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Manfrotto LUMIE MUSE Instructions Manual page 18

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recharge or refill elements that the prod-
uct may comprise.
For information on the waste collection
systems suitable for this equipment,
contact Lino Manfrotto + Co., S.p.A.
( or any authorised
member of the National Registers in EU
countries. Household (or similar) waste
may be disposed of via standard mu-
nicipal differentiated waste collection
If this or similar equipment is purchased
new, the old equipment it replaces may
be returned to the vendor, who will con-
tact the company or body responsible for
the proper collection and treatment of the
Correct separate collection and specific
treatment of WEEE are necessary to avoid
potential damage to human health and
the environment, and favour the recycling
and recovery of component materials.
Improper or illegal disposal of this product
by the user will result in punishments or
fines being applied in accordance with
national Decrees based on Directive
91/156/EC and 2008/98/EC.



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