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Philips 42PFL7503 User Manual

Lcd television.
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LCD television
LCD televisie


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  • Page 1 Register your product and get support at LCD television ________________________________ LCD televisie ________________________________ 42PFL7503...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Connect your devices with the Connection assistant 29 Connect your devices without the Connection assistant 29 Net TV 35 PC network 35 Connection setup 36 Technical data 37 Troubleshooting 39 Index 41 Register your product and get support at
  • Page 4 Philips is committed to develop, produce and market products that cause no adverse health effects. Philips confirms that if its products are handled properly for their intended use, they are safe to use according to scientific evidence available today.
  • Page 5: Important

    Important Read this user manual before you start to use this product. Pay attention to this section and closely follow the instructions. The warranty does not apply to damage caused by not taking into account the instructions. Safety • To avoid short circuit, never expose the product to rain or water.
  • Page 6: Your Tv

    Your TV This section gives you an overview of the controls and functions of this TV. Television overview Controls Indicator light Remote control sensor Volume up and down Menu Program/Channel up and down Power switch Connectors Back connectors Side connectors For more info see section 7 Connections.
  • Page 7: Product Highlights

    Product highlights Your new TV is equipped with some of the most modern audio or video innovations. Your TV offers the following advantages ... Full High Definition LCD display A full HD resolution of 1920x1080p, the highest resolution of HD sources. It offers a brilliant flicker- free progressive scan picture with optimum brightness and superb colours.
  • Page 8: Wall Mounting - Vesa

    ) Caution Consider the TV’s weight when you wall mount it. Improper mounting can result in severe injury or damage. Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. bears no responsibility for improper mounting or mounting that results in accident or injury. Your TV is prepared for VESA compliant wall mounting.
  • Page 9: Antenna Cable

    Antenna cable ‡ Locate the antenna connection at the back of the TV. ® Insert the antenna cable tightly into the Antenna x socket. Power cable Keep the mains plug at the wall socket accessible at all time. The TV is never powered off completely and consumes energy unless the mains cord is physically unplugged.
  • Page 10: Use Your Tv

    Watch TV 4.2.1 Switch channels ‡ To switch TV channels: • Press a number (1 to 999) or press P+ or P- on your remote control. • Press - or + on the side Program/Channel controls of the TV. ® Press R to return to the previously viewed TV channel or connected device.
  • Page 11: Watch A Dvd

    Watch a DVD ‡ Switch on your DVD player. ® Insert a DVD disc in your player. The DVD picture automatically appears on the screen. Ò Press Play πon the DVD player. If the picture does not appear: ‡ Press the Source v key. ®...
  • Page 12: Use More Of Your Tv

    Use more of your TV This section helps you perform advanced TV operations including how to: • use the menus • adjust picture and sound settings • make use of Teletext • create favourite channel lists 5.1 Remote control 5.1.1 Remote control overview RC4493 5 1 eps •...
  • Page 13: Tv Menus

    15 Net TV To link up your TV on a the Net TV startpage. 16 Guide a To switch on or off the Electronic Programme Guide. 17 Previous channel R To return to the previously viewed channel 18 +P- Channel up or down To switch to the next or previous channel in the channel list.
  • Page 14: Picture And Sound Settings

    5.2.2 Use of the menu Learn to use the menus with this example. ‡ Press Menu Ï. The TV menu appears on the screen. TV menu Smart settings Picture Sound Settings assistant Features Setup ® Press o or œ to select Picture. ÒPress π...
  • Page 15 • Contrast Changes the level of bright parts in the picture but keeps the dark parts unchanged. • Brightness Changes the level of light of the total picture. • Colour Changes the level of saturation. • Hue If NTSC is broadcasted, this level compensates the colour variations.
  • Page 16 • Auto format (Not for PC.) Enlarges the picture automatically to fill the screen. Subtitles remain visible. You can set Auto format in two different modes. ‡ In the TV menu, select Picture > Auto format mode. ® Select Auto-fill to fill the screen as much as possible.
  • Page 17: Teletext

