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Asus RT-N66W Dual Band 3x3 Quick Start Manual

Wireless-n900 gigabit router
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RT-N66W Dual Band 3x3
Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router

Quick Start Guide

E8665/ First Edition / Sept. 2013
E8665_RT-N66W_QSG.indd 1
9/17/13 12:43:38 PM



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  Summary of Contents for Asus RT-N66W Dual Band 3x3

  • Page 1: Quick Start Guide

    ® RT-N66W Dual Band 3x3 Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router Quick Start Guide E8665/ First Edition / Sept. 2013 E8665_RT-N66W_QSG.indd 1 9/17/13 12:43:38 PM...
  • Page 2 NOTE: For more details, refer to the user manual included in the support CD. E8665_RT-N66W_QSG.indd 2 9/17/13 12:43:39 PM...
  • Page 3: Package Contents

    Package contents RT-N66W AC adapter Network cable Quick Start Guide Support CD (User Manual/utilities) Warranty card Stand NOTE: If any of the items is damaged or missing, contact your retailer. A quick look 1) Power LED 5) 5GHz LED USB 2.0 ports 2) LAN LED 6) USB 2.0 LED 10) Reset button...
  • Page 4 3TB and supports read-write access for FAT16, FAT32, EXT2, EXT3, and NTFS. • To safely remove the USB disk, launch the web GUI ( or, then in the Network Map page's upper right corner, click the USB icon and click Eject USB 1.
  • Page 5: Positioning Your Wireless Router

    • To ensure the best wireless signal, orient the three detachable antennas as shown in the drawing below. • Always update to the latest firmware. Visit the ASUS website at to get the latest firmware updates. 90° 45° 45°...
  • Page 6: Mounting To The Stand

    Mounting to the stand • Align and insert the stand’s mounting hooks to the wireless router’s mounting holes. Before you proceed 1. Unplug and disconnect the wires/cables from your existing modem setup and release your computer’s outmoded IP address. a: Unplug the AC adapter from the power outlet and disconnect it from your cable/ADSL modem.
  • Page 7 WARNING! Before disconnecting the wires/cables, ensure that your cable/ADSL modem has been turned off for at least two minutes. If your modem has a backup battery, remove it as well. 2. Set up your wireless environment. Wall Power Outlet RT-N66U Power Modem Computer...
  • Page 8: Getting Started

    3. Disable some settings on your computer. A. Disable the proxy server, if enabled. B. Set the TCP/IP settings to automatically obtain an IP address. C. Disable the dial-up connection, if enabled. NOTE: For more details on disabling your computer settings, refer to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  • Page 9 NOTE: If QIS does not launch automatically, follow these steps to manually launch QIS: • On your web browser, key in or default domain name: and run the Quick Internet Setup (QIS) Wizard again. • Disable the proxy settings, dial-up connection, and set your TCP/IP settings to automatically obtain an IP address.
  • Page 10: Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) After following the steps, I still cannot access the wireless router’s web graphics user interface (web GUI) to configure the wireless router settings. A. Disable the proxy server, if enabled. Windows® 7/8 1. Click Start > Internet Explorer to launch the web browser.
  • Page 11 MAC OS 1. From your Safari browser, click Safari > Prefer- ences > Advanced > Change Settings... 2. From the Network screen, deselect FTP Proxy and Web Proxy (HTTP). 3. Cllick Apply Now when done. NOTE: Refer to your browser's help feature for details on disabling the proxy server.
  • Page 12 3. To obtain the iPv4 IP settings automatically, tick Obtain an IP address automatically. 4. Click OK when done. MAC OS 1. Click the Apple icon located on the top left of your screen. 2. Click System Preferences > Network > Configure...
  • Page 13 C. Disable the dial-up connection, if enabled. Windows® 7/8 1. Click Start > Internet Explorer to launch the browser. 2. Click Tools > Internet options > Connections tab. 3. Tick Never dial a connection. 4. Click OK when done. NOTE: Refer to your browser's help feature for details on disabling the dial-up connection settings.
  • Page 14 • Try setting up the wired connection and configuring the wireless encryption again. • Press the Reset button of the wireless router for more than five seconds. • Factory default settings: User name / Password: IP address: SSID: admin / admin ASUS E8665_RT-N66W_QSG.indd 14 9/17/13 12:43:50 PM...
  • Page 15: Support Hotline

