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Lenovo THINKSERVER TS140 Quick Reference Manual

Clinics, small branch office and smb back office/small office, smb, retail back office, infrastructure and departmental applications/mid-sized-firm data center, infrastructure and departmental applications/database, compute and virtual solutions.
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Lenovo is known for its excellence in quality, reliability, and innovation — attributes that our customers find meaningful
— at very competitive prices. Lenovo offers these same qualities in our server and storage products. With these
attributes, Lenovo ThinkServer systems, ThinkServer options, ThinkServer storage and LenovoEMC network-attached
storage (NAS) offerings are perfect for a range of customers and use cases ranging from line-of-business applications
in smaller firms to full data processing needs in mid-sized firms to distributed computing deployments in the largest
of organizations.
Our competition has focused most of their server and storage development on addressing the unique requirements
of the largest 10 percent of data centers and hyper-scale deployments. That means they have concentrated less on
innovation in 1P and 2P mainstream systems. For many smaller, medium, and even large companies, the systems that
are critical in supporting their everyday business are not getting the needed innovation. This is not the case with Lenovo
ThinkServer. The same quality, reliability, and innovation put into every ThinkPad — and critical to our customers — are
poured into our ThinkServer portfolio.
• ThinkServer's® superior
components undergo more
rigorous testing than industry
• Up to 40 % redution in system
failures from improved design and
13% stronger chassis reduces
motherboard failures.
• Up to 30% better thermal efficiency
using up to 30% less power.
• 'Truly Open' means ThinkServers
use the best components from
industry technology leaders such
as Intel®, LSI®, Emulex® and
QLogic®, and engineer a seamless
experience for our customers.
• ThinkServer works with your
existing management tools.
• Integrated Intel® AMT® 9.0
(TS Series) or ThinkServer
Management Module (TMM)
(RD Series) provide remote
management capabilities.
From growing small businesses to
enterprise workloads, our rack and
tower servers meet your business-critical
demands with legendary THINK quality
and reliability, while maximizing
your budget.
• Design that simplifies use, improves
reliability, increases efficiency.
• Advanced thermal design and
Vestor Cooling reduces fan power
and noise. Best in class acoustics
- sub 26dB (TS140).
• Go green with up to 92% efficient
power supplies and 65% post-
consumer recycled plastic.
• The ThinkServer RD630 is the
leader in TPC-H 100GB and
300GB non-clustered database
tests and offers 20.4% greater
IOPS than the competition.
• With the latest Intel® Xeon®
processors, now our ThinkServer
RD640 is up to 35% faster than
its RD630 predecessor!
• 15% greater performance per
dollar on real-world database


Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for Lenovo THINKSERVER TS140