    • Auto volume levelling Reduces sudden volume differences like at the beginning of commercials or when switching from one channel to another. Select on or off. • Delta volume Levels out volume differences between channels or connected devices. ‡ Switch to the channel or device you want to level out the volume difference.
  • Page 18: Create Favourite Channel Lists

    5.4.4 Search teletext Quickly jump to a subject linked to a series of pagenumbers or search for specific words in teletext pages. ‡ Press Teletext. ® Press to highlight the first word or number. Ò Press p or π, o or œ to jump to the next word or number on the page.
  • Page 19: Electronic Programme Guide

    5.5.2 To set up a favourite list Create or modify your own favourite list. ‡ Press The last selected list appears. ® Press the red key to show all favourite lists. Ò Press o or œ to select a list. †...
  • Page 20: Timers And Locks

    Timers and locks This section describes how to switch the TV on or off at a specified time and to lock or unlock the TV. 5.7.1 Automatically switch to standby Sleeptimer switches the TV to standby after a time. ‡ Press Menu Ï on the remote control and select Features >...
  • Page 21: Subtitles

    Philips is not responsible if your USB device is not supported nor shall Philips accept any liability for damage or loss of stored data. Use more of your TV 5.9.1...
  • Page 22: Watch And Play Photos, Mp3

    † Press to watch the picture or to start a slideshow of the pictures in the album. º Press to pause the slideshow. Press again to restart. ◊Press one of the colour keys on the remote control to perform the corresponding function shown at the bottom of the screen.
  • Page 23: Net Tv

    5.10 Net TV You can link up your TV to internet online services. View photos, play games, consult a programme guide or buy online. To prepare your TV to wach Net TV see section 7.5 Net TV set up. 5.10.1 Watch Net TV ‡...
  • Page 24: Software Update

    5.11 Software update Philips continually tries to improve its products.To benefit, your TV may need occasional software updates. You can update your TV software: - from the Internet - with a USB memory device (not supplied) To update the TV’s software either from the Internet or a USB device, the Update assistant can help you.
  • Page 25 ‡ Switch on the TV. ® Insert the USB memory device to the USB connector at the side of the TV. Ò The TV switches off. The screen stays black for about 10 seconds. Wait and never use the power switch B on the TV. †...
  • Page 26: Channel Installation

    Channel installation The first time you turned on your TV • you have selected the language of the TV menus and the country where you are located • all the available TV Channels have been installed. This chapter provides instructions on how to reinstall channels as well as other useful channel installation features.
  • Page 27: Rearrange Stored Channels

    6.2.2 Search for and store a new channel ‡ Press Menu Ï and select Setup > Installation > Channel installation > Manual installation > Search. ® Press π to enter the Search menu. Ò Press the red key to enter the frequency yourself or press the green key to search for a next channel.
  • Page 28: Channel Update

    Channel update At any time you can tune and update al available channels without altering the sorting of existing channels. ‡ Press Menu Ï and select Setup > Installation > Channel installation > Installation update. ® Press π to enter the Installation update menu. Ò...
  • Page 29: Connections (dvd, Receiver

    Connections Connection overview Connections Side connectors Headphones Stereo Mini jack Audio L/R Audio L/R input to be used together with Video or S-Video on the side of the TV. Video Video input to be used together with the Audio L/R on the side of the TV. S-Video S-Video input to be used together with the Audio L/R on the side of the TV.
  • Page 30: About Connections

    About connections 7.2.1 What you need to know Connect your device with the highest possible quality connection. Look for the highest quality connection on your device. Use that connection to your TV. HDMI - Highest quality An HDMI connection has the best picture and sound quality.
  • Page 31: Connection Assistant

