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Casio RFT-100 Service Manual & Parts List

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REF. NO. S/M-937
FEB. 2006
Ver.1 : Mar. 2006



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  Summary of Contents for Casio RFT-100

  • Page 1 ERVICE ANUAL & PARTS LIST REF. NO. S/M-937 FEB. 2006 MODULE NO. QW-2993 RFT-100 Ver.1 : Mar. 2006 INDEX (WITHOUT PRICE)
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Page 1. SPECIFICATIONS: MODULE QW-2993 ............ 1 2. OPERATION CHART: MODULE QW-2993 ..........2 3. DRAWINGS: MODULE QW-2993 3-1. LCD DIAGRAM ..................... 6 3-2. CHECKING TERMINALS AND COMPONENTS .......... 7 4. EXPLODED VIEW: MODULE QW-2993 ............ 8 5. PARTS LIST: MODULE QW-2993 ............. 9 6.
  • Page 3: Specifications: Module Qw-2993

    1. SPECIFICATIONS: MODULE QW-2993 Item Detail Battery CR2025 Battery life Approx. 5 years 1.57 µA maximum Current consumption Alarm system Piezo plate on Cover/Back ±15 sec./month Accuracy Accuracy setting system Trimmer capacitor Accuracy checking See page 10 • Electro-luminescent backlight Functions Auto-light switch, afterglow •...
  • Page 4: Operation Chart: Module Qw-2993

    2. OPERATION CHART: MODULE QW-2993 About This Manual • Button operations are indicated using the letters shown in the illustration. • Each section of this manual provides you with the information you need to perform operations in each mode. Further details and technical information can be found in the “Reference”...
  • Page 5 To set the event time Interval Timer 1. In the Stopwatch Mode, hold down A until the current With the interval timer, you can set up to nine start times, event time setting starts to flash in the lower display. Interval timer number which are counted down in sequence one after the other.
  • Page 6 World Time About the Auto Light Switch While the auto light switch is enabled, illumination turns on whenever you position World Time shows the current time in 48 cities (29 time your wrist as described below in any mode. Timekeeping Mode time zones) around the world.
  • Page 7 Illumination Precautions • The electro-luminescent panel that provides illumination loses power after very long use. • Illumination may be hard to see when viewed under direct sunlight. • The watch may emit an audible sound whenever the display is illuminated. This is due to vibration of the EL panel used for illumination, and does not indicate malfunction.
  • Page 8: Drawings: Module Qw-2993

    3. DRAWINGS: MODULE QW-2993 3-1. LCD DIAGRAM min1 col1 sec0 sec1 min0 col0 mute/vib1 auto-rep a-light COM. COM. SEG. SEG. auto-rep min1 col1 x15y4 x15y3 x15y2 x15y1 x15y0 x14y4 x14y3 x14y2 x14y1 x14y0 x13y4 x13y3 x13y2 x13y1 x13y0 x12y4 x12y3 x12y2 x12y1 x12y0...
  • Page 9: Checking Terminals And Components

    3-2. CHECKING TERMINALS AND COMPONENTS Short pad for switching modules KI7-GND: Open (No Soldering) KI8-GND: Open (No Soldering) VDD3 VDD1 10. PCB ASS'Y (10217728) CLF2 Short pad for N trimming CLF1 VOUT VDD2 VDD2 M– M– VDD2 M– VDD2 LD3KC3 VDD2 SENSOR/TILT VOSC...
  • Page 10: Exploded View: Module Qw-2993

    4. EXPLODED VIEW: MODULE QW-2993 8 (10217727) 14 (72300980) 5 (10109740) 14 (72300980) 7 (10109739) 10 (10217728) PCB ass'y 2 (72360286) 13 (72300868) Battery/Lithium (CR2025) 6 (10174365) 12 (72330952) — 8 —...
  • Page 11: Parts List: Module Qw-2993

    4. As for order/supply of spare parts, refer to the separate publication "GUIDE BOOK for spare parts supply". Item Code No. Parts Name Specification Applicable 76409630 MODULE/WITHOUT MOVEMENT QW-2993YC-01TK RFT-100-1V/2V/4BV/4V/9V RFT-100WC-1V 10097666 CAPACITOR/TRIMMER CTZ2E-25C-W2-P QW-2993YC-01TK 72360286 CONTACT/BATTERY(-) 1650 Q357954C-1 QW-2993YC-01TK...
  • Page 12: Precautions For Repair: Module Qw-2993

    6. PRECAUTIONS FOR REPAIR: MODULE QW-2993 6-1. AC (ALL CLEAR) AND REMOVING OF MODULE 1. Perform AC (ALL CLEAR) when inserting a new battery, or else the memories and/ or counters may give erratic displays. Touch the AC contact and the main plate with the metallic tweezers. The contact should be made for about two seconds.
  • Page 13 Ver. 1 : Mar. 2006 Addition of the operation chart (page 2 to 5) Correction of page 10 CASIO COMPUTER CO.,LTD. Overseas Service Division 6-2, Hon-machi 1-Chome Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-8543, Japan...

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