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Gas Requirements - Whirlpool 3LWED5500 Installation Instructions Manual

Electric or gas dryer
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For Both Gas and Electric Dryers:
NOTE: In accordance with the European EMC Directive
(89/336/EEC) the maximum electricity supply system impedance
to which the electric dryer should be connected is declared to be
0.29 Ohm + J0.18 Ohm.
This dryer has a Maximum power absorption/usage of 4700 watts.
If code permits and an additional earth bond wire is used, it is
recommended that certified electrician determine that the earth
bond path is adequate.
Electrical Safety Standards: The manufacturer has chosen
compliance with IEC/EN.60335 standards as the most
appropriate for this product.
Do not use an adapter.
Recommended Earthing Method
It is your responsibility to contact a qualified electrical installer
to ensure that the electrical installation is adequate and in
conformance with all local codes and ordinances.


Gas supply:
Check that dryer is equipped with the correct burner for the
particular type of gas supply. Burner information will be found
on the model/serial rating plate in the door well of the dryer. If
this information does not agree with the type of gas available,
see your dealer.
Natural Gas:
This dryer is factory adjusted for use with NATURAL GAS (G20),
and no further adjustment should be required at installation.
L.P. Gas:
This dryer is also certified for use with L.P. (propane or butane)
gases with appropriate conversion. No attempt shall be made to
convert the appliance from the gas specified on the model/serial
rating plate for use with a different gas without consulting the
serving gas supplier.
Conversion must be done by a qualified service technician.
Gas conversion kits are available for purchase from your dealer.
Full instructions are supplied with the kit.
Supply Line Requirements
Provide a rigid gas supply line to the dryer location. It should be
minimum 12.5 mm (1/2") ID. When acceptable to the gas supplier
and local codes, 10 mm (3/8") ID rigid supply line may be used
for lengths under 6.1 m (20'). Pipe-joint compounds resistant to
the action of L.P. gas must be used.



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