyday spills of dry material.
• Do not fill the dust bowl (3) beyond the end of the intake
Optimizing the suction force
In order to keep the suction force optimised, the filters must be cleared regularly during use.
Before charging, be sure to empty all contents and dry thoroughly if
Do not charge the battery at ambient temperatures below 50 °F or



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