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Philips HD4468 User Manual page 4

Toaster oven with timer and bell signal
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19. In the event of food flare up, keep the door closed
and unplug cord from electrical outlet.
20. Caution:Vent area is hot during operation.
21. Do not allow grease to build up inside this appliance
creating a potential fire hazard.
22. To avoid a fire hazard, do not store or place flammable
materials (including packaged bread, paper towels, etc.)
on top of or inside the Toaster Oven at any time.
23. Do not place any of the following materials in the
Toaster Oven: paper, cardboard or plastic. Remove
cardboard lids from food containers.
24. Do not operate in the presence of explosive
and/or flammable fumes.
25. Do not cover crumb tray or any part of the Toaster
Oven with metal foil.This will cause overheating
of the oven.
26. When using aluminum foil, keep foil from touching
heating elements.
27. Any container placed in this appliance must
not be sealed and must have enough capacity to
let liquids expand.
28. Do not use spray-on or other oven cleaners as they
may cause electrical damage.
29. Do not use sharp utensils to clean oven door as
scratching may weaken it and cause shattering.
30. To stop toasting, cooking or baking, or to take food
out of the Toaster Oven, always turn timer knob
to "0" position.

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