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Philips 28PW6826/05 Product Manual

Philips lcd tv product manual.
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  • Page 2 LASER SAFETY This unit employs a laser. Due to possible eye injury, only a qualified service person should remove the cover or attempt to service this device. USE OF CONTROLS OR ADJUSTMENTS OR PERFORMANCE OF PROCEDURES OTHER THAN THOSE SPECIFIED HEREIN LASER Type...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Wireless surround speaker system ........22 Installation of the wireless system Philips AD902W ..... . .22 Adjusting the surround speakers .
  • Page 4: Installation

    Installing your television set & Positioning the television set 5 cm 5 cm Place your TV on a solid, stable surface, leaving a space of at least 5 cm around the appliance. To avoid accidents, do not put anything on the set such as a cloth or cover, a container full of liquid (vase) or a heat source (lamp).The set must not be exposed to water.
  • Page 5: The Remote Control Keys

    The remote control keys List of programmes To display/clear the list of programmes. Use the keys to select a programme and the key to display it. The symbol is displayed alongside all programmes which are locked (p.10) if they are not locked. Sleeptimer To select the length of time before the set automatically...
  • Page 6: Quick Installation

    Quick installation The first time you switch on the television, a menu appears on the screen and the tuning starts automatically. SELECT LANGUAGE LANGUAGE COUNTRY • ENGLISH AUSTRIA DANSK BELGIUM NEDERLANDS SWITZERLAND FINNISH GERMANY FRANCAIS DENMARK If the menu does not appear, hold down the ”...
  • Page 7: Using Other Menus

    Using other menus MENU Choosing a language and country & Press the key to display the main menu. é Select INSTALL ( ), then press The INSTALL menu appears. The LANGUAGE option is activated. INSTALL • PICTURE • SOUND • FEATURES •...
  • Page 8: Manual Tuning

    Manual tuning This menu allows you to store the programmes one by one. & Press é Select INSTALL ( ), then press The INSTALL menu appears. “ Select MANUAL STORE ( The menu appears : INSTALL • PICTURE MANUAL STORE •...
  • Page 9: Adjusting The Picture

    Check that the mode selector on the side of the remote control is set to TV. Adjusting the picture & Press then The PICTURE menu appears : PICTURE • PICTURE • SOUND • BRIGHTNESS • FEATURES • COLOUR • INSTALL •...
  • Page 10: Adjusting The Sound

    Check that the mode selector on the side of the remote control is set to TV. Adjusting the sound & Press , select the SOUND option ( press .The SOUND menu appears : SOUND • PICTURE • LEVEL • SOUND •...
  • Page 11: Surround Modes

    Check that the mode selector on the side of the remote control is set to TV. Surround modes This menu allows you to select the different surround modes. & Press , select SOUND ( The SOUND menu appears. é Select SURROUND MODE and press menu appears : SOUND •...
  • Page 12: Timer Function

    Check that the mode selector on the side of the remote control is set to TV. Timer function This menu allows you to use your TV as an alarm clock. & Press é Select FEATURES ( ) and press The TIMER menu appears : FEATURES •...
  • Page 13: Teletext

    Teletext Teletext is an information system, broadcast by certain channels, which can be read like a newspaper. It also provides subtitles for people with hearing difficulties or those who are unfamiliar with the language in which a particular programme is being broadcast (cable networks, satellite channels, etc.). Ø...
  • Page 14: 16:9 Formats

    Check that the mode selector on the side of the remote control is set to TV. 16:9 Formats The pictures you receive may be transmitted in 16:9 format (wide screen) or 4:3 format (conventional screen). 4:3 pictures sometimes have a black band at the top and bottom of the screen (letterbox format).This function allows you to optimise the picture display on screen.
  • Page 15 Selecting the correct mode Different modes can be selected to suit different picture formats, use the following diagrams as a guide to which mode to use. 4:3 Picture & There are 5 possible modes for this type of picture 4 : 3 MENU Progressive zoom 4:3 Picture Letterbox...
  • Page 16: Using The Built-in Dvd Player

    Using the built-in DVD player The built-in DVD player allows you to play DVD video disks as well as video and audio CDs (including finalised CD-Rs and CD-RWs).The disks can be recognised by their logo on the packaging. Note: Generally, DVD films are not placed on the market at the same time in the various regions of the world.
  • Page 17: Playing A Dvd Or Video Cd

    Playing a DVD or video CD Play ı Œ Ø Stopping play SMART SMART ª Re-starting play (“resume” function) MENU ” · ¢ Ê Æ ∫ Slow motion, fast forward and rewind ¤ › Ó ∆ Ω Ÿ √ Å ù...
  • Page 18: Playing An Audio Cd

    Playing an audio CD ı Œ Ø SMART SMART ª MENU ” · ¢ Ê Æ ∫ ¤ › Ó ∆ Ÿ √ Ω Å ù Á ∏ First you must switch the mode selector located on the side of the remote control to the DVD position.
  • Page 19: Using The Osd Menu

    OSD menu This menu allows you to access all the special functions of the DVD player. key (key R).A menu bar Press the appears at the top of the screen with symbols for each setting. Use the select and make settings. Using the OSD menu Audio and subtitling language On the menu bar, select...
  • Page 20: Preferential Settings

    Preferential settings Press . On the menu bar, select press to display the preferential settings menu: Æ TV Shape Black level shift Video shift Image preferences: • TV format; to choose the screen format (your TV must be set to 16:9), •...
  • Page 21: Access Control And Lock

    Access control and lock This function allows you to access various levels of security for the player. & Press . Select and press menu é Press twice to enter the Access control menu. “ Enter the access code of your choice.You will be asked to enter it a second time to confirm.
  • Page 22: Video Recorder

    Connecting peripheral equipment The television has 2 external sockets situated at the back of the set (EXT1 and EXT2). The EXT1 socket has audio and video inputs/outputs and RGB inputs. The EXT2 socket has audio and video inputs/outputs and S-VHS inputs. Video recorder EXT 2 Other equipment...
  • Page 23: Connecting Other Appliances

    Connecting other appliances TV / VCR / DVD mode selector The remote control allows you to control the main functions of your video recorder or DVD. Œ Ø ı & SMART SMART ª MENU ” · ¢ Ê Æ ∫ ¤...
  • Page 24: Wireless Surround Speaker System

    With this system, the DOLBY PRO LOGIC and HALL SURROUND modes are now availables (see p. 9). For more informations about this system, contact your dealer.You can also connect active loudspeakers (see p.20). Installation of the Philips wireless system AD902W POWER...
  • Page 25: Adjusting The Surround Speakers

    Adjusting the surround speakers To use the surround speakers, you have first to proceed to the folowing adjustments : Remark : theses menus are only available when surround speakers are connected to the set. & Switch on the television. é Press the key.
  • Page 26: Tips

    Tips Poor reception The proximity of mountains or high buildings may be responsible for ghost pictures, echoing or shadows. In this case, try manually adjusting your picture: see "fine tuning" (p.6) or modify the orientation of the outside aerial. Does your antenna enable you to receive broadcasts in this frequency range (UHF or VHF band)? In the event of difficult reception (snowy...
  • Page 27: Information For Users In The Uk

    Information for users in the UK Positioning the TV For the best results, choose a position where light does not fall directly on the screen, and at some distance away from radiators or other sources of heat. Leave a space of at least 5 cm all around the TV for ventilation, making sure that curtains, cupboards etc.

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