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Detergent Dispenser; Troubleshooting Guide - Whirlpool AWM 9100 GH Instructions For Use Manual

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Detergent dispenser

1.Press the release lever in the prewash compartment down and
pull out the dispenser.
2.Remove the inserts from the detergent dispenser.
3.Clean all parts under running water.
4.Replace the separate parts in the detergent dispenser and
slide the dispenser back into the opening.
Periodically check and clean the mesh filters in the
water connection.
1.Turn off the tap.
2.Unscrew the water inlet hose from the tap.
3.Clean the internal filter.
4.Screw the supply hose back onto the tap.
5.Unscrew the supply hose from the washing machine.
6.Clean the mesh filter in the washing machine.
7.Screw the supply hose back on to the machine.
8.Turn on the tap and ensure that the connections are water-


This washing machine is equipped with automatic
safety functions which detect and diagnose faults
at an early stage and react appropriately.
Often, however, the faults detected are small
enough to be solved in a matter of minutes.
For example:
The appliance will not start; no lamp lights
Check whether:
• the appliance is plugged in;
• the wall socket is functioning correctly
(use a table lamp or similar to test);
• a programme is selected correctly.
The appliance will not start, but the
"Start/Pause" lamp is flashing.
Check whether:
• the appliance door is properly closed
(child lock);
• the programme has been changed;
• the water tap is turned on. If not, turn the tap
on and press the "Start/Pause" button.
The appliance stops during the programme.
Check whether:
• the "Rinse Hold" lamp is on. Terminate this
option by pressing the button again;
• another programme has been selected.
Reselect the desired programme and press the
"Start/Pause" button;
• "Start/Pause" lamp goes on. Press "Start/
Pause" button;
• The appliance safety system has been activated.
See fault description table.
Detergent and additives incorrectly washed in.
Check whether:
• the detergent dispenser inserts are incorrectly
located (see "Care and Maintenance");
• enough water is being supplied. The mesh filters
in the water connection could be blocked (see
"Care and Maintenance").
The appliance vibrates during the spin cycle.
Check whether:
• the appliance is levelled and solidly installed on
all four feet (see "Installation");
• the transit bolts have been removed. Before
using the washing machine you must remove the
transit bolts (see "Installation").

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