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Preheating The Oven; To Use Baking Function - Philips HD4468 User Manual

Toaster oven with timer and bell signal
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P reheating the Oven
Turn the TIMER CONTROL to 15 minutes and then back to 2
minutes to preheat the oven. Preheat is recommended when
baking heat-sensitive recipes such as pastries, biscuits, muffins,
etc. Food such as baked potatoes, meats, covered casseroles,
and some convenience foods do not require a preheated oven.
NOTE: When using heat resistant glass bakeware, keep edges at least
1 inch (2.54 cm) from heating elements. Do not use glass covers.To
avoid over-browning, carefully cover container with aluminum foil. Be
sure foil does not touch heating elements.

To Use Baking Function

does not touch heating elements.
Cooking times for the Philips Toaster Oven are similar to a conventional
oven. You may need to vary these slightly to obtain the desired results.
Size permitting, you may use your Philips Toaster Oven for baking those
foods you would previously have used your larger oven.
Plug Toaster Oven into 120V AC outlet.
Place the Baking Tray in the Toaster Oven.
Turn the TIMER to the desired time. For best results, allow the
oven to preheat for 2-3 minutes before using.The timer can be
set for up to 15 minutes. At end of cooking time, a bell signals
and oven turns off automatically.
When baking, both the top and bottom heating elements will
come on.
Cook for the desired time.
Remove food carefully.
NOTE: Cover top of food with aluminum foil if browning too rapidly.
Be sure foil does not touch heating elements.
• During cooking, the heating elements will go on and off to regulate
the temperature inside the oven.
• Replace any plastic wrapping or cardboard coverings on frozen or
packaged foods with aluminum foil.
• Be sure aluminum foil is well clear of heating elements by tucking
ends under baking or casserole dish.
• Do not heat airtight containers in the oven.
• Do not heat any type of paper or cardboard containers, regardless
of aluminum foil content or covering.
• Never use containers larger than those recommended or containers
with warnings against use in range-type or toaster ovens.
• If there is any question regarding use of a particular packaged food
container in a toaster oven, contact the food manufacturer.

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