  • Page 1 1P and 2P mainstream systems. For many smaller, medium, and even large companies, the systems that are critical in supporting their everyday business are not getting the needed innovation. This is not the case with Lenovo ThinkServer. The same quality, reliability, and innovation put into every ThinkPad — and critical to our customers — are poured into our ThinkServer portfolio.
  • Page 2 THINKSERVER USAGE TS440 TD340 RD440 RD640 Clinics, Small Branch Small Office, SMB, Mid-sized-firm Data Database, Compute Office and SMB Retail Back Office, Center, Infrastructure and and Virtual Solutions Back Office Infrastructure and Departmental Applications Departmental Applications TS140 / TS440 TD340 RD340 / RD440 RD540 / RD640 File / print, office, email,...
  • Page 3 THINKSERVER SELLING OPPORTUNITIES Here are some real-world situations you may encounter, and examples of how you can turn them into opportunities with Lenovo ThinkServer. DIRECT-ATTACHED NETWORK-ATTACHED FIRST SERVER SERVER REFRESH VIRTUALIZATION STORAGE (DAS) STORAGE (NAS) Situation: Currently not Current server is more...
  • Page 4 THINKSERVER SERIES SUMMARY Family Specifications TS140 / TS440 TD340 RD340 / RD440 RD540 / RD640 PERFORMANCE Chipset Intel C226 Intel C606 Intel C606 Intel C602-J CPU: sockets Intel E3-1200 v3, Core i3, or Intel Xeon E5-2400 CPU: choices Intel Xeon E5-2400 v2 Intel Xeon E5-2600 v2 Pentium CPU: max.
  • Page 5 THINKSERVER SA120 SERIES SUMMARY Specifications SA120 FORM FACTOR Chassis 2U rack chassis – static rail kit included POWER Power: choices 1 + 1 hot-swap redundant Power: capacity 550W Power: efficiency 80 PLUS Gold COOLING Fans 2 hot-swap redundant STORAGE AND CONTROLLERS I/O controllers Up to 2 ThinkServer Storage Array 6Gbps I/O Modules Storage: max capacity front panel...
  • Page 6 RECOMMENDED THINKSERVER SERVICES Lenovo Services lets you get the most out of your ThinkServer – no Lenovo ThinkServer Keep Your Drive matter how you use it. Lenovo ThinkServer Services are offered in a Data security is more important than ever, and Lenovo offers our variety of service levels to meet the needs of your business as well as popular ‘Keep Your Drive’...
  • Page 7 Optional 10GbE PCI card sold separately. 12 drive configurations. RESOURCES AND LINKS Learn more about Lenovo ThinkServer US: View ThinkServer resources and tools on the Lenovo Partner Network (LPN) Canada: Build a ThinkServer configuration Learn more about LenovoEMC storage solutions LenovoEMC resources and tools on US:
  • Page 8 TS140 NETWORK STORAGE The ThinkServer TS140 trumps the competition by combining desktop affordability with 24x7-capable components. Despite being the least expensive ThinkServer we offer, it has higher hard-disk drive capacity and networking scalability than our competition and a wider range of processor support from Intel Core i3 to Intel Xeon. Running a range of operating systems (including client OS capability for retail applications) and being among the quietest systems in the industry, the TS140 is ideal for retail, classroom, healthcare office, retail bank, hospitality, and other distributed small-office applications.
  • Page 9 The enterprise-class ThinkServer TS440 single-processor tower server is feature-rich, yet very affordable. Highly configurable, the TS440 server offers more performance than the ThinkServer TS140 and increased reliability with hot- swap drives and efficient power supplies. It provides more storage capacity than some competitors and offers the ability to support both 3.5"...
  • Page 10 USE CASE: SMB BACK OFFICE, CAMPUS AND CLINIC LENOVO THINKSERVER & LENOVOEMC FAMILY RECOMMENDED SYSTEMS ThinkServer TD340 Server and LenovoEMC px Tower Storage px4-400d TD340 NETWORK STORAGE The all-new, dual-processor ThinkServer TD340 packs the performance of an entry rack server in a tower form factor, giving...
  • Page 11 USE CASE: INFRASTRUCTURE AND DEPARTMENTAL APPLICATIONS LENOVO THINKSERVER & LENOVOEMC FAMILY RECOMMENDED SYSTEMS ThinkServer RD340 and RD440 Servers and LenovoEMC px4-300r and px12-400r Network Storage Arrays RD340 / RD440 px4-300r Network Storage Array With the latest Intel Xeon processors, the ThinkServer RD340 and RD440 systems pack great mid-range performance, generous memory capacity of 192GB and plenty of I/O capability.
  • Page 12 USE CASE: DATABASE, COMPUTE AND VIRTUALIZATION LENOVO THINKSERVER & LENOVOEMC FAMILY RECOMMENDED SYSTEMS ThinkServer RD540 and RD640 Servers and LenovoEMC px4-300r and px12-450r Network Storage Arrays RD540 / RD640 px12-450r Network Storage Array Optimized for performance, the ThinkServer RD540 and ThinkServer RD640 rack servers, provide the rock-solid commercial performance, and reliability needed to support large- and high-performance business workloads.
  • Page 13 USE CASE: SMALL ENTERPRISE STORAGE LENOVO THINKSERVER & THINKSERVER SA120 DAS RECOMMENDED SYSTEMS ThinkServer RD340/RD440/RD540/RD640 Servers and ThinkServer SA120 Direct-Attached Storage SA120 The ThinkServer SA120 is a dense, rack-mountable direct-attached storage (DAS) enclosure that’s ideal for datacenter deployments, distributed enterprises or small businesses. Featuring both 2.5" and 3.5" drive bays in a single 2U enclosure, the ThinkServer SA120 is ideally suited for workloads that demand high performance and maximum capacity.
  • Page 14 Click below to find more Mipaper at Mipaper at

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