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Whirlpool 9S22FNI IX User Manual

Side-by-side refrigerator
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User Manual for Side-by-Side Refrigerator
Model: 9S22FNI IX
Please read this instruction carefully before using the appliance.
Code : X603-13
X603-13(영)_9S22FNI_IX(월풀).indd 1
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  Summary of Contents for Whirlpool 9S22FNI IX

  • Page 1 User Manual for Side-by-Side Refrigerator Model: 9S22FNI IX Please read this instruction carefully before using the appliance. Code : X603-13 X603-13(영)_9S22FNI_IX(월풀).indd 1 2017-01-10 오후 1:52:46...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Thank you for purchasing our fridge Please note: • We have provided many important safety messages in this manual. Please always pay attention on the PRECAUTIONS and all safety messages. • Keep the instruction for future reference. Table of Contents Refrigerator Safety ....................1 Refrigerator Preparation ...................3 Installation Guide ....................4...
  • Page 3: Refrigerator Safety

    Refrigerator Safety Read these safety instructions thoroughly and carefully Read these safety instructions thoroughly and carefully before using. Please keep this user guide for future reference. 16. Never use flammable gas, benzene, thinners, Caution gasoline, spray etc. near the refrigerator. If a gas leak is found near the refrigerator or in the kitchen, 1.
  • Page 4: Refrigerator Preparation

    Refrigerator Preparation Unpack the refrigerator Installation Guide • Remove all packaging materials (included foundation Read these safety instructions carefully before use and pad, foam pad and gummed paper in the fridge) follow precautions for your safety. before use. • Clean both inside and outside of the fridge before use. Use a humid rag and a mild detergent in warm water Precautions in installation and power for cleaning.
  • Page 5: The Appliance

    The Appliance ❻ ❶ ❹ ❼ ❷ ❸ ❿ ❽ ❺ ❾ ❶ Freezer compartment Refrigerator compartment 1. Freezer Door Bin 6. Xpress Can Chiller for short-term storage of food and ice-cream. 7. Refrigerator shelf 2. Freezer Door Bin for storing frozen food. 8.
  • Page 6: Control Panel

    Control Panel 1) Temperature display blinks, displaying the highest Freezer Fast Fast Refrigerator inner temperature. Compartment Freezing Lock Cooling Compartment Temperature Icon Icon Icon Temperature 2) Alarm stops when ‘LOCK’ button is pressed, and display shows temperature set value. Refrigerator Use 1.
  • Page 7: Care And Maintenance

    Care and Maintenance Cleaning 3. Clean the inside of the fridge regularly to prevent odor. Use soft towel with mild detergent for cleaning. Make 1. Unplug the refrigerator before cleaning. sure to use clean water for final cleaning. 2. Remove the interior parts for cleaning 4.
  • Page 8: Before You Call For Service

    Before You Call for Service... Please check the following troubleshooting tips before you call for service! Problem Strange sounds from the refrigerator. Problem It never gets cold inside. Freezing & refrigerating is Checkup Point not so good. ❶ Is the floor beneath the refrigerator uneven? ❷...
  • Page 9: Something Strange

    Something strange ? Don’t worry. Here is the answer. Case Explanation • Pipes (refrigerant vessel) are placed beneath Front and side of refrigerator the surface to prevent moisture forming on Heat feels warm or hot. • When you close the door and then open Doors do again immediately, the door is not easy to open because warm air rushes in and creates...
  • Page 10: Installation Preparation

    Installation Preparation If the refrigerator cannot pass through a door Check if the refrigerator can pass a during installation, follow doorway or enter a door first. these steps. (This guide refers to several models. The real features are Dimensions (including Door Handles) (Width*Depth*Height) 906mm×735mm×1770mm model dependent.) Removing Freezer Door...
  • Page 11: Replacing Refrigerator Door

    Removing Refrigerator Door Replacing Refrigerator Door Unscrew top hinge cover with a screwdriver. Insert the bottom hole of refrigerator Insert a thin screwdriver into the door straight into the bottom hinge pin. side groove of the cover to remove. Let the top of door close to the cabinet and insert the top hinge pin to the top hole of refrigerator door.
  • Page 12: Refrigerator Door

    Refrigerator Leveling & ※If the refrigerator door is not balanced by step 1, then follow the next steps. Door Adjustment (If needed) Insert a spanner (A part) into the hinge nut (1 part) The refrigerator must be level in order to maintain and unscrew the nut by turning clockwise.
  • Page 13: Food Storage Tips

    Food Storage Tips Wash food before storing. Divide and separate food into smaller pieces. Place watery food or food with a lot of moisture in front shelves (close to door side). If they are placed close to the cold air spout, they can be frozen.
  • Page 14 Disposal of Used Electrical & Electronic Equipment The meaning of the symbol on the product, its accessory or packaging indicates that this product shall not be treated as household waste. Please, dispose of this equipment at your applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical & electronic equipments waste.
  • Page 15 X603-13(영)_9S22FNI_IX(월풀).indd 13 2017-01-10 오후 1:53:03...
  • Page 16 X603-13(영)_9S22FNI_IX(월풀).indd 14 2017-01-10 오후 1:53:03...
  • Page 17 인쇄물 신규(수정) 의뢰서 문서번호 X603-13 담당자 파트장 구분 ■ 신규 / □ 수정 요청일자 2016. 05. 27 요청부서 Global OEM 파트 부품CODE 품명 규격 Buyer 60139-0002708-00 MANUAL B5, 총 16P, X603-13(영)9S22FNI_whirlpool 상세 내용 160527 - 신규 : 총 16p(1~16) 160530 - 수정 : 총 3p(8,9,11) 160624 - 수정...