    Video - Basic quality Use a Video (cinch) cable together with an Audio L/R (cinch) cable. Match the cable colours when you connect. Combined Video - yellow and Audio L/R cable - red and white 7.2.2 HDMI with EasyLink Connected devices that are compliant with the HDMI CEC standard can work together.
  • Page 32 7.4.1 DVD player Use a scart cable to connect the device to the EXT1 input at the back of the TV. 7.4.2 DVD Recorder or Digital Receiver Use a scart cable and 2 antenna cables. 7.4.3 DVD Recorder and Digital Receiver Use 3 scart cables and 3 antenna cables.
  • Page 33 7.4.4 DVD Recorder and Home Theatre System Use a scart cable, 2 antenna cables and 1 digital audio (cinch) cable. DIGITAL AUDIO 7.4.5 DVD Recorder and DVD Home Theatre System Use 2 scart cables, 2 antenna cables and 1 digital audio (cinch) cable.
  • Page 34 7.4.7 HD Digital receiver / HD satellite receiver Use an HDMI cable and 2 antenna cables. 7.4.8 DVD-R, Home Theatre System and Digital receiver Use 3 scart cables, 3 antenna cables and 1 audio (cinch) cable. DIGITAL AUDIO DVD Recorder 7.4.9 Blu-ray Disc player Use an HDMI cable.
  • Page 35 7.4.10 Game console The most practical connections for a game console are at the side of the TV. rNote: To prevent picture delay, set the TV in Game mode. Press Menu > TV menu > Smart settings > Game. Connected at the side of the TV Use the HDMI connection or the S-Video and Audio L/R connections or the Video and Audio L/R connections.
  • Page 36 7.4.12 Personal Computer You can connect your PC directly to the TV. The TV works as a monitor of your PC. For more features you can connect your PC in a PC network. See section 7.6 PC network. As a monitor the PC can be connected at the side with a DVI to HDMI adaptor or with a PC to TV cable.
  • Page 37: Net Tv

    8 Technical data, a step by step setting instruction is available in the online User Manual. Type in your TV model number on In the extended User Manual, see section 7.6 PC network. A firewall, a security system on your computer, could also block the network connection.
  • Page 38: Connection Setup

    7.6.3 Manual network setup Some expert network settings can be set on the TV. The DHCP is set to On to automatically connect to the network. Press Menu Ï > Setup > Installation > Manual network installation. Connection setup The TV needs to know what connections you have made and which device is connected to which connector.
  • Page 39: Technical Data

    • Macrovision Network Media Server (on Windows XP) • Fuppes (on Linux) • UShare (on Linix) • Philips Media Manager (on Microsoft Windows • Philips NAS SPD8020 * For this media server software a step by step setting instruction is available in the online User manual on
  • Page 40 Power • Mains power: AC 220-240V (±10%) • Power and standby power consumption: See technical specification on • Ambient temperature: 5°C - 35°C Specifications are subject to change without notice. For more specification details of this product see
  • Page 41: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Television and remote control The TV does not switch on • Verify the mains cord connection. • Verify if the batteries of the remote control are not empty or weak.Verify their + / - orientation. You can use the keys on the TV to switch the TV on. •...
  • Page 42 Philips recommends a broadband Internet connection of at least xx Mbps. • Reset your Internet settings. Press Menu Ï > Setup >...
  • Page 43: Index

    10 Index 100 Hz Clear LCD 5,13 Active control 13 Advanced sharpness 13 Antenna cable 7 connect 7 with devices 27 Audio setup 36 Auto format 14 Automatic installation 24 Auto Volume levelling 15 Balance sound 14 Batteries 3,6 Blacklevel 13 Blu-ray Disc 32 Brightness 13 Cable...
  • Page 44 Photo viewer 20 Picture album 19 format 14 menu 12 Pixel Plus 13 Position the TV 5 Power cable 7 Rearrange channels 25 Recorder 30,31 Recycling 3 Remote control batteries 6 overview 10 Rename 25 Reorder 25 Safety 3 Satellite receiver 32 Scart connection 28 Screen cleaning 3 Search...
  • Page 46: Contact Information

    Contact information België / Belgique 078 250 145 0.06/min Nederland 0900 8407 0.10/min United Kingdom 0870 900 9070 Local Type no. Product no. Printed in Belgium...

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