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To Pair Your Asus Tablet With Asus Mobile Dock - Asus ZENPAD E-Manual

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To pair your ASUS Tablet with ASUS Mobile Dock

You may use your ASUS Mobile Dock to wirelessly connect with your ASUS ZenPad 10 via Bluetooth
pairing. Refer to the following steps to learn how to establish this connection:
Turn on your ASUS Mobile Dock and its Bluetooth function by pressing the switch all the way
to the right and hold for five (5) seconds.
Tap the notification to start pairing.
• Once paired, there is no need to pair your ASUS ZenPad 10 with ASUS Mobile Dock again. Power on
your ASUS Mobile Dock and the Bluetooth connection is established automatically.
• You may also establish the Bluetooth connection by following the instruction on next page.
Chapter 1: Get your Zen ready!


Table of Contents