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2005 HF Series User's Manual
32HF7543 - 37HF7543 – 42HF7543 - User's Manual


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    2005 HF Series User’s Manual 112505.0959 32HF7543 - 37HF7543 – 42HF7543 - User’s Manual...

  • Page 2: Safety Information

    2005 HF Series User’s Manual SAFETY INFORMATION Disconnect mains plug when: Ø the red light below the TV screen is flashing continuously. Ø a bright white line is displayed across the screen. Ø cleaning the TV screen. Never use abrasive cleaning agents. Use a slightly damp chamois leather or soft cloth.

  • Page 3: Before Calling Service

    2005 HF Series User’s Manual Before Calling Service A list of common symptoms is presented as follows. Before you call for service, perform these simple checks. Some of these symptoms can be readily corrected. Note: Please become familiar with the commercial features as described in TV Installation / Setup, because the effects of several of these features, if they are not thoroughly understood, might appear as faulty operation.

  • Page 4: Basic Television Connection

    2005 HF Series User’s Manual 112505.0959 Basic Television Connection Antenna Connection • Connect the antenna or RF cable signal to the 75-ohm RF ‘F’ connector socket located on the TV’s rear jack panel. Mains Connection • Verify that the mains voltage and frequency are correct.

  • Page 5: Remote Controls

    This can help prevent damage to the remote from possible battery leakage. REMOTE CONTROLS The following remote controls are applicable to the Philips’ HF-series television products. These can be used for guest control functions and setup and configuration purposes.

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    2005 HF Series User’s Manual A Guest Remote may be used to access a limited menu and to perform the basic control functions of the television. Remote control RC2573GR is an optional remote control specifically for configuring Institutional TV / Business Display Solutions features and SmartCard settings.

  • Page 7

    2005 HF Series User’s Manual GUEST REMOTE CONTROL KEYS Source Select To toggle between available video sources DVD PAUSE To Pause DVD playback (if applicable) Close Caption To activate Close Caption functionality DVD STOP To Stop DVD playback (if applicable) Menu To call up or exit the menus.

  • Page 8: Tv Setup Main Menu

    2005 HF Series User’s Manual TV Setup Main Menu LANGUAGE COMMUNICATION CHANNEL INSTALL SWITCH ON / OSD SECURITY CONTROL CLOSED CAPTION To enter, press “M” on the RC2573GR setup remote control. To scroll through the menu, press control. A highlight indicates that the respective menu item’s setting is selected for modification.

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    2005 HF Series User’s Manual The specific steps for entering Hotel Mode Menu, setting Hotel Mode to No, making changes to the consumer set and then reversing the process are as follows: 1. Using RC2573GR setup remote, enter setup menu 2.

  • Page 10

    2005 HF Series User’s Manual CHANNEL INSTALL The CHANNEL INSTALL menu allows the user to configure the channels that can be accessed. When installing the channels, different inputs can be mapped to TV channels to allow seamless integration into the channel map. The two sections below explain how to install analog channels and AV inputs, and how to install digital channels.

  • Page 11

    2005 HF Series User’s Manual CHANNEL SOURCE RING MAJOR MINOR LABEL AUTO INSTALL TV CHANNEL: Select the channel or input you wish to configure. SOURCE: When DIGITAL is selected two additional entries are added to the menu to allow for mapping the digital channels.

  • Page 12

    2005 HF Series User’s Manual WELCOME MESSAGE SWITCH ON CHANNEL SWITCH ON VOLUME SWITCH ON PIC FMT POWER ON VOLUME INDICATOR CHANNEL DISPLAY 3 DIGIT ENTRY WELCOME MESSAGE: A welcome message (two lines, 20 characters) can appear on-screen when the set is powered on.

  • Page 13

    2005 HF Series User’s Manual the upper left- hand corner of the screen, each digit as it is received, followed by a hyphen ‘-’, indicating that the TV is “waiting” for the next digit (see Note). o NO: The TV, upon receiving a remote control digit command, “expects” to receive one more successive remote control digit command before tuning the intended channel (see Note).

  • Page 14

    2005 HF Series User’s Manual Using the different formats Select the preferred format from the SWITCH ON PIC FMT menu item in the setup screen, or (if applicable) use the Format button on the Remote Control to select the different modes: 4:3, Zoom 14:9, Zoom 16:9, Subtitle zoom, Super Zoom, and Widescreen.

  • Page 15

    2005 HF Series User’s Manual SECURITY KEYBOARD LOCK SECURITY Special feature for commercial use only. KEYBOARD LOCK The TV’s keyboard is operational. YES: The TV’s keyboard is disabled. SOURCE MENU ITEM PIC FMT MENU ITEM CHANNEL GUIDE MAX VOLUME Energy Saving Programmability. This feature enables the TV to automatically power-down after a specified period of time, if during any such period it receives no commands from the front panel or remote control.

  • Page 16

    2005 HF Series User’s Manual SAVE CC DIGITAL CC MODE ANALOG CC MODE EXIT SAVE CC If yes, saves the state of the closed caption settings chosen in the guest menu when the TV is put into standby or powered off. If no, the settings are restored to their default condition when the TV is put into standby or powered off.

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    2005 HF Series User’s Manual 112505.0959 32HF7543 Rear and Side Jack Panel Connections...

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    2005 HF Series User’s Manual 112505.0959 37/42HF7543 Rear Jack Panel Connections 37/42HF7543 Bottom Jack Panel Connections...

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