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Audiovox GMRS7001-2CH Owner's Manual

Audiovox electronics corp. general mobile radio service (gmrs) owner's manual.
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General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS)
Model : GMRS7001-2CH
Owner's Manual
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   Summary of Contents for Audiovox GMRS7001-2CH

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    General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) Model : GMRS7001-2CH Owner’s Manual Customer Service 1-800-290-6650...

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    Model GMRS7001-2CH (FCC License Required) 1. Battery Door 2. Monitor/Backlight Button 3. Detachable Carry Clip 4. Push-To-Talk (PTT) Button 5. Antenna 6. External Speaker(SPK)/Micro- phone (MIC)/Charge (CHG) Jack 7. Built-in Speaker 8. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) (REF) (REF) 9. Built-in Microphone 10.

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    Model GMRS7001-2CH DISPLAY 1. Beep Tone Indicator: Icon appears when beep button confirmation tone is selected; icon disappears when tone is off. 2. Key Lock Indicator: Icon appears when the keypad is locked. This function disables keys such as channel up/down, SCAN and MODE.

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    AC Wall Adapter and Desktop Charger. This will ensure optimum performance for the GMRS7001-2CH. Battery charging time is typically 16-20 hours. Use of the Audiovox charging equipment with other brands of rechargeable batteries is not recommended as battery charging times will vary.

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    NOTE: To extend battery life, avoid overcharging the batteries. 3. Various Brands of Rechargeable Batteries - Use of the supplied Audiovox charging equipment with other brands of rechargeable batteries is not recommended, as battery charging times will vary with different brands of batteries. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for charging other brands of batteries.

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    The following guidelines will improve performance and provide longer operating times for the GMRS7001-2CH: Do not mix old and new batteries. The use of alkaline-type batteries is recommended to provide the longest operating time. Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc) or rechargeable batteries.

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    GMRS7001-2CH OPERATIONAL MODES WEATHER BAND CHANNEL SELECT WEATHER BAND SELECT NOTE: To switch between GMRS/FRS and Weather Band modes, press and hold the Mode button for 2 seconds. Refer to the appropriate section of this manual for detailed operating instructions for each mode.

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    Adjusting the Volume (10, 11) With the unit powered on, press the Up Channel/Volume button ( ) to increase volume and the Down Channel/Volume button ( ) to decrease volume. The display will indicate the current volume level between 1 and 7 by the small number in the icon ( U Monitor/Display Backlight Button (2) This button is used to check activity on the current frequency before...

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    External Speaker (SPK)/Microphone (MIC)/(CHG) Jack (6) This jack accepts an Audiovox headset/microphone connector, or the optional Charging Adapter connector. For optional equipment and accessories for the GMRS7001-2CH visit the Audiovox web site at Scan/VOX Button (14) Press this Button momentarily to enable or disable the scan mode. Press and hold the button for more than 2 seconds to enable or disable the VOX mode;...

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    Channel Selection In order to communicate with other GMRS units, both transmitting and receiving party must be on the same frequency. The GMRS7001-2CH has 22 channels (frequencies) indicated by the large digits on the LCD dis- play panel. Channels 1 through 7 are the shared GMRS/FRS chan- nels.

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    CTCSS Mode (Sub-Channel) Selection The Coded Tone Controlled Squelch System (CTCSS) provides 38 Sub-Fre- quencies. This feature allows you to utilize the coded squelch tones (01– 38) within a main channel, and enables you to communicate with another party on the same main channel using the same subcode. (This filters out unwanted transmissions without the same coded squelch tone).

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    - Press the Up or Down button to toggle between the High and Low se- lections. - Press the PTT button momentarily to confirm selection. VOX Sensitivity Level Selection This selection enables you to set the sensitivity level to compensate for ambient noise in your immediate area.

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    - To select a subcode for the dual watch channel, press the MODE button while the selected dual watch channel is flashing. Then use the Up and Down buttons to select the desired CTCSS subcode - Press the PTT button momentarily to confirm selection of the dual watch channel.

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    Call Ringer Selection Mode The transceiver provides 3 user-selectable call ringer melodies to alert you to an incoming call. To select your favorite call ringer melody: - From GMRS/FRS standby mode (shared channels 1-7 or GMRS only channel (15-22) selected), press the MODE Button 8 times. From FRS standby mode (channels 8-15), press the MODE Button 7 times.

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    Auto Key Lock Selection Mode This feature prevents accidental channel change to the preferred settings of the unit. The Auto Key Lock function temporarily disables the MODE, Up/ Down and SCAN Buttons. To access the Auto Key Lock selection menu: - From GMRS/FRS standby mode, press and hold the Power Button for 2 seconds to enable the Auto Key function;...

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    To change the channel: - Press the Up Button (10) briefly to move to the next higher main channel number. - Press the Down Button (11) briefly to move to the next lower main channel number. NOTE: When the weather band operation mode is entered, the trans- ceiver will bypass the squelch setting and open the channel.

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    NOTES FOR GOOD COMMUNICATION 1 . The GMRS7001-2CH 22 channels are shared on a ‘take turns’ basis. This means other groups may be talking on any of the channels. A common code of ethics/courtesy is to switch to another vacant channel and not to attempt to talk over someone who is already using the channel you first selected.

  • Page 19: Troubleshooting

    • Turn your transceiver off on board aircraft when requested to do so. • Do not place your radio in front of a vehicle’s air-bag. If the air-bag de- ploys, it could propel the transceiver like a projectile causing bodily injury. Troubleshooting Problem Possible cause...

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    T T T T T ec echnical Specif hnical Specifica hnical Specif hnical Specif ications: hnical Specif General Frequency Range: Channels 1-7 (Shared with FRS Radios) Channels 8-14 (FRS only) Channels 15-22 (GMRS only) Channel Spacing Privacy Codes Weather Band (7 Channels) Canadian Maritime (3 Channels) 161.6500, 161.7750, 163.2750MHz Dimensions (W x H x D) (Without Antenna)

  • Page 21: Main Channel Frequencies

    This transceiver complies with FCC regulations for use in the United States of America. Use in other countries may be prohibited or restricted by local regulation. Please check with the local regulating agency be- fore using this device outside the United States of America. Main Channel Frequencies: NOTE: Channels 1 through 7 are shared with FRS radios.

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    Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System Tone Frequencies (in Hz) CTCSS Freq. Hz 67.0 71.9 74.4 77.0 79.7 82.5 85.4 88.5 91.5 94.8 97.4 100.0 103.5 107.2 110.9 114.8 118.8 123.0 127.3 Weather Channel Frequencies: Channel Freq. MHz 162.550 162.400 162.475 162.425 162.450 *Canadian Marine...

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    90 DAY LIMITED WARRANTY Applies to Audiovox Family Radio and General Mobile Service Products. AUDIOVOX CORPORATION (the Company) warrants to the original retail purchaser of this product that should this product or any part thereof, under normal use and conditions, be proven...

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    © 2003 Audiovox Electronics Corp., Hauppauge, NY 11788 Printed in China 128-6754...

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