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Manfrotto LUMIE MUSE Instructions Manual page 16

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Do not leave your product unattended
when working where the general public
could be endangered.
Keep out of the reach of children.
It is recommended that the equipment
be removed from the support for trans-
Do not clean the product with solvents,
thinners, benzene or other corrosive
High temperature:
Avoid temperatures exceeding +70°C
(158°F), and do not leave the controller
exposed to direct strong sunlight for any
extended period, e.g. in a car parked in
sunny place.
Electrical precaution:
Never use any battery, power supply or
accessory that is not specified by this
manual. Never use any battery made or
modified by yourself.
Do not insert metal objects or foreign
bodies into the device, accessories, con-
necting cables and any mechanical and/
or electrical and/or electronic part of this
Do not scratch, cut or excessively bend
the cords and do not put heavy objects
on them.
Do not use cables whose insulation is



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