    Where can I find more information about the wireless router? • User Manual in the support CD • Online FAQ site: • Technical Support site: • Customer Hotline: Refer to the Support Hotline in this Quick Start Guide...
  • Page 16 ASUS Recycling/Takeback Services ASUS recycling and takeback programs come from our commitment to the highest standards for protecting our environment. We believe in providing solutions for you to be able to responsibly recycle our products, batteries, other components, as well as the packaging materials. Please go to http://csr.asus.
  • Page 17: Important Note

    WARNING! Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. Prohibition of Co-location This device and its antenna(s) must not be co-located or operating in conjunc- tion with any other antenna or transmitter. IMPORTANT NOTE: Radiation Exposure Statement: This equipment complies with FCC radia- tion exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment.
  • Page 18 Informations concernant l’exposition aux fréquences radio (RF) La puissance de sortie émise par l’appareil de sans l ASUS est inférieure à la limite d’exposition aux fréquences radio d’Industry Canada (IC). Utilisez l’ appareil de sans l ASUS de façon à minimiser les contacts humains lors du fonctionnement normal.
  • Page 19 Ce périphérique a été évalué et démontré conforme aux limites SAR (Speci c Absorption Rate – Taux d’absorption spéci que) d’IC lorsqu’il est installé dans des produits hôtes particuliers qui fonctionnent dans des conditions d’exposition à des appareils portables (les antennes se situent à moins de 20 centimètres du corps d’une personne).
  • Page 20: Networks Global Hotline Information

    Czech Republic 00420-596766888 08:00-17:00 Mon-Fri Switzerland-German 0041-848111010 09:00-18:00 Mon-Fri Switzerland-French 0041-848111014 09:00-18:00 Mon-Fri Switzerland-Italian 0041-848111012 09:00-18:00 Mon-Fri United Kingdom 0044-8448008340 09:00-17:00 Mon-Fri Ireland 0035-31890719918 09:00-17:00 Mon-Fri Russia and CIS 008-800-100-ASUS 09:00-18:00 Mon-Fri Ukraine 0038-0445457727 09:00-18:00 Mon-Fri E8665_RT-N66W_QSG.indd 20 9/17/13 12:43:52 PM...
  • Page 21 Networks Global Hotline Information Region Country Hotline Numbers Service Hours Australia 1300-278788 09:00-18:00 Mon-Fri New Zealand 0800-278788 09:00-18:00 Mon-Fri Japan 09:00-18:00 Mon-Fri 0800-1232787 09:00-17:00 Sat-Sun 09:00-18:00 Mon-Fri 0081-473905630 ( Non-Toll Free ) 09:00-17:00 Sat-Sun Korea 0082-215666868 09:30-17:00 Mon-Fri Thailand 0066-24011717 09:00-18:00 Mon-Fri 1800-8525201 Singapore...
  • Page 22 09:00-17:00 Mon-Fri Slovenia 00368-59045400 08:00-16:00 Mon-Fri 00368-59045401 Estonia 00372-6671796 09:00-18:00 Mon-Fri Latvia 00371-67408838 09:00-18:00 Mon-Fri Lithuania- 00370-37329000 09:00-18:00 Mon-Fri Kaunas Lithuania-Vil- 00370-522101160 09:00-18:00 Mon-Fri nius NOTE: For more information, visit the ASUS support site at: E8665_RT-N66W_QSG.indd 22 9/17/13 12:43:53 PM...
  • Page 23 Manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Tel: +886-2-2894-3447 Address: 4F, No. 150, LI-TE RD., PEITOU, TAIPEI 112, TAIWAN Authorised ASUS Computer GmbH representative in Europe Address: HARKORT STR. 21-23, 40880 RATINGEN, GERMANY Authorised distributors BOGAZICI BIL GISAYAR SAN. VE TIC. A.S. in Turkey Tel: +90 212 3311000 Address: AYAZAGA MAH.
  • Page 24 E8665_RT-N66W_QSG.indd 24 9/17/13 12:43:53 PM...
  • Page 25 For Australian Warranty Statement Only * ASUS products come with guarantees that connect be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage.
  • Page 26 * To ensure the validity of the warranty, please fill in the shop name, name of servicing personnel, date of purchase and other information accurately. * Please mail back this form to your local ASUS sales representative for ASUS Advantage mileage program point accumulation (dependent on local sales policies / web availability).